God’s Quiz Season 4 Episode 10

I knew it! I knew it was coming! Well, not the whole Da Mi issue or anything like that. But I knew what was going to happen to the mother on the case they worked on this episode. Seriously. We had one happy ending in this entire drama. WAE!!!??? I really wanted the mother to live, but everything was built up and foreshadowing she would die. How tragic is it that she spent the last two years of her life in prison protecting not her son, but that greedy dirtbag who lied that her son was the killer so the woman would take the fall for him? It was just so horrible. I nearly wanted to cry saying just let them spend her last days together, but no. She had to DIE the day she was to be RELEASED! WTF. Horrible.

I am saying this now, while the main focus has been put on Jae Joon’s case this series instead of some new complication with Jin Woo’s many brain issues, I think that Jin Woo’s mother’s reappearance goes hand in hand with the case everyone is investigating. Just a gut feeling. It’s partly the way she talks when she’s with her son and partly what we overhear on the phone. Her last phone conversation before the end of the episode…or was it in the preview…has me holding out hope that Si Woo is kidnapped instead of murdered, but hard to believe Psycho Stalker would kidnap the younger man instead of killing him like he killed Jae Joon and who knows who else.

I don’t dislike Jae Kyung of Rainbow at all. But is it just me or does her acting seem weak in this drama? Her “romance” scenes with Donghae of SuJu continue to fall flat. Donghae’s acting as Si Woo also seems more natural than her own acting as well. Plus, if we’re honest, Si Woo and Tae Kyung’s characters really aren’t all that essential to the plot. I like our police team more so than our new ME team. Again, they just can’t hold a candle to the previous team. Sniffle. I miss them. That being said, I still don’t want Si Woo to die. He’s young! He’s got to follow in Jin Woo’s footsteps and become another oddball know-it-all just like his idol/mentor.

Kyung Hee gathers info from Seok Man who turns out to be a hacker. Neither she nor Seok Man have any idea just why Jae Joon brought her in on that ticking time bomb case. Jin Woo’s theory is that Jae Joon was going to use her somehow, but decided against doing such a thing when the water got hot and dangerous. Kyung Hee also recalls Jae Joon promised to give her something the night he died. It probably could have blown the case wide open. One thing is for sure, after talking with Seok Man, whoever the “Bodies” (what he calls the organization or main people behind this case) are, they are very high up to have the police and the prosecutors in their pockets. The Bodies have even falsified Seok Man’s file to say that he lost a hand in a factory accident when he cut off his own hand to escape from our half-Thai Psycho Stalker. Ah, and since Psycho Stalker can’t seem to kill off Kyung Hee, he is ordered to forget her and go after Si Woo. Saw that one coming.

Meanwhile, Jin Woo is NOT happy to see his mother. In fact, he hasn’t seen her for 20 years! I’m not quite certain since it’s been so long ago since I watched the first two seasons if he ever talked about his parents. I think mommy and daddy split on very rotten terms. His mom keeps complaining that in a lot of ways he’s exactly like his dad…and that wasn’t a compliment. Of course, she later goes on to say that while he resembles his dad physically, he takes after her in all other ways. As soon as he learns Da Mi’s mother is his mother, he wants nothing more to do with Da Mi. This doesn’t mean he isn’t worried over or hates the little girl, it just means he wants no connection to the woman who gave birth to him whom he doesn’t regard as a mother at all.

Speaking of mothers, onto the case at hand. While we have the mysterious and obviously not mother-of-the-year material in Jin Woo’s mother’s case, this mother who is currently rotting in jail is quite the good mother. She did every thing she could to protect her son. Although, I have to say I’m disappointed in parents in this drama this season…probably in other seasons as well, but definitely in this season. To protect their children (most who didn’t deserve protecting), they tried to hide the crimes. In the rapist episode, the cop mom covered up her son’s crime to protect him. This is actually seen quite often in dramas. I really don’t like it. It’s one thing if it really is a mistake that was completely unintentional, but quite another when you see just how bad these children are—rotten to the core. How are you helping your kids by making excuses and saving them from the punishment they justly deserve for their crimes? Meh. I make it no secret that I have parent issues, in particular, mother issues are far worse than father issues for me. So excuse my bitter diatribes on occasion.

So, back to the case. We had a scene with a middle-aged woman covered in blood. She was arrested. Two years later and her son walks into a police station and confesses he murdered the crime boss and not his mother. One thing the police and ME team are certain of when reopening the investigation is given the mother’s genetic disease, there is no way at the time of the crime she could have done such a violent act that it even broke the man’s sternum when he was stabbed. I won’t go into investigation details, there isn’t much. An acquaintance who is a prison guard asked Dr. Jo for a favor of re-investigating the case since she believed the woman’s innocence based on her quickly deteriorating health.

Jin Woo notices right away when they get the test results back that the woman is in severe danger if she remains locked up without getting proper medical treatment (it’s hard for prisons to coordinate treatment of their prisoners because of all the red tape and paperwork. This is our first hint that this loveable mother will not survive. Sniffle. It was sad! Especially when the whole truth behind the murder was revealed. Ah, and if you want your faith destroyed in the police. The initial investigation was not done properly since the mother was found covered in blood at the crime scene. When the murder weapon was re-tested it was easily shown that the woman was not the wielder of the sashimi knife. The son confesses to the murder after trying for two years to legally appeal his mother’s sentence with no success.

Of course he’s not the murderer either. Chang Hyun was supposed to take the fall for his boss for a murder. By doing this, he’d get enough money for his mom to retire and get the treatment she desperately needed. His friend stole the money, got caught by the boss and kills the boss. To cover it all up, he lies to Chang Hyun’s mother and tells her that the boss refused to pay up and Chang Hyun went ballistic and killed the man. The poor woman took the friend at his word and the two made it look like she was the killer instead. Jin Woo is really upset with the way the man callously treated someone else’s mother. Doesn’t he have his own mother? It’s interesting about Jin Woo’s defense of mothers. At least his own problems with his absentee mother did not cause him to hate all mothers in general.

Of course, both mother and son are exonerated. The mother’s wish is to take a picture with her grown son. She only has one picture of them together from when he was small. Chang Hyun quickly agrees to this and Jin Woo buys him a fancy suit while the prison guard buys a pretty outfit for the mother. On the day she is released, she dies. Before she even gets to see her son or get their picture taken. Waaah. It was seriously heartbreaking. Especially when the only way the son can take a picture with his mom is to bring her portrait with him to a studio. She has a pretty smile on in her picture, but Chang Hyun can’t bring himself to smile. Can’t blame the man, you know?

After this tragic incident we end with Da Mi’s condition taking a turn for the worst. Jin Woo noticed something in her test results that he kept a secret from his mother. When Da Mi has problems, he tells the nurse what needs to be done. His mother wants to know what he’s keeping from her and Jin Woo yells that he won’t kill her precious daughter. His mother then make a really odd comment about Da Mi’s identity. As if this drama needed to get any more twisted.

Things are heating up with only two episodes to go. The powers that be are trying to stop the investigation while Si Woo goes missing after Psycho Stalker holds a gun point blank to his head in his car. I don’t want him to die! I do want to know, though, why he lies to Tae Kyung about having talked to Jin Woo and Kyung Hee. What was the purpose? And did he uncover anything that our investigative team hadn’t before he disappears without a trace? I don’t know. I do know that whoever the Bodies are should take a hint. The feathers keep scattering and the truth keeps coming closer and closer to the surface. There’s no stopping it from breaking out now. Just give up already.

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