Song of the Week – 7 July 2014

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for this week.

Let’s rewind to a year ago (2013). I’ve probably featured this song a couple times on Facebook. Pure is a rookie kpop group that made their official debut with “I Still Love You” [난아직도널; Nan ajikdo neol]. For a debut, I really did love this song. I do admit that I did find some aspects of the liver performances awkward, but that had nothing to do with the vocals and skills of this group, but rather the cane dance which seems a little out of place. One of the interesting things about Pure is that their debut album contained their tracks in Korean, English, and Japanese. That’s pretty impressive and I highly recommend checking out the entire album and not just their debut song.

Digging further into the past and a song that will forever be near and dear to me, we go back to the year 2007. Duo LM.C released their song “OH MY JULIET.” which is my all-time favorite song of theirs. I don’t think you can get their most recent music in the US iTunes store like you used to be able to do on their older releases. This song, I don’t know why, but I just love it. It came on the other day and I was swept back to when I first listened to it. I highly recommend checking out LM.C’s entire discography.

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