ST Episode 5 Recap

We take small break from focusing on one specific team member in this episode. Although, we mainly see only Aoyama, Akagi and Yurine. Sure the rest of the team can be seen, but the main focus is on our main three as established in the SP. Yurine…he seems even more clueless in this episode. Sure, he’s a note-taking perfectionist who is completely unobservant at times. How can he be a police officer when he does tend to take things at face value more often than not and cannot tell when people are lying to him? His character has always been more over the top and this episode saw him hitting a new high…er low in that department to the point it was kind of hard to stand him.

What happens is that Yurine walks into the ST office and Aoyama is watching a show about ghosts. Yurine chides her for her screaming saying it’s all staged and then scolding her about watching such things while on the clock. He then starts freaking out when Kurosaki proposes a group gathering to watch the show and Akagi points out how he lies about having a commitment already on that day. They are then called in on a case and Aoyama recognizes the man’s name as being the director of the program she was just watching.

This case revolves around a film crew that does shows about ghosts and other paranormal activity. The head of the show is found dead and Kikukawa is quick to want to rule it an accident as you have a dead person at the foot of a ladder and no one heard any suspicious sounds, so case closed. Of course Akagi is quick to refute this. The man in question should have fallen backwards, not forwards. Kikukawa insists that the momentum flipped the man onto his stomach and Akagi is affronted. He will make the seasoned detective laugh out of the other side of his mouth. This earns him Kikukawa’s scorn at using such an expression and this angers Akagi to work even harder to prove he’s right and Kikukawa’s wrong.

So Aoyama, Yurine, and Akagi all go around questioning the crew and hosts. Yurine is the only one who did not notice that everyone was lying. This makes Aoyama and Akagi very interested since everyone isn’t telling the truth. Thus Yurine goes to Matsuda full of confidence only to have her blow it all away since their suspicions have no proof to back it up.  Takahashi walks out with Yurine and says he’s investigating what happened between Yuki and Matsuda that has Matsuda all raring to break up the ST team. Yurine wishes to help as well, but Takahashi vetoes this because Yurine needs to solve the case and prove that it was murder or it will land Takahashi in hot water.

The team gather at the scene of the crime and Kurosaki demonstrates that it is impossible to land face first when falling backwards off that ladder. Yuki’s measurements and experiments all conclude the same thing as well. So now it’s to figure out which of the liars just might be a killer. Yurine gives both Akagi and Aoyama rides home. He is surprised when Aoyama pulls off her wig. I had a feeling her hair might not be real, but I was still surprised that she is wearing a wig. She then kicks the boys out as she needs to change. When transformation is complete, she looks like the perfect daughter of a wealthy family. This shocks Yurine who wonders if Akagi knew and like always Akagi neither will confirm nor deny anything.

I can’t remember if this came before or after that discover or not, but Yurine meets Akagi at Saegusa’s place and orders curry only to find out that Saegusa doesn’t serve it before a certain time. Yurine says that’s fine and he’ll have a sandwich instead. Saegusa apologizes and then tells Yurine exactly what he was thinking which was Yurine being unhappy about not being able to eat curry. Yurine thinks about this and admits Saegusa is right. Saegusa then gives sage advice about how all lying is not bad. Yurine wanted to save Saegusa’s feelings and thus he didn’t admit how he was unhappy about the food issue.

They boys then meet up with Aoyama and Yurine keeps trying to talk about what happened the previous night with Aoyama completely transforming, but Akagi and Aoyama are all business. They ask all the neighbors below the apartment if they heard anything the previous night during the experiment. They did and they were not happy. This proves that the man could not have fallen off the ladder and died as someone should have heard it.

They do manage to get a warrant for the video tape (they were taping the empty room in hopes of catching something) along with CCTV footage. Yuki goes to work using her amazing hearing skills. It is obvious the killer stopped the recording at one point and restarted it to avoid being on camera. However, the killer didn’t know that footsteps were caught off camera. Yuki promises to do a full analysis while Aoyama and Akagi notice a scandal breaking against the man who called out the so called spiritual specialist on the show. Aoyama goes to work on that.

All the suspects are called together and Akagi gets confirmation from Yuki and Aoyama that all his suspicions are right. An elaborate setup then begins with the help of a man who is illegally broadcasting in the same building (the team discovered this because  Yurine’s radio always goes haywire by that building and Akagi and he run up to the roof where they see the broadcast equipment which helped officially cement everything together). Akagi says that whoever is guilty will see the ghost of the deceased. Yuki then triggers something and the female host freaks out while the male host gets a horrible headache. Akagi explains that it is really electromagnetic waves giving the man a headache so he should seek out a doctor immediately before something bad happens. To the female host, she showed signs up being susceptible to hallucinations brought on by the waves—thus why she sometimes saw “ghosts”.

The woman confesses  that she had a fight with the deceased and accidentally shoved him down a flight of stairs. The nondescript AD rushed in to save her and the two brought the body back to the apartment to stage the accident. Okay, so who killed him since the fall down the stairs didn’t? The AD immediately fingers the host, but they whole team knows he’s the guilty party and his lies are absurd. His reasoning? The man blocked him from becoming a PD which meant he had no shot with his lady love (the hostess). Seriously? Case closed and the ST team are right!

Ah, while Yurine and Aoyama were with Akagi confirming their experiment’s results, she did tell Yurine what the deal was with how she dressed. She does later say that she should be her real self, but can’t since her parents hate it so much. Yurine tells her that lying is not a bad thing since it’s to make her parents happy. Instead, when she can take it no longer, that’s when she needs to stop. Akagi scolds Aoyama for confessing everything so easily to him.

Matsuda is, of course, unhappy that the ST team solved the case and proved it as murder. She tells Yurine that she doesn’t believe the ST should be doing what they are doing. Yurine asks if she will send them back to forensics instead. Matsuda will not say anything more and essentially tells him to start looking for a new job. Yurine, like always, stands firm in his belief of his team. It’s his job to stand with them and protect them and that’s just what he’s going to do. He walks out an there sits Yuki. She heard, didn’t she? She asks if she is included as one of the people in his speech. He assures her she is. He then asks about her past with Matsuda and Yuki denies having one. Yurine walks away and she admits she lied.

End episode.

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