Ruby Ring Episode 5 recap

And things are starting to reach breaking point number 1. While Ruby and Gyeongmin’s relationship is finally back on track and Cho Rim and Gil Ja mend fences, Runa’s greed keeps her spiraling downhill faster and faster—especially when Insu does something to get in the way of her beloved career. Truthfully, given everything that’s happened in the first four episodes, I have to wonder why it took Insu until now to figure out the real reason Runa started dating him to begin with. Sheesh. I guess “love” makes you dumb.

We open where we left off with Gyeongmin calling and saying he wants to meet Ruby and talk about marriage. This floors Ruby. They only have just decided to start over and here he is talking about marriage. This, of course, makes Runa very bitter and angry. Every bad thing about herself she’s projecting onto her eonni. Ruby is just a two-faced gold digger. Right. Runa may congratulate her sister on a job well done, but she’s seething inside that Ruby is getting all the breaks that she herself wants. It does always tick me off how in dramas the perfectly innocent get all the blame for other’s misbehavior or bad treatment. Na Young immediately thinks Mi So is just as bad as she is and must have been having an affair in Crazy Love and Min Jae pins an affair (which he had been doing since the begin himself) on his wife as well. Sheesh. Ah, and in Jang Bo Ri is Here, Bo Ri is projected as being just as evil as her stepsister Min Jung since Min Jung is warped and twisted and believes Bo Ri is intentionally trying to ruin her life…since that’s what Min Jung does all along.

Gyeongmin picks Ruby up for work and this is spotted by Cho Rim who rushes home and yells at Runa to get outside. Runa comes out and she is immediately grilled about Ruby going to work. Runa talks about how Ruby isn’t all that innocent and managed to hook a rich man. Gil Ja and Cho Rim want some more information, but Runa refuses. They also refuse to talk to one another after their serious argument the night before and this drives the angry Runa up the wall and she slams the door to the house in their faces. After that we get a date montage between Gyeongmin and Ruby. That morning they played hooky from work and then from there it’s date after date.

Runa is lounging around in bed when she gets a call for an audition. She happily springs to life and takes out all of her clothes to find something to wear. Gil Ja comes in and tells her daughter to clean up everything to which Runa refuses. I do feel only a miniscule bad for her when she says she’ll win the audition and finally go to Seoul at long last and treat her mother like a queen. The selfish witch that she is, I think she honestly did mean she’d treat her mother better. But I could be wrong. Gil Ja doesn’t really believe this and huffs out of the room leaving Runa upset. Runa does go to throw clothes back where they belong when she finds Ruby’s diaries. Well, they should help her later in the show when she completely takes over her sister’s life, shouldn’t they?

Insu calls Runa out and says he has the most precious gift he’s ever given anybody. This excites her until she finds out it’s baby clothes. Yeah. Considering how much she doesn’t want the baby, that’s adding insult to injury in her eyes. The icing on the cake to Insu’s cluelessness comes when Runa goes to the audition and hears from the new PD Oh, that she lost her job that Insu had promised. Why? Because she’s getting married. Runa tries to tell PD Oh that’s a mistake, but he’s chums with Insu and promises to keep the secret. Yeah. Way to endear the woman you love to you by making sure her career hits a road block.

While Runa’s getting unhappy news, Ruby is on cloud nine with Gyeonmin and not happy when Jin Hee starts teasing about marriage as Ruby thinks it’s too soon, but Gyeongmin, of course, thinks otherwise and devises a plan for Ruby to have dinner with his parents that very night. Also, Gil Ja’s and Cho Rim’s silent war is still waging. So Young picks up on this and questions Cho Rim about it. Since Cho Rim is still angry with the younger woman, she won’t go into details, plus it all came about because of  very private and secret matter in the long run. Even when So Young offers an olive branch and says she will stop teasing Cho Rim about Dong Pal, the older woman won’t forgive her. Sheesh.

So Runa angrily calls up Insu who is in a meeting with Writer Na or whatever her name is. Things for their trip to China seem to be getting more and more complicated. It would make life so much easier if they also had an assistant PD to help. Runa storms in and begins yelling. Na bows out even though there is tons of work to finish. Runa screams at Insu for having Oh cancel her hosting. Runa says she is not the kind of girl who uses pregnancy to hold onto a man. Insu replies he’s the one grabbing hold of her. Runa insists she won’t marry as she’s not ready at all and demands Insu get that job back NOW. Insu has had enough. He gets why Runa’s been with him all this time at long last. Fine. It’s over now. He does have a caveat though, Runa can’t touch their baby. He won’t let her go if she has an abortion. Runa says it’s her baby and her decision and storms out. Insu screams and breaks dishes while Runa cries outside the door saying its all for the best. These little things let you know she’s not 100% evil, but the girl can’t make the right, unselfish decisions so it’s useless to pity her or feel sorry for her. I did like that Insu threatens to completely block her announcing career if she dared to have an abortion. It would serve her right.

And I do find it incredibly unfair that father’s have no say at all. A woman can go out and have an abortion if she wants since it’s her body and if she doesn’t want a baby, fine. A man, however much he may want the child even if he and the woman aren’t together anymore, gets no say in the matter. I get that it’s a woman’s body, but I really do think it’s unfair that fathers have no rights to an unborn child—even if they are married to the mother. It’s just wrong. Heck, sometimes fathers don’t even have rights to go against the mother in the case of newborns even if married as well,  but I’m sure circumstances differ with that.

Back at the restaurant, Gil Ja pours some tonic for Cho Rim who is prepping the onions. Then comes a shoving match with the bowl and Gil Ja cannot believe her sister-in-law is still mad. We then learn that Cho Rim’s mother remarried when the girl was in middle school so she had no choice but to live with her oppa and Gil Ja who swears she always treated the younger woman as family…almost like another daughter. She didn’t blame Cho Rim for her brother’s affair or the mistress’s baby and Gil Ja feels wronged that Cho Rim thinks she is treated unfairly. Thus, these two tearfully make up.

We end this episode with Gyeongmin springing the dinner with his parents on Ruby. Of course his mommy didn’t want to rush things, but his dad and grandmother are all for rushing things. I guess, the two did date for a very long time, so it’s not really rushing things, but at the same time they only just reconnected after how many years apart?

Previews show Runa asking Ruby to go with her to the hospital. I guess Runa is deciding to get an abortion because the pregnancy is getting in the way of her career (she was told to lose weight not that it looks like she’s put any on, eyeroll).

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