Smile, Donghae Episodes 69-72 Recap

At long last! We have some progress in this series on one big secret. It’s only taken forever for Anna and James to meet face to face and it’s finally happened! Shockingly enough, the discovery of Donghae being his son happened within only a few episodes after the reunion. It only took 70 episodes to get there. Now we have 80 or so episodes left in which everyone needs to discover Anna and Donghae’s and Joon’s connection and also learn that Anna is the long-lost daughter of the owners of Hye Sook’s hotel. Saewa…is as always such a horrid woman. Sure, she pleads for the Kim family and all that jazz, but at the end of the day there is only one person she truly cares about and that is herself and herself alone.

So Joon overhears Anna crying over how much she misses him and wants to see him again. Of course, as he’s about to approach her Sun Ok comes out and he has to run off. Donghae then runs into him at the end of the alley and the man is NOT in a good state whatsoever. Donghae tries to get Joon to allow him to drive Joon home, but the older man won’t hear of it. I’m shocked he makes it back to is place in one piece. Do Jin comes home after a night of drinking to find his father crying in the car. Joon goes in the home and he’s very surly to his wife. Yeah. Now that Anna’s really in the picture for him, we all know how Joon’s attitude towards Hye Sook will be. He’ll regress. Just as their family is trying to come together more this happens.

You know it’s amazing that Saewa still has a job as she is constantly running around and scheming against Donghae and Anna and Joon meeting. Shouldn’t she be, I don’t know, working? Joon, too. Throughout these episodes he’s running all over like a mad man and essentially stalking Anna.

Despite all of Saewa’s lies and tricks and convincing Anna to quit the hotel, James still manages to approach and meet her at long last. Since everyone else in the Lee family hates the mere sight of Kim Joon, he uses the innocent Songi to relay the message to Anna that he wishes to meet her. Anna rushes out to meet James after getting dropped off by Pil Jae. Saewa couldn’t stop the meeting so she had Joon’s car alarm go off and called the café to have him move the car. Joon goes out to move it and Saewa claims she set up the meeting and then warns Anna that she is not allowed to tell Joon about Saewa. The young woman also warns Anna against telling Kim Joon about his son Donghae as that will only make Joon run away. Nope. Granted he wasn’t a good father and husband to his wife and son, but I think he’d be even more regretful over Anna and Donghae than Do Jin and Hye Sook. Anna being Anna, does end up agreeing. I’m impressed that she does manage to keep Donghae’s identity a secret though she is constantly almost blurting it out.

We get a lot of Donghae and Bongi cuteness. Bongi cooks him dinner and the two nearly get caught kissing in the kitchen. Donghae vows to not only go on that TV competition to find his father, but to also win it and prove himself and ask for the Lee’s permission to be with Bongi. Sun Ok is growing more suspicious of their relationship as is Pil Jae. Both mother and uncle aren’t very accepting for various reasons. Yu Jin keeps interfering and Donghae has had enough when the assistant head chef lies to him about a famous chef coming to her mother’s restaurant just to get him to meet her mother as the man she likes. Donghae tells her how much he hates liars and he warns her never to pull a stunt like that again as he already has a woman he loves. It took a lot of pain and hardship to get to where they are and he’s not letting Bongi go. Yu Jin is upset. She’s the better catch, but Donghae is steadfast—his heart will only belong to Bongi.

It’s soooo cute when that couple are together and now they are a real, albeit secret, couple at last. Yu Jin won’t give up of course. Since Donghae has rejected her, she steps up her torment of Bongi in the kitchen. Bongi and Yu Jin also both vie for the assistant chef in the cooking competition. Bongi claims rights given she was Donghae’s partner throughout the preliminaries and Yu Jin claims rights since she won second place and has more skills than Bongi. Donghae is torn between the two women. He doesn’t want to hurt Bongi or slight Yu Jin. In the end, he does choose Bongi so that when he finds his father on TV, he can meet his future daughter-in-law. Awww. Unfortunately, these events are pushing Yu Jin more and more to accept whatever underhanded scheme Do Jin has planned.

Do Jin keeps confronting Donghae. When Do Jin is found to be yelling at Anna and being extremely rude to her, Donghae says Hye Sook would be ashamed of her son’s actions. Donghae is totally right about that. Do Jin can’t take this insult and goes to clock Donghae who easily blocks the punch and returns it. Do Jin goes sprawling backwards and lunges at Donghae again. Donghae easily tosses him aside and boy does he get a lecture from Joon (who doesn’t know the truth yet). This really hurts Donghae and it is really unfair since Do Jin threw the first punch.

After finding Anna, Joon feels guilty towards his family more and more. Does that mean he’s considering leaving them for Anna? He also turns down the anchoring position on the day he was set to film the first festival. His refusal sends Hye Sook to the Lee house as she feels they are the reason Joon refuses. She needs to make sure that they do not stand in her husband’s way. First he will become and anchor again, then he will get into politics. Joon…is not as ambitious as his wife seems to want him to be so I highly doubt he’ll willingly go into politics, especially since he’s got another woman and son in his closet.

After seeing her husband get mistreated at Yu Jin’s family restaurant, Sun Ok puts her foot down and tells him to go back into the kimchi business. When Hye Sook learns of this and how skillful Kang Jae is in regards to kimchi, she decides to kill two birds with one stone. She wishes to go into a more gourmet kimchi business and figures she can get the Lees on board to make up for what happened 10 years ago.

Meanwhile, Joon goes to see Anna at the Lee house that morning and boy is he in for a shock. He sees Anna rushing out to Donghae to give him his cell phone which the young man forgot. He overhears Donghae calling Anna “mother”—blow one. Blow two comes when he goes to the hotel later and overhears his rude ass of a son Do Jin call Donghae by his English name—Carl Laker. In the states, probably in other countries too, if there is no father, then the baby takes the mother’s name. So it’s obvious that Donghae aka Carl Laker is Anna’s son. Does that mean Donghae is also his son? Saewa decides to cut her losses and crazily confirms the truth to Joon saying she did not know otherwise she would never have married Donghae’s little brother Do Jin. She begs for Joon to leave Anna for the sake of the Kim family and herself, but the rattled Joon doesn’t heed this. So she goes for the whole Donghae’s got a big chip on his shoulder and hates his father bit. This sends Joon to the station where he gets the footage from the missing person program and sees Donghae’s angry speech. He cries and apologizes to the screen.

At the same time, Bongi asks about Donghae and his feelings towards his father. Donghae is not livid any more. Sure he’s upset and doesn’t know what to think anymore, but his hatred has abated some and he’s nervous and curious about finally finding and meeting his father.

Joon rushes off to see Anna and asks on the phone for her to tell him the truth with her own mouth. Is Donghae his son? Anna cries and doesn’t want to answer because she doesn’t want James to run away. But she does confirm that Donghae is in fact their son. Joon promises to be there soon. Enter Hye Sook with her fruit basket and proposal for the Lee family and we end with Joon getting into a car accident because he’s too emotional to drive safely. As the episode closes he is mentally apologizing to his son Donghae.

I’m thinking amnesia. I could be wrong, but it would be a fairly typical plot device to keep this part of the storyline dragging even more. To note in this episode, Sae Young gets sick of living in the strict Lee household. Plus she’s worried about her own mother so she an the twins and Tae Hoon move back in much to Sool Nyeo’s horror. Sae Young also takes up modeling. I have a bad feeling about that modeling job, but time will tell.

That’s pretty much these few episodes in a nutshell. I’ll do some Ruby Ring  tomorrow probably or more God’s Quiz Season 4. Will have to see. But I’m definitely finishing Smile, Donghae at long last. I feel somewhat accomplished about that.

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