The Forgotten #15 – X-5

X-5 [X-Five, Xenos 5] was a 5 member kpop group that officially debuted in 2011. Alas, they were only active for one year before misfortune hit. They belonged to Open World Entertainment which you may have heard the CEO of got arrested for some pretty bad crimes. After his arrest, their contract ended and their leader Ghun enlisted in the army. Since the breakup, three members resurfaced in February 2013 as members of kpop group LU:KUS.

X-5 was a good group. They definitely had a heavy dance beat to their music. Their dancing abilities and singing skills were decent. It is sad that they had to break up because of what happened to their original company. Thankfully, The Boss (DGNA) are still together, though still more active in Japan than in Korea.

I was streaming my rather expansive music collection on my phone when X-5’s song came on. Their live performances weren’t always the best, but you see that a lot in live performances. Overall they did a good job and I did enjoy their music. I believe I have their 2011 debut album and I didn’t buy it because I liked the group or anything. Seriously. I bought it because I was, at that time, kind of buying anything kpop without really listening to it. Yep. That was back in my early days. I was a heavy jpop/jrock fan for a long time then I discovered kpop in like 2010-11. I truthfully fell in love with this group with their song 미치는 꼴 볼래 which was released in December of 2011 on their first mini-album Dangerous. Unfortunately their first and last mini album can’t be found on iTunes. There is a compilation album that has two tracks by X-5 and “Dangerous” was one of them. It still doesn’t have the song I want.

Xenos – EP
Released 22 April 2011
Buy on iTunes

01. Xenos 5 (Shout Out By Rhymer)
A typical intro dance track. I’m not horribly enamored with intros. Or plain dance music in general. Hard to believe, I know.
02. 쇼 하지마 (Be Fair!)
This was X-5’s debut title track. A heavy dance beat, but almost a more up-tempo ballad feel during the verses that picks up more in the chorus. The track also has some fierce rapping and a slightly disturbing MV. A favorite on this album.

03. Fantasy
There isn’t much to this song. A lot of repetition and this song just wasn’t my cup of tea. I don’t find it addictive or all that amazing. Bordering too much on the style of electronic/dance music that I really don’t like.
04. 내 눈 앞에 띄지 마 (Never Come Into My Sight)
LOVE this song. It’s beat seems fairly familiar, almost like it reminds me of another song. Again, got the heavy dance beat to it…but I think this showcases their vocals rather well. Not sure if I 100% like the rap at the end of this song or not.
05. 쇼 하지마 (Be Fair!) [Instrumental]

Here is their song “Dangerous”—again a very heavy dance track. The only turn off is the very electronic parts in the verses. I think really it’s the chorus that I like since the song as a whole wasn’t really one that I totally liked.

“Michineun Ggol Bolrae” was the follow-up song to “Dangerous” and this was a song that really made me love them. It was totally addictive and didn’t have quite a huge electronic sound as previous tracks. Oh, still definitely a dance song, but not to an annoying extent that I hated. I really don’t like EDM at all. And after this it as the end for them. But they do deserve to be remembered, don’t you think?

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