Smile, Donghae Episode 68 Recap

My new computer arrived yesterday, so I spent all evening yesterday reformatting my old computer to give to my cousin (hopefully she gets some use out of it before it completely goes six feet under and is unusable) and it was really late by the time I was able to do anything with my new computer. Thus, no time for The Peach Tree review I wanted to get done and now I don’t have much time for doing my weekly series that I post on Wednesday because my music hasn’t been migrated over to this computer yet. So, more Smile, Donghae is just what the doctor ordered. Not really.

It’s hair-pulling frustrating. I know everything, I’m sure the rest of the people watching this drama know everything as well, so waiting for everything to be revealed is soooooooo annoying! I guess, on the bright side, Kim Joon does know that Anna is still single, but I was so waiting for them to drag the whole Anna dared to marry another man on for a lot longer. That being said, still little forward movement on the big news that Anna is Kim Joon’s former lover and Donghae is his eldest son.

Of course James doesn’t get to meet Anna after he’s gone all the way to Bongi’s house to find her. He notices the sign by the front gate and sees  that it says Lee Kang Jae. Yikes. He knows that name well. What would Anna be doing there with the people he accidentally ruined? Pil Jae heads outside first while Sun Ok bundles up Anna even more. First Pil Jae buttoned her coat and gave her a set of gloves and now Sun Ok is wrapping her own scarf around the woman’s neck. It’s really sweet how they take care of her. Anywho, Pil Jae immediately starts yelling at Joon who doesn’t know what to say. He does ask if Bongi lives there and is shocked to find out she is Pil Jae’s niece making her Kang Jae’s daughter. The girls inside hear Pil Jae’s yelling and when Sun Ok catches Joon’s name, she’s ready to storm out and fight, but Anna holds her back ensuring that Anna and Joon don’t meet again.

The Lees are worried since Joon came all that way and asked about Bongi. He won’t cause any trouble for her since the girl is working at his wife’s hotel, right? Pil Jae and Anna leave and Joon, who hasn’t left yet, watches them from afar. He immediately thinks that Anna and Pil Jae are an item, and that’s not too surprising because Pil Jae’s love for Anna is written all over his face and in every action. Meanwhile, Saewa keeps feigning ignorance with Donghae, but she’s really worried that maybe Anna wasn’t dreaming that she met James this time. She goes in search of her father-in-law but he is nowhere to be found.

Donghae is really worried about his mother as she is not well and plus he wants to go to the hospital to track down the man that could be James. Bongi tells him not to feel to down and out as he needs to prepare hard and win the competition. That is one sure fire way that he can find his father, by competing on television and talking about James. Bongi awkwardly goes to give him a “fighting” kiss to spur him on, but the assistant head chef arrives and the two spring apart and quickly leave the room making her all suspicious that they might have been doing something naughty which annoys her. She just can’t stop her pursuit of Donghae, can she? Oh, and Do Jin? He’s got something up his sleeve to try to keep Donghae from competing and wants her to be at the ready to represent the hotel. Douche bag.Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji Eun

After Pil Jae takes Anna to the doctors, he takes her out for a yummy meal which she doesn’t want to eat. He reminds her the doctor told her to think happy thoughts and eat yummy food to get better. Anna goes to follow his instructions, but when she talks of James again, Pil Jae can’t help but express his unhappiness. Furthermore, he says that James wants nothing to do with Anna since he disappeared again at the hospital. You know…in part he’s right. Not knowing the whole circumstances, you would definitely think that James is a bad man with no love for Anna. If Hye Sook hadn’t harmed herself when he went back to Korea, he would have ended up back in the states with Anna and Donghae instead of being married to her and having Do Jin. Anywho, this really upsets the poor woman and she’s all cold to him on their way home.

Joon is still in stalking mode and he really thinks that Anna and Pil Jae are married when he sees them with the cute as a button Songi. So when he runs into Sae Young who is trying to run away from Pil Jae to go back to her job so their babies have clothes on their back and food in their tummies, Joon stops her and inquires about her in-laws. Just as she tells him her uncle-in-law is married, her husband arrives and Tae Hoon is NOT happy to see Lee Joon and tells him he has no right to ask about the Lee family. True.

So what does Lee Joon do? After refusing to go to his wife’s very important award ceremony he ends up at her hotel to find Bongi and get the truth from her. Donghae had to rush back to the kitchen to get the porridge he forgot (and Do Jin has to be nasty and tell him he’s not been accepted by him and won’t necessarily get to represent the hotel after all) leaving Bongi all alone. She does put Joon’s mind to rest a wee bit by saying that her uncle’s wife died a year after marriage, but before she can tell him just who Anna is to her family, Hye Sook comes down. Of course husband and wife don’t go to the award ceremony as Hye Sook is really worried about her husband since he’s been acting strange for awhile so she takes him straight home.

Meanwhile, Saewa calls up her mother and doesn’t even care that Sool Nyeo is not well because her mother can’t be sick when she needs her. That’s just horrible. But Sool Nyeo does spring up and rush to the Lee household to confront Anna about meeting James. When Anna confirms this, Sool Nyeo tells her it’s all a dream even if it isn’t a dream. Enter Sun Ok who scolds Sool Nyeo for acting like a thief and picking on poor Anna. Sool Nyeo urges Sun Ok to kick the mother and son to the curb, but Sun Ok won’t do that in the cold winter. Plus, the Lees are found of the Lakers. Sool Nyeo warns about Donghae and Bongi falling in love if he continues to stay and this really irks Sool Nyeo. I think Pil Jae would be okay with it, but Sun Ok doesn’t want him as a match for Bongi because of his history with Saewa. You can’t really blame her on that one, can you? But it’s a double standard. Bongi had a long-time boyfriend and was even supposed to marry him just like Donghae. And just like Donghae she was kicked to the curb for not being good enough. So…yeah. Not much difference there.

Joon leaves the house once more to go to see Anna again leaving Saewa and Hye Sook mystified. Actually, Saewa’s worried that his actions prove he had met Anna, so she calls up the older woman (who is outside waiting to hear from Donghae who is at the hospital to see if he’s found James) and Anna confirms she met him near the hotel. Saewa then says horrible things that James doesn’t love Anna and doesn’t want to meet Anna and Joon arrives to hear Anna cry about how much she loves him and wants to see him again.

End episode. Really? Poor Anna getting ganged up on. You understand Pil Jae since he’s jealous and plus he really does think that James has abandoned her and cares nothing for her, but Saewa hurting the fragile Anna over and over again? Nappeun yeoja.


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