Smile, Donghae Episode 74 Recap

Saewa…how long can she go on doing what she is doing? Pretty dang long. I am really curious to see how things play out, but we have a whole 85 episodes left or something like that. It will surely take a long time and we still need Anna’s identity to come out into the open.

So Donghae walks in on Saewa threatening his mommy. He’s upset. He smells a rat and is starting to believe that his horrendous ex just might really know who James is. Saewa denies this, the two argue and Hye Sook barges in. She scolds them for fighting in front of her ill hubby and warns them to never be caught together so that people start talking about them. Hye Sook then asks why Donghae came back. The young man replies he’s really concerned about her husband. Hye Sook thanks him for his concern, but tells him to concentrate on the competition while she focuses on her husband who will definitely recover—she will see to that.

While this is going on, the Lees are discussing the kimchi deal once more. It’s decided that the will take up the offer, but then a new worry comes—what if Hye Sook rescinds the deal because of her husband’s accident? Kang Jae just hopes that Jun pulls through all right. He will start doing research and look into how much capital he will need from the hotel. Pil Jae worries over Anna and checks in on her. She is lying teary eyed and feverish. He starts tending to her and she promises to listen well so that she can see James. Pil Jae cries and asks the woman to please stop thinking of James and start looking at him. He will always be there for her and will always take care of her and not abandon her and hurt her like James did. Donghae comes in at the last part of the speech. Pil Jae quickly wipes away his tear and quickly explains he was only taking care of the sick woman and did nothing wrong. For once, Donghae sincerely thanks him instead of calling out the older man for being too suspicious in his intentions towards Anna.

Back at the hospital, Hye Sook demands Saewa be gone, but Saewa refuses to listen. In reality she can’t let her father-in-law wake up and tell his family about Anna and Donghae, in her web of lies she says she needs to take care of her father-in-law and mother-in-law at this time. Her insistence in doing her duty actually has Do Jin softening towards her and he nicely asks her to take care of his mother in his stead since taking care of all hotel business is now falling on his shoulders.

The next day at the hotel, Chef Bang asks Donghae who his assistant will be. Donghae hesitates even though he already told Bongi personally that he chooses her. Chef Bang then decides to hold a competition to see who is worthy of being Donghae’s assistant as an assistant really needs to know the ins and outs of the chef’s personality and their cooking. Thus he, Dae Sam, and Donghae will each make a fish dish and the girls will need to choose one. Yoo Jin confidently tastes each dish and chooses which one is Donghae’s. Bongi doesn’t taste any of the dishes and instead sniffs each one. After doing so, she asks the head chef if Donghae really cooked one of the dishes. This earns her a big grin from Donghae and Chef Bang. Turns out Donghae really didn’t cook any of the fish dishes, thus Bongi is his partner.

The two celebrate during their break and Yoo Jin overhears their conversation. After teasing Donghae about a special scent only lovers can recognize, Bongi finally tells him that she knows how he things and cooks and noticed a certain ingredient was absent from the dishes that he would have added to help with the fishiness of the dish. The upset assistant chef rushes to Do Jin’s office (poor guy is swamped being mommy’s messenger as well as doing his own job—not that I really feel sorry for him). Yoo Jin agrees to Do Jin’s proposal as her pride won’t allow Donghae and Bongi to do the competition together. Eyeroll. Some pride. Do Jin then stresses that since she’s agreed there is no backing out and she must follow his every order. Yoo Jin agrees as long as Do Jin’s scheme does not hurt her reputation.

Tae Hoon hasn’t slept a wink since Sae Young has yet to return home. He wonders if she’s really working or cheating. Sool Nyeo scolds him for thinking such things. Sure, her daughter is childish and materialistic, but Sae Young would not cheat with a husband and children. She’s just desperate to make money for herself and her children. Sool Nyeo then leaves him home alone to watch the twins while she visits her in-laws. Hye Sook just kicks her out as she isn’t up to receiving anyone and wants no negative thoughts around her husband. Saewa and Sool Nyeo go downstairs where Saewa refuses to eat and says she will use this opportunity to eject Anna and Donghae from her life before Jun wakes up. She just needs a plan. Thus she sends mommy to keep an eye on Anna to keep her away from the unconscious Jun. Like that’s going to work well.

Hye Sook is falling apart. Enter Jun’s coworkers from the station. Hye Sook immediately states that her husband is fine, but not up to visitors and sends them on their way. She then lights into Saewa for telling people at the station when Hye Sook is desperately trying to keep the secret because she doesn’t want people to know the truth and start talking about her husband as if he’s already dead. We then get to see Do Jin taunting Donghae and Bongi when the two run into him in the hallway of the hotel. Donghae does ask after Jun, but situational irony as Do Jin stressing Jun is his father, not Donghae’s so Donghae doesn’t need to know. So childish.

Sool Nyeo goes to Anna with a tonic and forbids her from leaving and tells her to just answer Saewa’s calls and she will get to see James. Too bad, but Pil Jae gave Anna a TV. Why is this too bad? Because thanks to Saewa’s big mouth, the station will be running a story on the car accident. Saewa tries to stop them, but is unsuccessful. She calls up Anna who hangs up on her once she sees the news report with Kim Jun’s picture. Pil Jae returns home in time to help take Anna to the hospital where Jun is staying and we end with Saewa freaking out about a knock on Jun’s hospital door.

I’m going to bet the secret goes on longer. Yep, yep. Stay tuned to find out. I again think that Hye Sook’s attachment to her husband isn’t healthy. When he wanted to break things off with her, she tried to kill herself. She’s clingy in a not typically clingy way. But I think it’s jut showing more and more about her obsessive/possessive love. She will nurse him back to health, she must do everything herself, no one can touch him save for her. Sure, love is all well and good…but that’s extreme don’t you think?

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