Ruby Ring Episode 3 Recap

I’ve now caught up to the original episodes I watched of this series a few weeks ago. I totally forgot about the whole birth secret. I mean, isn’t that just a bit unnecessary at this point given the overall plot of fraternal twins getting their identities switched thanks to confusion over who was who due a bad accident scarring their faces beyond recognition? So now we have a birth secret, amnesia is coming, and identity swapping. What else can we expect? In Soo. If he doesn’t hate Runa yet, he definitely will later. Her attitude is just horrible. Sure, it’s an unexpected pregnancy that puts a huge damper in her plans and sometimes acting out a bit is understandable, but then you just have to buckle down and do the responsible thing for once in your life and stop being selfish. Oh, wait. Runa lives for herself only, there’s no way she can stop being selfish. Get a clue In Soo.

So Ruby doesn’t want to talk to Gyeongmin at all and even uses the phrase sexual harassment to get him to let go of her wrist. She walks off and Jin Hee arrives. Gyeongmin invites the other woman out to lunch. She was his sunbae in college and now it’s a bit awkward to have her younger hoobae as her boss. She begs him to transfer her out of that office or he needs to go back to Seoul himself. He agrees to this and then he broaches the subject about wanting Ruby back. Jin Hee reveals Ruby is contemplating resigning just so she doesn’t have to see him every day at the office. Jin Hee then tells him that in Ruby’s case love is becoming hate. As of now she doesn’t hate him completely yet, so love is outweighing the bad. He just needs to hang in there, right? We then cut to a scene with Ruby typing out a resignation letter fighting back tears. She then changes it to a personal letter to Gyeongmin. What will be her decision on the long run?

Ruby Ring E.03Again, not liking Ruby’s initial attitude. Yes, he hurt her by lying to her about his true identity, but I still think she’s taking things too far. Where does all that rage and anger come from? Was Gyeongmin right that it’s misplaced pride and something else completely? I don’t want a weak, wishy washy Ruby. She’s actually annoying in this state so far. But, the most annoying award goes to her lovely dongsaeng Runa.

Runa is at her office sitting around doing nothing while In Soo and the writer have a discussion about their dealings with China. The writer makes a snide comment about Runa not going and Runa says she doesn’t care to go. The writer then says Runa must have connections in the industry since she isn’t fighting and throwing herself at whatever job she can. Runa then gets up and complains about lunch and In Soo is quick to jump in and break up the meeting. The writer complains that In Soo always sides with Runa and that in this world a woman needs to be pretty to have a man’s undivided attention (they still have lots to go over).

Ruby Ring E.03In Soo takes the complaining Runa out to lunch and as soon as the food arrives, her appetite is gone. She’s hungry but has no desire to eat. In Soo chides her and she goes to take a bite and gags again. In Soo surprisingly jumps to pregnancy quite quickly while Runa insists upon indigestion before running to the bathroom. In Soo isn’t one to be fooled and he takes Runa to the doctor where they get quick confirmation about the pregnancy. Of course In Soo is over the moon as he really wants to marry Runa and have babies with the wretched woman. It’s actually rather sad to see the daddy all happy and loving up on the ultrasound as you know that is one baby he’ll never get to have if Runa has her way. Ah, and In Soo won’t stop talking about the baby and having Runa move in with him and get married. This ups her annoyance and sensitivity. In Soo really needs to take a clue from her behavior.

Ruby Ring

In Soo is over the moon while Runa acts like she’s getting buried alive.

I really don’t see the need for Cho Rim to be so darned secretive about hanging out with Dong Pal. If anything, that really makes their relationship suspicious. Anywho, she silences So Young with a dirty rag to the mouth which makes Gil Ja scold her for behaving that way. Gil Ja then takes off to buy the twins some tonics since both aren’t looking the best. Runa because she’s preggers and Ruby because the love of her life has reappeared once more to bug her. On her way out after buying the herbal tonics, she runs into Runa and In Soo. Runa tries escaping, but it doesn’t work. In Soo is quick to take up the invite to the Jeong family restaurant and asks for the traditional fare that befits a son-in-law. This shocks Gil Ja. Even more shocking is when In Soo comes right out and says he wishes to marry her daughter. No talk of the baby as of yet. I can only imagine what Gil Ja’s expression will be when she learns the truth—if she ever does.

Ruby Ring E.03So Gil Ja drags her daughter back to the restaurant to ask about the PD-nim. Runa says that In Soo is just joking. He’s a bachelor and likes to say he’s going to marry all these single, pretty ladies. Cham. Jincha? Do you really think that’s a believable excuse? Runa then angrily storms off shocking her aunt and angering her mother.

We then cut to Gyeongmin’s mother showing him the picture of the announcer they want him to go on an arranged date with. Gyeongmin is quick to bulk. Before he’s even worked out his relationship with Ruby, he’s telling his parents and grandmother all about her and how he wants to marry her and no one else. Sheesh. Talk about how that could majorly backfire on him. Even though I do think Ruby’s being a tad extreme in tormenting both Gyeongmin and herself when she still obviously loves him, Gyeongmin is jumping the gun way too fast. He even shows his family a picture he carries in his wallet of him and Ruby from their college dating days.

Ruby Ring E.03

This is the woman I’ll marry.

At the Jeong household, Gil Ja presents her tonics and of course Cho Rim gets miffed because she didn’t get any. Of all things to whine about. Guess she forgot how she told Gil Ja to buy her nieces tonics, huh? Ruby tries to give hers to Cho Rim to no avail. Her aunt storms off and then secretly drinks one in the comfort of her room with Gil Ja. Then she spots the third tonic that the tonics lady foisted off on Gil Ja. Runa downs hers and returns to her room where the phone is ringing nonstop and Ruby refuses to answer it since it’s Gyeongmin. Just turn your phone off then, don’t let it ring nonstop over and over again. Runa thinks Ruby is lying about the Managing Director number actually being Ruby’s boss and answers the phone. She’s shocked to learn it’s the truth. She’s even more shocked when Gyeongmin also agrees that he is Ruby’s boyfriend. Ruby angrily steals the phone away from her little sister and agrees to go out to meet him. Runa is shocked that Ruby has a man and such a affluent one to boot.

Ruby Ring E.03Even though Runa does touch up Ruby’s makeup before her sister goes off, she’s only got bad things to say behind Ruby’s back. She calls her perfect sister a hypocrite for chasing after and landing a rich man (who ends up being the sole heir to JM Group). She does go out to see the man in question and looks more and more dissatisfied. Even though her character is quite different, I’m just reminded of Na Young from Crazy Love who had this burning hatred and jealousy for things that were never hers to begin with. Runa’s character follows in the same vein. Of course, Runa doesn’t love a poor gangster like Na Young really did, but they have the same way of thinking. Of course, Na Young really wanted her baby while Runa doesn’t at all.

So Gyeongmin takes Ruby to the river and he talks about their first meeting eventually eliciting a smile from Ruby. He then broaches the subject about starting over and how sorry he is for hiding the truth from her, but he did it because he had to. Ruby yells and cries and all the typical stuff before allowing Gyeongmin to pull her into a comforting hug. Well…that reunion didn’t take that long, did it?

Ruby Ring E.03At the Jeong household, Gil Ja is recalling In Soo’s words and doesn’t believe it’s all a big joke while Gil Ja keeps thinking of Dong Pal’s strong arms. Eventually Cho Rim can’t handle it anymore and gets up and takes out cards. This surprises Gil Ja. Her sister-in-law hasn’t had enough with cards after losing all that money? Gil Ja leaves the room and Cho Rim feels bad. She puts the cards away and goes to get a drink when she sees Gil Ja downing tonics from the third box. This really makes Cho Rim mad. So Gil Ja got tonics for everyone but her and is hiding that fact from her. Um…not entirely.

Ruby Ring E.03That night Mr. Bae calls HR about Jeong Ruby and is pleased about what he hears. She’s a smart cookie and an admirable worker at their company. Of course, mommy dearest wants her son to go forward with the blind date instead since they don’t really know anything about Ruby. I have to say I think that no matter what, this woman won’t care for Ruby at all. I am not too in love with this actress either having watched her rather awful acting in Angel’s Revenge. It’s not as bad in this drama yet, but I just don’t like her too much. Oh, and Runa is still upset about how her sister lands the life she herself wants while her life might just be tied down with In Soo and a baby. Runa seems to be forgetting that it takes two people to make a baby. Tsk, tsk.

The next day at the restaurant is busy and the young So Young is playing a game on her phone instead of helping, angering Cho Rim. Gil Ja comes between the two girls and scolds Cho Rim for being immature while So Young clings onto her and complains about being unwell. Cho Rim is really angry about Gil Ja jumping to So Young’s defense instead of her own and a big cat fight breaks up with hair pulling and clawing and Gil Ja even smacks So Young’s head with a tray. Enter Dong Pal into the fray (So Young’s constant teasing about Dong Pal was the straw that broke Cho Rim and started the physical fight).

Ruby Ring E.03End episode. I’ll get 4 up later today and then move on to some God’s Quiz.

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