Ruby Ring Episode 4 Recap

I know I mentioned a birth secret in the episode 3 recap. It doesn’t show up until this episode, which also cements that Gyeongmin’s mother does not approve of Ruby or her background no matter how good a girl Ruby is. And Runa? She does what we all expect her to do. She throws tantrums and blames In Soo and she also tries to abort the baby. I did not know abortion was illegal in South Korea. Now I do. In Soo looks rather disappointed in his lady love so maybe his rose…or lust…colored glasses are finally getting peeled from his eyes. Okay, it’s not just lust, but it’s a very imbalanced and unhealthy relationship, you know?

So we back track to the beginning of the fight and get to watch the girls claw at each other again before Dong Pal rushes in to help separate the two. So Young, knowing that Cho Rim likes Dong Pal and won’t admit it, rushes into his arms calling him “oppa” and saying that Cho Rim slapped her for no reason. Gil Ja also scolds her in-law for her behavior. Cho Rim has had enough. She yells that she’s the bad one and rushes out, throwing her apron on some boxes outside before calling up Ruby for some comfort. But as soon as Cho Rim leaves, So Young asks for oppa to blow on her forehead and Dong Pal cooly replies he isn’t her boyfriend. LOL. What a dance these two have around each other. Poor Cho Rim.

Ruby Ring E.04So Ruby takes a mini break from work to meet with her aunt who complains about So Young. Since she can’t bring herself to mention that So Young was teasing her about Dong Pal, Cho Rim talks about a dung beetle and Ruby can’t help but laugh and try to comfort her aunt with a huge dish of expensive shaved ice. Meanwhile, Mr. Bae has stopped by the Chuncheon office and you know he’s not there just to check up on how his progeny is doing. After spending a few moments with Gyeongmin and like the branch manager or director or something reminiscing about how hard it was to get the Chuncheon branch up and running, he leaves and goes in search of Ruby, but can’t remember what she looks like, so he leaves. As Ruby comes back from meeting her aunt, she witnesses Mr. Bae nearly getting run over by a motorcyclist who rushes off after causing the man to fall and lose consciousness (nothing horribly serious, though—you have to remember he’s also recovering from cancer surgery). Ruby takes good care of him and calls an ambulance.

Ruby Ring E.04At the hospital, Ruby is instructed she has to stay until the man’s family arrives. Thus Ruby has to call up Jin Hee and apologize for being tardy back to the office. Jin Hee scolds her for doing such a good deed for a stranger and instructs her to hurry back as soon as possible as a proposal still needs to be written. We then get to see Gyeongmin rushing out of his office. Boy do he and Ruby get a shock to see each other. This is what you call fate I guess. Meanwhile Cho Rim comes in to the bustling restaurant and immediately starts working without saying anything. This makes So Young and Gil Ja smile and So Young makes a comment about wondering where Cho Rim took off to when they were super busy. Dong Pal also hasn’t left yet as he was roped into helping since they are so busy. He tells his noona that she needs to repay him later.

Ruby Ring E.04Runa goes back to the hospital she visited with In Soo. The doctor goes to give her an exam, but Runa says she is there for only one thing. She’s not ready to be a mother yet and is wondering about surgery. The doctor looks at Runa’s file. She’s not married. No, that’s why she can’t have this baby. The doctor tells Runa to marry the man who came in with her earlier. Needless to say this is not what Runa wishes to hear. The doctor then explains the horrible side effects of having the abortion procedure done and then says the government is encouraging people to have more children. Runa snaps and that angers the doctor who says the surgery is illegal and she can’t and won’t do it.

Ruby Ring E.04I must stop here as I do want to slap the doctor for urging marriage to the baby’s father. Yes, a child should have both parents, preferably married to provide a solid and stable environment, but let’s face it, babies and marriage because of them rarely go well, especially in this day and age. Statics wise, may people are more likely to divorce and these relationships aren’t necessarily always healthy to begin with, so I get annoyed when people say baby = marriage. It’s not synonymous. It’s really not. Especially in a day and age where divorce is so common that it does seem people don’t even try to make marriages work too much.

Anywho, enough ranting. Runa rushes over to In Soo’s place all upset. She ignores the fact that In Soo has been waiting for her over two hours. Selfish to the bitter end, I’m sure. Runa flings herself on her bed and when In Soo says stress isn’t good for Runa or the baby, she explodes at him for getting her pregnant and ruining her life. In Soo, of course, is not happy to hear Runa talk of their precious baby this way. Again, it takes two people to make a baby. Runa had no problem dallying with In Soo to get what she wanted, so she should suffer the consequences…not that I want a poor child to suffer with that wench for a mother…just saying. How horrible to tell the man who loves you and wants that baby very much that you wish you could die just because you’re pregnant.

Ruby Ring E.04Since the man she helped is Gyeongmin’s father, Ruby doesn’t rush to work like Jin Hee commanded her to do and stays until he wakes up. Just as he does, his wife rushes in. Ruby then introduces herself not knowing that Gyeongmin has already named her as his future bride. Mr. Bae is very pleased to meet her, but again, Gyeongmin’s mother seems less than thrilled. Oh, she is happy that Ruby saved her husband, but you know she finds the woman for a meager background lacking. Gyeongmin leaves with Ruby and calls it fate that she found and saved his father. This makes it easier since he doesn’t need to formally introduce her to his family now.

Ruby Ring E.04Even though Cho Rim came back, she still has a huge chip on her shoulder and neither she nor So Young say goodnight to one another. Gil Ja does again scold Cho Rim for her immature attitude. The two start walking home when Dong Pal calls up. He’s outside the restaurant and wants Cho Rim to buy him a drink. Cho Rim agrees to this and lies to her sister-in-law saying it’s a girl friend named Dong Suk. Tsk, tsk. So Cho Rim goes back to the restaurant where Dong Pal waits and the two go the cheap route and go inside to drink. Dong Pal asks Cho Rim to pour him a glass and Cho Rim says a lady never pours for anyone but her husband and father. Of course she caves and pours Dong Pal a glass, though because we know she likes him. Of course Gil Ja forgot the receipts and heads back to the store surprised to find it lit up. Dong Pal and Cho Rim are hugging each other trying to hide in the kitchen, but Gil Ja finds them and tells them to finish their drinks. Cho Rim and Dong Pal both wonder why she bothered going to the kitchen if she wasn’t going to stay and join them.

Ruby Ring E.04It was so cute when Dong Pal had Cho Rim touch his chest to show how rock hard his muscles were. Her expression was priceless! And what the heck with those two talking about women’s chest and Dong Pal teases that he likes So Young’s chest which is more well endowed than Cho Rim’s. They both look pretty darn flat to me. But that’s neither hear nor there. Dong Pal with Cho Rim = cuteness.

At the Bae household, Mr. Bae is all set to have his son marry Ruby as quickly as possible. His wife thinks they don’t know enough about the young woman and she really wants her son to at least meet the TV anchor. Yep, she’s definitely not happy with Ruby as an in-law. Enter his mother who is all concerned about the accident. He assures her he’s fine and even she’s on the band wagon for Ruby and Gyeongmin to marry as soon as possible so they can get grandchildren already before they die.

Ruby Ring E.04This is where our birth secret comes in to play. Gil Ja is upset that Cho Rim lied to her and snuck around with Dong Pal instead of being honest. Cho Rim then goes into a big spiel about how her sister-in-law hates her. Why you ask? The evidence is in the tonics for Gil Ja and the twins along with Gil Ja always taking So Young’s side over Cho Rim’s. This floors Gil Ja. Why would she hate Cho Rim? Because Cho Rim brought in Mr. Jeong’s mistress’s baby into the Jeong household. Her mom put the baby in Cho Rim’s arms and told her to take it to Gil Ja. Yikes. Even more surprising is what we hear next. Somehow there was confusion and the Jeong family lost track of just who was who! Which…apparently is also due to Cho Rim. How could they not know which baby was which? Anywho, all these years later and Gil Ja refuses to find out just which daughter is really hers. I wonder. Will it be the “angelic” Ruby or the evil Runa? I do think Cho Rim did deserve that smack a little because she was kind of going off the deep end there.

Ruby Ring E.04

Gil Ja decided Cho Rim didn’t get enough of a beating

The next day the Bae family discusses Gyeongmin’s future with Ruby. Granny and Mr. Bae want Gyeongmin to marry her posthaste while, again, Gyeongmin’s mother urges caution and time. Thus Gyeongmin is instructed to invite Ruby over for a formal family dinner. He calls her up and Ruby is very shocked while Runa seems very angry.

Ruby Ring E.04End episode. The previews show some Runa whiplash with her attitude towards In Soo and the baby and the scene where she agrees to his proposal. I’m curious. How about you?

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