Album of the Month – July 2014

I know, I know, I should probably feature like mini albums or full-length albums for my Album of the Month series, but I have to feature the album that’s been standing out for me the most of late and that happens to be a single album by the awesome Japanese band Mantenrou Opera that I purchased a few months ago. Plus, I suppose it’s appropriate since they have a new single coming out this month and a new full-length album coming out in September. More goodies from this band.

Matenrou Opera is a visual kei metal band. They are unique in that they actually have a keyboard in the band. Most Japanese band setups generally have guitar, bass, and drums an that’s the more common formation. It’s rarer to have a keyboard or piano. True to their name…er…okay, not really. They have a more orchestral rock feel to their songs. I guess, more like symphonic rock from European bands which means their music can have this grand epicness to it at times. A great thing about this band is that their music is available in US digital music stores, which is definitely more rare for Japanese artists.

The single Orb features two tracks “Orb” and “Vampire”. The two songs don’t have that orchestral rock feel that some of their other music has. It’s still really great, though. “Orb” is addictive and I really love the chorus. I swear that it sounds like they are saying the Korean word “yeongwonhi” which means eternal or forever. The song clocks in at 6 minutes but doesn’t feel draggy or repetitive. It’s a total kick ass rock ballad.

“Vampire” is…a song that really feels like it belongs in a movie, lol. The melody or beat of the song just brings that to mind. This song feels more like a dance song especially when the chorus comes into play. It’s a great song.

Matenrou Opera - Orb
Released: 26 March 2014
Buy on Amazon | CDJapan | Google Play | iTunes

01. Orb
02. Vampire
Orb Music Video

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