Kdrama After School: Lucky or Not Review

5urpriseThis drama series, also known as See You After School or a bunch of other titles, consists of twelve fifteen minute episodes. It’s a hybrid of a web toon being mixed with a drama to give a more manga-like effect. And this is something I’ve seen more so in certain Japanese and Taiwanese dramas versus Korean dramas. The effects harken back to Ouran High School Host Club and even certain plot elements of this drama really just bring back OHSHC.

The stars of this show are rookie acting group 5urprise, part of Fantagio. While this drama is a slice of silliness and crazy antics, and it does lack some depth in the building of relationships due to the brevity at times, it’s a fun escape from melodrama and longer episodes. You can finish this in a day and it makes for a very light and fun snack to change things up.

Kim So Eun is a mousy looking student who is picked on by others. One day she is invited to join a club. Curious she goes to the club where she is tricked into signing her name saying she will become the captain of the club. It turns out that the club members pick from a box of 100 hundred missions and their goal is to finish all 100 before they graduate. There is a secret behind just why So Eun was invited to the club and that secret is kept through most of the episodes with little hints here and there.

This drama really has a wee bit of everything in it. We have comedy, romance, hints of melodrama, and definitely hints of a more sitcom style. It’s a relatively good blend and you can see the group bonding as they perform more and more missions, each one that has special significance to the members. The acting, while not stellar or stand out in any way, shows great potential with these young actors. The now highly popular Seo Kang Joon did showed some great acting promise as the broody blonde tough guy with the same name. For some reason him and teary eyes go hand in hand, he does it so well. It was cute to see his awkward teenage performance when coming into contact with his long-time crush So Eun. I also thought that Kang Tae Oh as Kang Tae Poong shined a bit more than the others as well, though they did relatively good jobs on a whole.

I do think this drama did suffer a bit in lack of development due to its brevity and possibly just the nature of the drama in general. It didn’t take Kim So Eun all that long to warm up to and enjoy the antics of the clubs and the missions even when she was very shocked, confused, and downright horrified in the beginning. Sure, given the length of each episode and the drama as a whole, it’s hard to build all that much in the relationship department. Still, they could have made the development a little bit more believable towards the beginning.

One thing to enjoy about this drama is the myriad of cameos from veteran actors and idols like Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Sung Soo, and Jung Gyeo Won. The roles were minor and mostly downright silly, but still it was fun to see the big names in the drama supporting their hoobaes and showing sides you might not have gotten to see from them before. Kim Sung Soo has played such serious roles (though I know he did get his start on a Power Ranger-esque show) that his comedic turn was impressive.

You could definitely see a real bond among the cast, which was good. But I really didn’t buy the romance line between Gong Myung and So Eun. From like the second episode he was beginning to moon over her and talk about how much he was so happy she had come into the club (especially when she hadn’t even done much of anything yet). Her interactions and romance with Kang Joon was definitely more believable in their awkward cuteness. I also wasn’t completely happy with the big secret and what Kang Joon’s deceased best friend requested he do (give up the girl he likes since he liked her too).

Despite it’s flaws, this drama does hold a charm and, like I said, is a great break from serious dramas and does contain enough of bits and pieces of different drama types to keep everyone’s tastes satisfied. So, definitely a must watch for cheesy teen friendship and romance and some hilarious hijinks and comedy.


  • This show was a perfect respite from the melodrama I was watching and the melodrama at work. I squeeled like a teenager whenever I spotted the cameos. They were hilarious, and they really showed how much fun they were having being so silly.Jung Kyung Ho talking about diarrhea? Priceless.

    • I know! That’s just what I felt, too! It was hilarious hearing Jung Kyung Ho talking loudly about diarrhea and a special herbal medicine and the home shopping episode where the actor I’m so used to seeing in melodramas showed his comedic side…wowza! It was fun with the cameos popping up all over and just the whole ridiculous nature of the show. Thus some aspects of plot development could be totally forgiven as it was just plain old fun.

  • So, I have a question for those of you who have picked the show back up now that season two is out. Why did they completely change the actors for the second season? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Yoo Ill the only one from 5urprise who stayed for the second season? I’ve been googling it but no one else seems to have commented about this! I’m confused why they changed the actors, to me it makes the show feel totally different. I wish they could somehow explain the change within the plot of the drama. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still watch and have definitely enjoyed this whimsical jewel!

    • Actually, you are wrong. Only two of the original main cast members are not returning. I think that this was because when the filming was going on, Kim So Eun and Seo Kang Joon were busy with other schedules/dramas and thus didn’t have the time to film the second season. But minus them, the rest of 5uprise are all reprising their original roles from the first season. This second season looks to be another slice of silly goodness. Can’t wait to start watching it.

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