God’s Quiz Season 4 Episode 11

It’s the penultimate episode (I believe!) and things are spiraling out of control fast. I’m sure there could be some people surprised with how things turned out…but I called them all. When Jin Woo’s mother said Da Mi was his biological mother I immediately thought that if I was hearing correctly, that means she cloned Da Mi. And…since mommy was introduced I knew she was involved in the greater case overall. Even if Kyeong Hee was more of the focus in earlier episodes, it will all shift back to Jin Woo in the end. And surprise, surprise, the case that got in the way of Doo Mong’s and Kyeong Hee’s relationship is coming back with a vengeance. Well…not the case, but rather the perp from the case. I have to say that I pretty much, to myself at least, called what would happen in this episode shot but shot and I was right…even to the horrible ending of this episode.

So…what happens? Jin Woo is agonizing over the truth that he learned about Da Mi. He’s horrified that his mother did the unthinkable and is cloning human beings—a big no no. His biggest problem is that he couldn’t really face Da Mi as his sister, but it’s even harder to face her knowing what she is. Oh, he doesn’t hate her or anything, all he can think of his the little girl’s eyes when she learns the horrible truth…if she can even live that long. Da Mi’s condition is going downhill fast and Jin Woo can only alleviate symptoms, not cure her. He does yell at his holier than thou mother that Da Mi is not a success of cloning at all. Her brain will burn out thanks to an increased amount of … some chemical that I can’t recall the name of which only shows itself during the stage when the bun is still in the oven developing.

Of course, mommy wants Jin Woo to treat and save Da Mi because this experiment can’t have failed. Why not? Rich money bags who happens to be the “Bodies” our one-eyed runner refers to is hoping for the cloning to be successful. He’s invested tons of money over the past 10 years. Why? Well, it just so happens that Jin Woo’s mother is an expert in organ transplants (if I remember correctly). So what do you thing they are hoping for? To successfully clone a person for spare parts. Seriously. SERIOUSLY? Well, I’m definitely not a supporter of cloning humans…or anything really. But…reproducing a healthy version of an organ doesn’t seem too crazy and it could help save lives. On the flipside, creating a person for the sole reason to use them as spare parts is horrible and wrong and is something we saw in Ewan McGregor’s and Scarlet Johansson’s The Island. The sad part is, you can see this type of science fiction happening some day even though it is horribly wrong.

While Jin Woo is dealing with mommy issues, Psycho is given the order to NOT kill Si Woo. So our young apprentice is beaten to a bloody pulp and let in an abandoned warehouse while Psycho sends his men out to kill Seok Man. Looks like Kyeong Hee didn’t know she was being followed. So when she’s gone, Seok Man is fooled into letting in fake police officers and is murdered. Kyeong Hee then gets a call and when she shows up, he’s dead. Of course real police enter after that and Kyeong Hee is questioned about being at the scene of another murder. She is told she is suspended from duty for the time being. The prosecutors also hand over evidence that Jae Hee and someone that Kyeong Hee knows in the police department were working together to blackmail bad businesses. I’m wondering if they are pointing at Doo Mong or not. Hard to tell and we don’t learn anything about this.

Anywho, after all of this, Kyung Hee and Jin Woo pay Bodies a visit. He’s wheelchair-bound and you can see his condition is not good at all. Of course, he’s still cocky and full of arrogance and he refuses to own up to anything he’s done wrong—from the rape and murder 5 or so years ago, to the chemical waste cover up. After Kyeong Hee and Jin Woo leave in frustration, Bodies puts in a call that all these people coming after him need to be put in their place. So what does he do? He has footage of the beaten and bloody Si Woo sent. Psycho demands that the investigation be stopped, completely erased and all evidence handed over if they want to see Si Woo return alive. What’s our crime fighting team to do?

Well, they decide to hand over the evidence like they were asked to, but they are also planning on following the goons to get more info. So you know they aren’t going to stop at all. Jin Woo is, of course, worried over Psycho’s demands since they don’t make sense. Psycho has no way of knowing that they wouldn’t really make copies, plus there is no way for them to forget all they know. But since they want their precious Han-goon returned, they will do whatever it takes. The exchange is made and we end with I guess Si Woo getting shot in the back of the head. At first I thought someone came up and clubbed him, but no, I think he was shot. Idiots. I know they wanted to catch the baddies, but they should have not dallied at the scene and got everyone to safety first. But now.

Ah, and in this episode we learn the full truth about Jin Woo’s past. His mom is a calm and analytical person who doesn’t have really any emotions. Thus she chose to marry a sensitive poet to give birth to a child with her exceptional brain and her husband’s emotions—the perfect person. After a few years of that, she got a new interest and left for the states and Jin Woo never saw her again until now. His father then got cancer and when he died, Jin Woo was raised by his “uncle” who was the professor he was so close to in the first three seasons.

So…in the end it all revolves around Jin Woo, huh? Ah, and the previews look interesting. What will happen that has Kyeong Hee so frightened and has Jin Woo saying he’s got nothing left to lose? We all know that Bodies can’t win, so just how far will Jin Woo go to bring him down?


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