God’s Quiz Season 4 Episode 9

Only three more episodes left. Sad day. Only three more episodes left and we’re still not too close to unraveling the mystery Jae Joon got Kyung Hee involved in. Of course, slowly but surely we’re unburying things, but still it feels like we have a long way to go. Ah…and is Da Mi really who they are hinting at her to be? Seriously? And this follows one episode after Jin Woo complained about growing up alone. Very unexpected plot twist.

This episode kind of goes away from the craziness of previous episodes. It’s like case by case we’re toning it down from the warped and twisted and intense crimes of the the earlier episodes and going more mellow in the cases as everyone starts to focus more on the big mystery case instead. This episode technically had a murder…but it’s more like assisted suicide. It also explores what it really means to love someone in a way. Person A’s love towards Person B led them to want to die and to express his love for Person A, Person C helps. Twisted, but nothing about love is ever truly sane, is it?

Because they would giant stinky poo butts if they really killed Kyung Hee off, we open with Jin Woo waking up from his nightmare. Phew. What a relief, ne? From then we go to our case. We have a young woman playing the piano in her home. One neighbor is outside listening to her music with a smile and recording a video while another neighbor has his telephoto lens out. We end with a short haired woman walking in and finding the pianist with her head on the piano, dead.

As soon as Jin Woo sees Kyung Hee he breaths a sigh of relief. Kyung Hee asks what the problem is, but Jin Woo won’t tell her about his bad dream and says it’s only because he likes her so much. This makes her laugh and she comes up and whispers in his ear that the feeling is definitely mutual. These two. I love them forever.

They then get their next case which is our young, dead pianist who died of a myocardial infarction which we all know simply as a heart attack. She has no medical history and seemed to be in good health, so why a sudden heart attack? Did she exhaust herself with strenuous playing? Either way, it’s very odd that her body was so still and perfect. The only thing for the team to do is delve into her life and see if they can uncover the reason since the autopsy they did proved the original cause of death correct. Enter her manager who just wants the investigation stopped as rumors can kill a person twice. Nice metaphor.

Si Woo doesn’t like keeping secrets and Tae Kyung’s attitude is annoying even if somewhat justified. While she whines over him slamming his laptop case shut every time someone enters the rumor, he’s on pins and needles—should he say anything? He does finally break down and spills it all. Great. One more person has been let in on the ticking time bomb. Good job. Tae Kyung urges him to go to Kyung Hee and Jin Woo (since he’s afraid of being scolded by Dr. Jo). Si Woo agrees to this and stresses he doesn’t want Tae Kyung investigating anything until he’s talked things over with Jin Woo. Tae Kyung then happily takes out his hair tie and pulls her hair back in comfort once more, making Si Woo happy.

The crew goes out to the house to investigate. Nothing is found amiss. There is only one CCTV facing the parking and driveway areas, none in the house or the immediate outside. Kyung Hee and Jin Woo go in. They do discover three humidifiers, all with stagnant water. There was also a rubber mat and slippers on top. These items become important later. Kyung Hee sits down at the piano and starts playing the final song the pianist had been composing. This surprises and delights Jin Woo and Kyung Hee explains she is a woman of many refined talents and can play the cello as well. The two do notice the reporter across the way taking pictures like crazy. They also see the other neighbor who recorded the video placing a flower and portrait outside the house. He reveals he’s only a neighbor and fan and that the pianist was not close with any of the neighbors in the area. Kyung Hee claims to be a fan and gets the young man to give her the last recording as both she and Jin Woo noticed the song is different than the one on the piano.

I did get confused because we went so quickly from this case back to the case Jae Joon handed over so it took me a minute to figure out that the person they were talking about wasn’t involved in the pianist case. Looks like the person who made the report against the company comes from a wealthy family and was quite smart—he was in graduate school. He did have a disability, however, which made finding a job difficult which is probably why he ended up working for such a company. Lee Seok Nam only contacts his family from pay phones, so they have no way of tracing him. Doo Mong suggests email again, but Kyung Hee is again seriously worried about the email getting traced. Thus this sends Jin Woo to Seong Do…well…he calls him at least to ask about masking emails. Sad. I’d love a cameo from Seong Do and their bromance was really quite good.

Kyung Hee and Jin Woo go out drinking. Jin Woo finally breaks down and asks just what happened between Kyung Hee and Doo Mong. She reveals that she worked under Doo Mong 5 years ago after she left the military. He was a sunbae to be admired and emulated. Then they came across a rape/murder case where the culprit was a wheelchair-bound chaebol with many health problems. With pressure on all sides from the family’s influence and lawyers arguing that there is no way someone in such a condition can do such an act, Doo Mong shelved the case and it went unsolved. That is what put the rift between the two. We do have scenes of Doo Mong taking out the case files and he’s really upset as well. Looks like he’s made at himself, too, over what happened. Ah, and if you missed him, Psycho Stalker is back! Stalking. Like usual. He’s following Kyung Hee around, but he knows she’s not an easy mark now that she’s aware she’s got someone gunning for her…plus she’s packing heat. He’s then given Si Woo’s info. That can’t be good.

Kyung Hee and Jin Woo go back to the ME office and run right into Si Woo who just can’t bring himself to spit out that he’s been investigating that case. He randomly says that Kyung Hee and Jin Woo are a perfect couple to which Jin Woo replies he already knows that. He’s really curious about what bug has crawled up Si Woo’s shorts to make him so nervous and random. Kyung Hee laughs and says the two of them could be brothers as they both can be totally random.

The video has been analyzed and security footage has been collected. Jin Woo notices something funny. This means theories are starting to formulate. He and Kyung Hee go to check out the house once more and hear someone inside. It’s the reporter! He used to work for a paper but is now a freelancer and has basically been invading the young pianist’s privacy. He’s got tons of pictures of her changing and leaving the shower. Pervert. Apparently he has been a stalkarazzi with this pianist in hopes of tracking down her current lover. Ah, I forgot to mention this, but when they were first discussing the case, we learn that she had a surgery after she and her boyfriend, a famous actor, got into a car accident. She lived, he died. FYI.

Our couple aren’t sure if they should be going in this direction, but they decide to dig more into the pianist’s love life to see if they can discover anything that could be a clue as to how she died. Jin Woo then happily shows what Seong Do sent. It’s a masker for your email and it works for 72 hours only. Emails sent and received need to be deleted before the 72 hours are up to keep them from being tracked later. Kyung Hee is happy. Finally a way to get in touch with Seok Nam. Now if only he’ll reply. She literally stays up all night just waiting for a reply from him. We get to see this disabled man is quite intelligent (which we already knew). Once he gets the email from Kyung Hee, he hacks into the police database to review her file. Looks like he’s deciding of she’s trustworthy or not.

The next day the two stooges rush into the office with new info regarding Psycho Stalker. It turns out he’s from Thailand. His Thai name is Pana Nuen. He’s half Korean and half Thai. His father was in a gang in Thailand and was murdered 20 or so years ago. Psycho Stalker was involved in gangs as well before becoming a mercenary and traveling southeast Asia. This knowledge brings the whole case to a new level. They desperately need to figure out the one pulling all the strings that they have such connections.

Back to the pianist case. Turns out her manager signed a deal the day before she died to release the woman’s final album. Suspicious, no? While Kyung Hee talks with the manager, Jin Woo talks with her ex road manager. The woman is very broken up about the pianist’s death. Jin Woo asks after the woman’s health and learns the pianist went stiff and fainted and no one knew what was the cause. She didn’t go to the hospital since she came around relatively quickly. Jin Woo then notices a bracelet and sees that it looks very similar to the one he saw the one neighbor wearing (not the stalking reporter, but the fan). He asks where the road manager got it and she replied that she found it among the pianist’s things and took it as a remembrance. They confront the neighbor who says that even though the nuna next door and he weren’t friends, she gave him that bracelet just before she died. That’s it. More and more suspicious.

Jin Woo digs into the car accident that killed her actor boyfriend and then visits the doctor who took care of her. He learns that when she was brought in she was frozen stiff like she’d been electrocuted. The light bulb finally goes off. Jin Woo goes to the ME office and explains that our dead pianist had an extreme sensitivity to electricity. A static shock could potentially kill her she was that sensitive. The woman obviously knew about the condition which explained her unkempt hair, why she never closed her car door with her hands, why she had 3 humidifiers, and that rubber mat. The fact that she stopped using all of that stuff is also very significant. She was trying to make it easier for her to die. The question now is if she killed herself or had help. Jin Woo suggests looking into all personal products like brushes to see if they can find any DNA.

They collect the hair brushes and lo and behold, the neighbor fan’s DNA is found. We then learn the whole tragic story. The pianist felt very alone and needed someone to talk to, so she became friendly with Neighbor Fan who fell for her hard. The only problem is that she was completely hung up on her dead boyfriend. Apparently she kept mum from him about her condition and never allowed him to touch her…not sure if it’s touch her in general or just her hair. Anywho, the day of the accident she was sleeping and he touched her hair which caused a small shock and she had a fainting spell. This freaked him out and he lost control of the car which resulted in his death. Because Neighbor Fan loved her so much, he did what he could to make her happy and helped her die by brushing her hair while wearing her boyfriend’s bracelet. That’s it. The whole story. Of course Kyung Hee and Jin Woo scold the young man for his decision to help the pianist die saying it was not the right one. He’ll get into trouble for that. The man doesn’t regret his actions, though.

Kyung Hee finally gets a reply just before the 72 hours are up. Seok Man asks her to come alone. Kyung Hee goes to rush out, but Jin Woo stops her. He will drop her off. Turns out he has a car he kind of regretted buying a long time ago and he finally decided to use it to feel better about Kyung Hee meeting with Seok Man. He drops her off and we end with Kyung Hee coming face to face with the man who made the report and Jin Woo going to the hospital to visit Da Mi. She is going to meet her mother. He takes her to the elevator and next to her father is someone Jin Woo recognizes and calls…ohmma. Say what?

See? Wasn’t that a total curve ball? The closer we get to the end of the series, the more the story will focus in on the truth behind Jae Joon’s ticking time bomb and the truth behind Da Mi and her parentage.

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