Ruby Ring Episodes 1-2 Recap

Ruby Ring main castThe premise behind this daily kdrama (clocking in at only 93 episodes) is that fraternal twin sisters are involved in a car accident. The younger twin Runa is mistaken for older twin Ruby thanks to the ring she was wearing during the accident. Thus Ruby’s face is given to Runa and Runa’s face is given to Ruby. Let’s ignore how this just can’t work out like they have it and it’s actually pretty interesting. Of course, the social climbing Runa who thirsts for wealth, power, and fame is quick to assume her sister’s life while Ruby suffers from a bout of amnesia, which can’t last forever and revenge shall ensue. I’ve watched the first four episodes already and have been watching snippets here and there. Is it bad that I’m rooting for the real Ruby to end up not with the her first love, but Runa’s ex?

We open with Jeong Runa being interrogated. She says that she has no regrets in her life as she lived it the way she wanted. People have called her many bad names because of this. Runa does admit that her flaming jealousy and passions is what started her life into a downward spiral. We then cut to twins Runa [Im Jung Eun] and Ruby [Lee So Yeon] in a car. Runa is driving erratically and speeding like crazy while interrogating Ruby who isn’t allowed to get a word in. Of course since Runa is driving like a maniac, she crosses into oncoming traffic and the car ends up getting hit head on by a large truck. A crowd gathers around the accident and we see Runa’s arm fall as blood trickles down the ruby and diamond ring she wears.

Ruby Ring E.01We then backtrack, but they don’t tell us exactly how far back that I can tell. The story unfolds in Chuncheon. An angry Runa storms into a TV station accusing the writer of replacing her. This is where we meet Runa’s PD boyfriend Na In Soo [Park Kwang Hyun]. He pulls her out and says it was not the writer’s decision alone and that was just what the powers that be decided. He then guarantees her a spot in the upcoming season. I know that I’m not a guy, but I don’t get just why In Soo is so crazy about Runa when she is the way she is and that is first and foremost selfish. She thinks about herself and her road to stardom and you know that In Soo is just a stepping block in that road.

Ruby Ring E.01The Jeong family owns a restaurant. The twins’ mother Yoo Gil Ja [Jung Ae Ri] runs the place with the help of her sister-in-law Jeong Cho Rim [Byun Jung Soo] and hired help Go So Young [Park Jin Joo]. The twins’ father has been dead for quite awhile, so it’s only women in the Jeong family. Anywho, the girls are preparing for business when the dry cleaner comes in with tons of Runa’s clothes she left and never picked up and boy is that bill expensive. Gil Ja is annoyed by Runa’s bad behavior from boozing, picking up guys, and buying tons of clothes. Of course, Cho Rim does defend her niece and talks about how cute and loving she can be when she wants.

Runa is, of course, ignoring boy toy’s instructions to go straight home and be a good girl. She’s in a clothes shop picking out a new outfit to wear for a broadcast. She gets a rude shock when she discovers Gil Ja has cancelled both her credit cards. She calls up mommy who won’t listen to her plea for money and hangs up on her. Apparently Runa is quite excellent at racking up credit card debt and Gil Ja has a hard time paying it off. So Runa tries Ruby who is dragged out of the office sans cell phone by her coworker Seo Jin Hee [Ha Joo Hee] after Juni (some company) calls and says they won’t be signing. The clerk treats Runa like trash after the two credit card rejections. But Runa being Runa finds a way out by spotting a man and pretending to know him.

Ruby Ring E.01Ruby returns to work while Jin Hee goes to Juni personally to guarantee they keep their word and sign. This leaves Ruby in charge of an emergency status report meeting in which the new managing director is introduced and wouldn’t you know, Ruby knows him. The man is Bae Kyung Min [Kim Suk Hook] and he is amused when the nervous Ruby spills water and hits her head on the table as she tries to clean up papers she scattered as well.

Ruby Ring E.01Night comes and the restaurant workers are taking a break. Cho Rim wonders what happened to Runa since the girl stopped calling and isn’t home yet. Gil Ja wishes for the youngest twin to get her act together and just get married already. Gil Ja then says that Cho Rim is a cause for her worries too since the woman is still single. LOL. Meanwhile, Ruby is working late and Runa is in a club partying with the dupe from earlier. Jin Hee calls Ruby out for drinks to celebrate the successful signing of the contract after a struggle and when Ruby goes to the bathroom to freshen up, the lights go out and she starts yelling. Enter Kyung Min who heard the shouts and boy does Ruby give him a mighty shove when the lights come on. Poor guy, just running to help the damsel in distress. We don’t know their history as of yet, but you get that they were sweet on each other once and Ruby’s got a whole lotta anger directed his way. When she meets Jin Hee, Kyung Min is playing the piano and things just get even more awkward. Ruby runs out yet again, but we do learn that they were college classmates.

Ruby Ring E.01Gil Ja and Cho Rim have returned home. They talk about Cho Rim and blind dates and Cho Rim says she doesn’t want a divorcee or widower since she is a pure woman {take note of that because it becomes very important later in the series). She wants her marriage to be with another first timer in the marriage department. So why doesn’t Gil Ja find her a good man. Gil Ja joke and says she would keep the man for herself. They wonder again about the twins and Gil Ja says that they are probably out having fun since it is the weekend now.

On the bus ride home, Ruby recalls the past and how she and Kyung Min used to work together. She recalls a Christmas where he gives her gloves and she gives him a hand knit scarf. So what was the breaking point in their relationship? It’s rather fairly typical actually. Kyung Min gets home where his family has been plotting to set him up as they want to hear the sound of scurrying little feet quickly. Of course we know that Kyung Min won’t take a date set up by his family as there is only one woman for him—Jeong Ruby.

We end the episode with Runa desperately trying to get rid of the guy she used. Apparently not only did he buy the dress, but he bought her dinner, and all of her drinks at the nightclub. I guess Runa implied she put out for him if he did all of that. Ruby sees the two struggling and she breaks into the fray. Then Cho Rim who is at the convenience store sees the two girls against the one guy and she rushes in and uses her head to hit the family jewels allowing the twins the chance to escape. When they get home, Cho Rim demands to know what happened with that guy and Runa tries to explain, but Gil Ja turns to the reliable Ruby for answers. That’s when the guy starts knocking on the gate. Oops. Somehow he followed them.

Ruby Ring E.01So Gil Ja hears the whole sordid tale. She promises to pay the guy back every penny and sends him on his way. She then starts hitting her daughter for her bad behavior. Ruby and Cho Rim both try to stop her. Gil Ja finally gives up complaining about how all three of them make her sick and walks out of the room. Cho Rim hits Runa one time before leaving the girls’ room. Runa flings herself on her bed and acts all depressed, but that doesn’t last long and she’s happily preening with her new dress. This girl. Shakes head.

Ruby Ring E.02We then cut to see Runa doing a report at a local buckwheat festival. Her family watches while getting ready to open the shop. You know Gil Ja is proud of her daughter even if she doesn’t approve of Runa’s behavior most of the time. Both So Young and Cho Rim both think it’s only a matter of time before Runa ends up going to Seoul and doing TV programs there. Cho Rim because of her niece’s talent and So Young because she’s heard rumors about In Soo’s and Runa’s relationship.

Ruby Ring E.02Enter No Dong Pal [the totally awesome Lee Hyun Woo who is not playing an overly serious character like in Attic Cat and Oh! My Lady). He’s delivering food for the restaurant and Gil Ja asks Cho Rim to make him some noodles. Cho Rim balks and complains, but when Gil Ja says she’ll do it herself, Cho Rim hurries to do her bidding. It’s soooo obvious she likes Dong Pal. While he’s waiting for his noodles to cook he invites Cho Rim to see the Won Bin movie with him. Cho Rim is all flustered and he commands that his nuna (she’s two years his senior) had better be there for the 10 o’clock showing that night. He walks away and she praises that he knows how hot she is. LOL. I think this will be a cute couple for awhile until his past is revealed.

Ruby Ring E.02In Soo…I like him more in later episodes. It’s not that he’s a bad guy, because he’s totally not. The problem is how much he caters to Runa. She has him so whipped that it just isn’t funny. He’s the kind of guy you dislike for how much he’s over the moon for a chick who really doesn’t deserve him. Anywho, he’s giving his precious Runa a massage (take not of him talking about that mole on her foot because that becomes important in later episodes) and she talks about going to Seoul and debuting there. Doesn’t he have connections? Sure he does, but he’d rather Runa debut as his wife. Say what? Runa is most definitely NOT happy to get a proposal. He’s her stepping stone to bigger and better, not the end of the line for her. He thinks her attitude is more because he didn’t give her a big, proper proposal yet. He does promise something awesome later being his a PD you know. Runa then talks about how love doesn’t exist and how marriages and relationships are all business anyways. That’s fine with In Soo, he just wants to be with the woman he loves and he’d rather they be officially engaged before he has to leave for China on business. Runa then goes to take a drink of OJ and gets sick to her stomach. We all know what this signifies in dramaland. Generally either terminal illness or pregnancy. Given how much  Runa doesn’t want marriage or getting tied down, it’s obvious which one it is, isn’t it?

Ruby Ring E.02At the office, the head of the publicity department decides to treat the workers to a meal out in celebration of Jin Hee closing the Juni deal. Enter Kyung Min and he gets invited along as well which makes Ruby very unhappy. She is cold and ignores him during the function and when it’s time for a third round, she bows out and Kyung Min offers to take her home. Of course they don’t go home and instead go to a café to talk. Kyung Min talks about how much he misses her and wants to start over. Ruby replies with psychobabble about how it’s scientifically proven by psychologists that love only lasts three years. It’s now been five. Kyung Min goes to stress that feelings are important and Ruby angrily interjects that trust is most important and that he broke that. She also stresses that time and distance does wonders and she is completely over him. Totally a blatant lie otherwise she wouldn’t be that angry and awkward around him.

Ah, I know he did pull her into a conference room to hug her earlier, but come on…half the time it’s a forced kiss. This time it’s only a measly hug and the man gets slapped. I’m not saying that Ruby has no reason to gripe and complain about him, but at the same time, I think her reactions to him are very severe. I find her a bit annoying. Ah, so what was the deal break in their relationship? Kyung Min lied about his chaebol roots. He fell hard for Ruby who was poor and working her way through college. He knew that she would balk at his wealth, thus he pretended that he was a poor student as well. That’s it. Nothing dramatically bad that he did to her. He just wasn’t honest about himself. Sheesh. Yes, bad for him to lie about his background, but the fact he felt it was necessary shows you he picked up on a vibe from Ruby about that, don’t you think?

I don’t know why exactly it is, but Cho Rim wants to keep her doing things with Dong Pal a secret from everyone. She lies to Gil Ja and says she is going out to meet a girl friend. She hides from So Young when she sees the younger woman at the theater. This amuses Dong Pal. Does she by chance happen to like him? It’s totally obvious she does. So Young does spy the two when Cho Rim’s head connects with Dong Pal’s chin so she’s busted.

Ruby Ring E.02After her date with Dong Pal, Cho Rim is mooning and massaging Gil Ja’s back rather erotically when she’s supposed to be hammering on it with her fist. Gil Ja tells her to stop if she’s tired and the two are surprised that Runa’s actually home early while Ruby had a company function. What’s Runa doing? She’s taking a home pregnancy test and is horrified when it turns out positive. No mater what, though, she will NOT have this baby who will only be a handcuff chaining her to the baby’s father In Soo.

Ruby Ring E.02The next morning Runa’s morning sickness continues and Cho Rim and Gil Ja worry that she’s unwell. You can really see Gil Ja’s mother love here for her youngest daughter. Cho Rim and Gil Ja also try to encourage Ruby to not spend so much time on work and to also get out and date as before you know it, you’ll end up like Gil Ja (still single).

Ruby Ring E.02Meanwhile we do see that Kyung Min’s father Bae Chang Geun [Jung Dong Hwan] is not in the best of health. He’s urging his wife Park Kyung Sook [Kim Seo Ra] to hurry and find a match for their son so he can hold his grandson soon. Thus she and his mother Jo Il Soon [the awesome older actress Kim Young Ok] meet with the matchmaker and pick out an announcer from an affluent family for him.

We end the episode with Kyung Min trying to talk to Ruby and Ruby blatantly ignoring him and even threatening him with sexual harassment. Granted he shouldn’t do personal stuff in the office, but that is going a wee far, don’t you think?


  • You are like the energizer bunny!! Even after the WTF ending of Angel Eyes, you are starting another long daily. Thanks for doing this. Now I can read all the background information. I REALLY hope that In Soo gets away from Runa (and that it does not involve his death). I really can’t stand her. Not in the good way you are supposed to hate villains but in “the acceptance of her trifling behavior makes me hate other characters I should like” kind of hate. I am not sure I can put up with her for 93 episodes. And if they pull a “Tale of Two Sisters” where they try to give her an arc of redemption in the final seven episodes, my scream will be heard in multiple time zones!

    • Thankfully it’s not as long as Smile, Donghae or Melody of Love (both having pretty close to 200 episodes apiece). I gave up on Melody of Love, though and don’t know if I’ll finish it or not because I really don’t like how they did the ending for that drama.

      It amazes me what Runa gets away with. Her mom puts her foot down for the most part on her actions, but Runa is just one horrible character. Redemption? Who knows. In the 70s she’s threatening suicide, but that could all be a big ploy since all of the bad things she’s been doing is coming to light.

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