Smile, Donghae Episode 73 Recap

Plugging away, plugging away. Still about 80 episodes to the conclusion. In that amount of time we need the cast to discover Donghae’s first identity. Then Donghae’s and Anna’s second identity. Then there has to be a power struggle over the hotel between the brothers. Plenty of time for all that, ne?

So we open with Joon telling Anna he’ll be right there. Of course Hye Sook arrives as Anna is getting ready to head out. At the exact same time that Joon has the car accident, Anna experiences sharp chest pains. She assures the Lees and Hye Sook that she is fine and rushes out the door to meet James. She also calls up her son and tells him to hurry home since there is someone very important that he has to meet. Donghae is confused by this, but agrees to hurry home. He goes to rush off and Bongi huffs that she’s his girlfriend and he’s leaving her behind. He apologizes and takes her hand. He’ll start running fast…can Bongi keep up? Bongi proposes a race and says the loser must get 100 flicks on the forehead. She pushes Donghae and takes off running. Donghae laughs and says she’s dead.

He easily beats her. Bongi holds up her bangs and closes her eyes. Donghae goes to flick her forehead but gives her a kiss instead. This couple. This couple is one of the reasons to watch this show. I just love them. Bongi is shocked and then chides him for going easy on her just because she’s his girlfriend. Donghae says that she would be unhappy if he had really hit her as well. He then says that since she’s his girlfriend, then she had better be by his side for the cooking competition. Bongi is over the moon and promises to work hard to help him win. The two then head home when they come across Joon’s car. Since Donghae knows Joon, he goes with him in the ambulance while Bongi rushes to Anna.

Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji EunInside the ambulance, Donghae keeps talking to Joon and telling him to wake up. Joon does open his eyes briefly. He manages to say Donghae while tearing up before going unconscious again. Donghae tries to call Hye Sook, but she ignores the call. Thus he’s left with no choice but to call Saewa (who is moping in bed while her mother tells her to prepare to divorce) who rushes out of the house and to the hospital. On her way she’s terrified that Donghae already knows the truth about his parentage. What to do? At this time Do Jin also gets the call about his dad and hurriedly rushes to the hospital where he’s not happy to see Donghae. Of course Joon needs a blood transfusion and Do Jin is AB and Saewa isn’t a match either. Go figure Donghae is B just like Joon and he gladly agrees to donate his blood to help the older man.

Meanwhile, Hye Sook lays it out that her husband gave up on anchoring the news again thanks to the Lee family. Joon has felt guilty all of these years. Hye Sook then offers to help the Lees start up their kimchi factory again. Kang Jae would be in charge of making the kimchi while Hye Sook would be in charge of distribution and sales and the kimchi would be marketed as part of the Camila Hotel. This startles the Lee family. Pil Jae is adamantly against everything, but Tae Hoon and even Sun Ok think this might be a good opportunity for their family. This also saves Hye Sook money in researching and developing since she already knows Kang Jae’s great kimchi skills thanks to Donghae.

Hye Sook hands over Anna’s wages and goes to leave. She runs into Bongi who has seen Anna who refuses to move from the spot until James comes so Bongi was rushing home to bring Anna warmer clothes. Bongi tells Hye Sook about what happened and the woman rushes to the hospital. She thanks Donghae for donating his blood, but kicks him out. She wants family only. Joon has a fractured leg and brain damage. Hah. Brain damage. I called that one. The question is will he forget his current family and remember Anna or will he forget everything about what happened with finding his first love?

I get that Hye Sook desperately loves her husband. I do. The problem is how possessive she is. She won’t let the housekeeper touch her husband’s underwear at all and hand washes and takes care of all that herself. Now that he’s injured, she has decided to stay with him 24/7 to take care of him without eating, sleeping, etc. When Saewa goes to touch Joon, Hye Sook shrieks that only she’s allowed to touch her husband. She takes her love too far. It’s unhealthy. Do Jin does manage to get her out of the hospital room so that the two can talk to the family doctor about her husband’s condition. Of course, Hye Sook wants news of the accident completely stopped. Why? What is she afraid of?

Donghae has gone and found his mom and Bongi sitting out by the road. Donghae is very upset that Anna is crying and insisting on meeting James. Neither Donghae or Bongi believe Anna when she says she has met James. Anna is eventually led home. Donghae promises once again to find his father and bring him to Anna as lon as she is patient and waits. He can’t get the accident out of his head and decides to sneak back to the hospital while Do Jin and Saewa probably aren’t there so he can confirm if Joon is okay. Anna, recalling Saewa’s words about keeping James away if she breaks her promise calls Saewa. At that time Donghae arrives at Joon’s room and overhears Saewa viciously tell Anna that since Anna broke her promise, Saewa is keeping James away from her for good.

End episode. How will Saewa get out of this mess now I wonder?

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