Song of the Week – 23 June 2014

I am trying hard to NOT solely feature Korean music. I was thinking of featuring History’s “Psycho” but I’m still working out my feelings on that song. In a away, it reminds me a bit of their last release in certain elements of the song. Anywho, I was wondering what song to feature when I spotted a new D=OUT [pronounced doubt-o] video! It’s nothing amazingly new from the band as it comes from their Greatest Hits Album, Zenshin Zenrei Oka Shu, due out one month from today. Check out their song 「有終の美」 [“Last Hurray”].

You can order the album in three different editions on CDJapan.

And, if you’re wondering about History’s latest release “Psycho” which I just can’t make my mind up on, you can watch the video here. What do you think? Kind of similar to “What Am I to You”, isn’t it?


  • I definitely like What am I to You better than the new song. >_> I feel like the new one isn’t very memorable?

    • I know, I was disappointed as What Am I to You was a great and addicting song. Psycho comes out and strains of the song are a little similar in parts and it just doesn’t stand out like last fall’s.

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