Song of the Week – 21 July 2014

So, I can’t really explain why, but for some reason I’ve been listening to Topp Dogg’s releases over and over again this weekend. Thus, the Song of the Week is from Topp Dogg, the 13 member group under Stardom Entertainment.

The song is 아라리오 (Arario). The cool thing is if you watch the official MV on Stardom’s channel with captions turned on, you get English lyrics and if you want to figure out who is who, they tell you which member is singing or rapping at any given time. The cool thing about “Arario” is the fact they are fusing modern music with traditional Korean music. It works well for this song which is about basically remembering who they are. If you look at the majority of their releases, Topp Dogg talks about themselves a lot. From their debut song to “Arario” to “Topp Dogg” – they sing about themselves and their music. Of course, not every song they release is like that – “Open the Door” for instance. I think “Cigarette”, too.

Enjoy this talented group!

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