ST Episode 3 Recap

What an episode of warm fuzzies. Sure, we had a mad scientist yakuza who killed two people with mysteriously created fires. But in this episode we got to see Kurosaki’s strong bond with his mediocre acting friend. We also got to see Yurine break down some of the silent man’s walls. Every time one of his team members does something like that Yurine’s actions are just so cute. Even if the overall situation might be bad, he can’t help but be happy. Again, the rest of the team kind of fades into the background (minus Yurine and Akagi of course) while the episode focuses on a particular member. Thus, we see more of Kurosaki then any of the other team members.

Before going into details on the recap, I’m giving huge props to the young actor playing Kurosaki. If you look at Kubota’s filmography, he’s done quite a few single episode guest appearances on dramas. Of course, he’s also starred in a lot of full dramas, too. Unfortunately I haven’t watched a lot of dramas he was involved in. Somehow, though, I don’t think he actually had a major starring role. Sad, because he is very talented at acting. I say this because it is rather hard to just emote without dialogue, but he’s very expressive with his face and actions. You can, mostly, tell what he’s thinking. I just love him and his character in this drama.

We open at a gym with Kurosaki and his buddy (played by Ishigaki Yuma—love this actor, by the way). The two are sparring when the lights start blinking like crazy and the clock goes screwy. The lights then come back on and they finish their match. Meanwhile, a girl is in a locker room when it suddenly catches on fire! We then cut back to the guys (you get some fan service in seeing their muscled chests). Ishigaki (I can’t remember his character’s name so I’m using his real one, gomen) wonders why Kurosaki can’t come very often to the gym as he’s happiest when sparring with him. It can’t be helped since Kurosaki is a civil servant. Ishigaki invites Kurosaki to his play and not only does Kurosaki promise to come, he also promises to pay for his own ticket! This makes the other man very happy. He then gets a call from his landlady saying she couldn’t take the rent money out of his account. Ishigaki then checks his account and is shocked to find it basically empty. Sirens then cut in on this moment and Kurosaki rushes to the nearby fire scene.

KubataAkagi and Yurine go to the scene of the fire at Takanashi’s request. This is not something that Matsuda is pleased with. WHY did he send that team in? He didn’t have another choice as they need to solve the crime and he believes ST can help. Takanashi does try to bravely ask why Matsuda is hell-bent on destroying the team, but he can’t bring himself to do so. Though, it’s totally obvious that’s what he’s trying to get out. It’s weird to see the cocky man in charge from the SP be so cowed here.

At the fire Akagi, like always, insults the detectives. Enter Kurosaki who was at the scene by coincidence. He looks and sniffs around, but there is no Yamabuki there for him to whisper to. Yurine is disappointed. He’s been with ST for two years now. Can’t Kurosaki whisper to him? Yurine starts ranting about how Yamabuki and Kurosaki’s parents won’t be there forever when the other man turns around and actually whispers in his ear. This makes Yurine so happy even if the news isn’t good for the case. What news is that? Kikukawa is not happy to hear there is no smell that Kurosaki can detect like gas or kerosene that could have started the fire. Of course this makes Akagi happy—that means it’s a mysterious fire that he needs to solve.

Ah, before going to the fire, Akagi examined the hostess’s body. She had a lot of plastic surgery done and Akagi deduced she worked in a high class club, but the place that she died was a cosplay club. Akagi insists that he is never wrong and tells the detectives to canvas the area. It turns out Mari did not work at that club after all. Akagi feels vindicated, but Yurine tells him it’s too soon to say that until after they see the club.

While the two go to check out the club, Kurosaki meets with his friend Ishigaki who reveals he signed up for a company because they said it was free and he could find nothing about fees anywhere. They are the ones who emptied his bank account. Ishigaki is not happy as he was scammed yet again. Kurosaki urges him to go to the police, but his friend refuses since the police did not help him the last time he got scammed by that pyramid scheme. No, Ishigaki’s thinking is getting revenge on the men who stole his mother’s hard earned money she gave him when he left his home town. This makes Kurosaki very sad and worried and thus he starts his own investigation.

Wouldn’t you know that Ishigaki’s being scammed is indirectly related to the serial fires case? It turns out that the fires have been set in rival yakuza’s places of business. Looks like it’s a war between a more traditional yakuza and a new breed of yakuza—the intellectual kind. Not to say that yakuza are normally stupid, but this one is a high-up one that relies on his very grandiose education. Aoyama gives her profile of the arsonist and the people being targeted by the fires. Kurosaki notices that one of the yakuza’s businesses is the same one that scammed his precious friend. Thus he goes straight to the source…but oddly enough nothing amazingly bad happened there.

Outside the club, Akagi doesn’t want to go in because women are naturally drawn to him. Yurine scoffs at this, which makes Akagi wish to prove his point. He does request that Yurine save him when the time comes. Believe it or not, two girls do flock to Akagi immediately while Yurine tries to gather information. The other hostesses say that Mari was being headhunted, but they don’t know by who. Opening time comes and who is the first person to walk in the door? Kurosaki! He doesn’t talk at all, but he gets the owner to open up about being a yakuza’s mistress. Kurosaki then notices his shocked superiors sitting behind him.

Yurine demands to know just what is going on and Kurosaki is silent as always. Yurine again talks about being his superior. He also talks about how Kurosaki can trust him and talk to him just like before. Akagi and Yurine of course do their normal bickering at this part and Akagi also warns Yurine to watch his words as they could have the opposite effect on Kurosaki. To prove Akagi wrong, Kurosaki opens his mouth and speaks in his normal low and sorrowful tone of voice. He gets out a very brief sentence about how his friend has been scammed. He then texts Yurine and says he wants to go somewhere comfortable to talk.

So Yurine and Akagi end up at Saegusa’s bar with Kurosaki…and for some reason Tsutsui is there as well. Akagi is not happy to see her there at all. He insults her like he normally insults everyone and she yells over to Yurine that she can totally sympathize with him for being stuck with Akagi. Yurine ignores all that is going on in the background. Kurosaki is doing some warp speed texting and Yurine gets the whole story and Saegusa is happy to know that it’s about friendship between males. Kurosaki is asked how he communicates with his friend because he doesn’t speak much and he texts everyone a fist. Yep, men can communicate while fighting. The two’s minds kind of sync up so to speak. Yurine can completely understand where Kurosaki is coming from, but he does warn our puppy dog detective that bringing personal feelings into a case can be a bad thing. Kurosaki can only apologize.

This is when things escalate. Ishigaki tells Kurosaki that he’s going in as a fake lawyer to get his money back from the yakuza. Kurosaki tries to speak, but Ishigaki stops him and bids him farewell. We then get another fire and this time the head boss of one of the opposing yakuza groups is burnt to a crisp in a warehouse. It’s in this warehouse that Yuki and Akagi realize the true source of the fire and like always, Akagi is devastated that his case is over.

Kurosaki asks for Yurine’s help to save his friend and Yurine does help, by calling the cops into the office for a search for illegal weapons. It was just in the nick of time as poor Ishigaki was caught for lying and the yakuza were not going to let him get away with trying to cheat them. Of course, Ishigaki is NOT happy to learn his good friend was really a cop. He pushes Kurosaki away and calls him disgusting. Yurine goes to run after Ishigaki, but Akagi stops him and Kurosaki runs after his friend instead.

And thus begins an elaborate setup. They have only theories and no solid proof that the intellectual yakuza was behind everything. Thus they are watching Kurosaki’s friend like a hawk because they know that the intellectual is still yakuza underneath his intelligent and narcissistic exterior and will go after Ishigaki for using his name to scam money. Kurosaki, of course, rushes in to save his friend and the two beat down the intellectual’s men and successfully arrest him. Ishigaki is apologetic towards Kurosaki. He said such mean things and yet his friend rushed in to save him.

At the station, the intellectual, of course, won’t ‘fess up to his crimes. Thus Akagi hands over his laptop to Yuki and she inputs the equation that was used to create the fires as his screensaver. Akagi takes the computer to the man and opens it and he immediately flares up saying the equation was wrong and he even gives it the correct name. This proves he’s the criminal and that their theories were all right. He then confesses cockily about his wrong doings. Akagi gives him credit as a yakuza and then tells him that he used his brain poorly as he chose to hurt other people and Yurine loses his cool and yells at the man for murdering two people like he did and Akagi, oddly enough, agrees and says that Cap is never wrong.

I think it’s safe to say that even though Akagi and team are rather anti-social and do make bad blunders when it comes to their emotions and treating people properly, there is no way they can become monsters and the proof is with Akagi’s words about the yakuza using his gifted intelligence for all the wrong things.

We end with Kurosaki and his friend making up and with Akagi complaining that his captain is gross and takes little things to heart too much. These two just have the cutest relationship.

Anywho, I was totally happy to see Kurosaki get a story. It didn’t delve into his phobia, but he came out of his shell more and more. And we do get to see Takanashi become interested in just what is going on between Matsuda and Yuki as Matsuda is trying to get Yuki to quit ST before the ship sinks completely.

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