Smile, Donghae Episode 75 Recap

This drama and its writers and directors. Shakes head. Yesterday it was a cliffhanger of just who was knocking on Kim Jun’s hospital room door. This time it’s will Anna and Hye Sook’s paths cross in Kim Jun’s room. Hard to say. I really think that this big secret needs to be ousted to everyone at long last. I’m also thinking that Do Jin’s sudden warmth to his wife is almost too sudden. Sure, he’s been fighting his feelings, especially since she really did betray him by all the lies she told, but after his long cold shoulder, the sudden warmth is kind of like whiplash. And Saewa…sometimes I think she really does love her husband, but oftentimes I think it is more like she loves what he represents—wealth, status, and what had seemed like the family she never had.

So it wasn’t Anna that showed up at Jun’s door, but rather Bongi with the meal Donghae prepared for Hye Sook. Of course she and Saewa puff up their feathers and argue. Bongi warns Saewa away from Anna, threatening that she won’t let Saewa keep hurting Anna. Saewa mocks her on this because Bongi has no power so such threats are futile. Bongi does agree that she lacks power, but that won’t stop her from doing whatever it takes to protect those she loves. Saewa then kicks her out and goes to throw out the food that Bongi brought.

Meanwhile, Pil Jae sits Anna down and goes to ask the nurse about any patients admitted with the name James. Of course there’s none and Pil Jae (and Anna) don’t know James’s Korean name. When Pil Jae turns back, Anna is gone! Where did she go? She took off after a man who resembled Jun from the back, but it was obviously not him. Despite that, Anna does manage to locate Kim Jun’s hospital room and she is completely shaken when she sees him. Enter Saewa who drags Anna away from the room to a stairwell. She threatens that James will die if Anna remains and even goes so far as to say she will hide the injured man far away if Anna insists on returning. So, of course, Anna backs down and agrees to Saewa’s completely unreasonable demands.

Which I suppose is a good thing because Hye Sook decides to go back to take care of her husband and leaves Do Jin in charge of packing some clothes for Jun when he wakes up. She goes into the room and there is her hubby all alone with his monitor blipping like crazy. Hye Sook freaks, screams into the hall for help and then keeps hitting the call button. Um…don’t hospitals normally have machines monitored so if they do go crazy they are there right away to offer aid? And where is Saewa? She’s complaining about the story running on TV and then huffily going to the nurses’ station to claim no one but family is allowed in and Saewa needs to be notified if anyone tries to get in. She then goes back into the room and once the doctor leaves after reminding them that someone must be with the patient at all times, Hye Sook tells her to leave and not come back since she neglected her father-in-law who is in a precarious position.

Enter Do Jin who sees his wife kneeling and begging for forgiveness. He then once more starts standing up for Saewa and taking her side. He scolds his mom for being so unforgiving and cold when Saewa also hasn’t eaten or slept and even took work off. Do Jin takes her home while Hye Sook seethes over this turn of events. Do Jin tells Saewa to take care of herself while he and his mother take shifts at the hospital. Saewa hugs him tightly and thanks him for finally understanding her feelings and actions. Meh. Her face is still cold and calculating.

Ann has been discovered as missing and Sun Ok tells Donghae to try Pil Jae’s phone as the man probably took Anna out to dinner after buying her that used TV set. Donghae calls up Pil Jae who has finally found Anna who insists on not looking for James any more, which he does find rather odd. Pil Jae assures Donghae that he’s not doing anything wrong and will bring Anna straight home from the hospital. They get Anna settled down for the night and Donghae asks Pil Jae for an explanation. The older man is beside himself with worry. He can barely sleep at night for fear Anna will leave to look for James again. Pil Jae also tells him about Anna’s odd behavior and Donghae thinks it’s a sign that James is definitely in that hospital. What to do? How to find him when they don’t know his Korean name or what program Anna was watching. Kind of funny that they haven’t put two and two together about the accident of Kim Jun coinciding with James’s.

Jun is starting to stir, but Hye Sook misses all of the signs. She even leaves hubby alone to talk to her assistant on the phone. Sun Ok and Kang Jae go to leave the for hospital to visit Jun and let Hye Sook know they wish the man no ill will and a speedy recovery when they discover Anna is gone. She’s already on her way to the hospital with the scarf she knit for James. This is her last visit. I think the scarf is like a talisman to help James get better. We end with her approaching the room while Hye Sook stands outside with her back turned.

In this episode we also have Do Jin warning Yu Jin to up her game and come up with better ideas. Yu Jin replies that she thought Do Jin wanted Donghae out, not to win. Um…isn’t that kind of stupid? Do Jin says that while that is the case that he wants Donghae out, of course he wants their hotel to win. He’s focusing on ejecting Donghae from the hotel while mommy is distracted with daddy’s hospitalization. Donghae seeks advice from Yu Jin who tells him not to share his recipes with anyone. Poor, Donghae, he doesn’t get why she’s so upset when he’s sincerely asking for her advice. I think this means that Yu Jin just might pilfer his recipes for herself. I really do hope that there is no way for Do Jin to keep Donghae away from the competition.

We also have Sae Young return home after a disappointing shoot where she is NOT starring in the commercial with the famous actor, but dancing around in a penguin suit. She can’t match the other dancers and is kicked off camera. She then trips and falls, hurting herself. As soon as she returns, Tae Hoon demands a divorce and he is shocked when she easily agrees. She searches for her seal, finds it, but pretends she doesn’t. It’s a huge pretense. She gets into bed and vows to find it later while her hubby shouts at her to find it now.

Divorcing in anger in this way won’t make anyone happy. And we do know that Tae Hoon wants her to fight for their marriage that is why her quick agreement to the proposal made him pause. Aigoo. People.  They never say how they really feel.

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