Ruby Ring Episode 6 Recap

So, when desperate times call for desperate measures, you call up the man whose heart you just shredded and promise to marry him if he comes with you to your abortion. Aish. Really? We do get scenes where it looks like the writers are trying to show that Runa is not completely evil, but when bad decisions always win over the right decisions and she’s constantly jealous and greedy, it doesn’t matter how much of a human side she really has, does it?

This almost seems more like a filler episode, a giant setup of what is to come. I will spare you the details about Gyeongmin and Ruby’s dating. This is filled with lots of those shots and them trying to keep it a secret from their coworkers. I do have to say it is suspicious that Gyeonmin’s mother comes from the same area of Chuncheon as Ruby’s family. I wonder if she’ll know something about the big birth secret or not. It’s obvious that she can’t be one of the girls’ mother because that means Gyeongmin would either be a half brother to the woman he loves or the woman he marries and that would just be wrong.

Before Ruby makes the official announcement herself, Runa cries to her mother about how it’s just not fair. She and Ruby are twins, but Ruby is successful and gets what she wants while nothing goes right for Runa. It should be sad and touching and Gil Ja does  try to tell Runa life is a roller coaster with ups and downs and all that jazz. But you know that Runa would be more likely to succeed if she actually calmed her temper and wasn’t so hell bent on being rich and successful. There really is more to life than money. Wasn’t there some survey that said wealthy people were more prone to be unhappy than poor? I could be making that up, who knows.

Now that Ruby’s officially announced her relationship to her family, they are over the moon and Runa just seethes in jealousy. To make matters worse, she’s getting in trouble with what few jobs she has for putting on weight (which you can’t see it, so that makes it even weirder). This rushes her to a different doctor who happily tells her how well the baby is doing. Runa brings up abortion again. This doctor hesitates, but does say it is illegal these days and recommends Runa talk to the father and then come back to the hospital. I guess that’s her way of saying if things don’t work out, she will perform the surgery. Not good.

So that’s when Runa calls up Insu and agrees to marry him if he only goes with her to have the abortion since he’s 50% responsible for everything. Insu points out that he was willing to be 100% responsible, but Runa turned him down flat. It’s actually at that point that the desperate Runa agrees to marriage, but not a baby. Insu won’t fall for her ploys any more and does NOT agree to this. He even states that the baby is a living thing (which it is) and that an abortion is akin to murder (which if you actually look at it, even if the fetus isn’t completely developed…it really is, isn’t it?). Not what Runa wanted to hear. And, like stated earlier, having Gil Ja and Cho Rim ecstatic about Gyeongmin and having him meet the family is just adding to Runa’s depression. What is interesting about this whole thing is that after this meeting, Insu visits Oh looking for work for Runa. What the hell? Wasn’t he intent on smashing her career if she plans on an abortion?

We are also back on the Cho Rim and Dong Pal scene. So Young wants to set Cho Rim up on a blind date which Cho Rim isn’t keen on, but Gil Ja urges her to. So Young explains the man is a good man who has never been married. His age? 61. Yeah, you can imagine Cho Rim’s reaction can’t you? Dong Pal comes in for his usual delivery and he gets a blind date call from a friend and quickly agrees to it. He then tries to set up Cho Rim with a 43 year-old widower with a son. Of course Cho Rim balks at this. She then stalks him on his date and Dong Pal is convinced, even though she keeps refusing, that Cho Rim really does like him. It’s obvious isn’t it?

We end this episode with Ruby hard at work at home because she couldn’t concentrate in the office (it was revealed that she and Gyeongmin aren’t dating, but engaged). Runa slams down her laptop, startling her eonni. End episode. I’m fairly certain that Runa will end up asking Ruby in the end to come with her to the hospital because she can’t go alone. But I also can’t see Ruby going along for an abortion. I do know that later in this series, Ruby uses that information to taunt Runa, so maybe she really did.

Aigoo. Do you know how long it’s going to take for Cho Rim and Dong Pal to officially get together and be happy? More than half the series. Seriously. But they are still cute together, aren’t they? It’s also funny how Cho Rim reacts to Ruby’s good news. She is more excited and jumpy and running her mouth than Gil Ja. LOL.

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