Smile, Donghae Episodes 66-67 Recap

Daily dramas, daily dramas. So hard to cover. Melody of Love has ended and I peeked at the ending and it seems to be happy and yet very unsatisfactory in regards to our main couple, thus I think that drama is permanently shelved. I do know the ending of this drama, too, but it’s an ending that I like, so plug away I will. Who knows, maybe I will finish it this time.

After tons of near misses, Joon and Anna finally meet when Joon nearly runs the poor woman over. The shocked an anxious Anna faints and Joon rushes her to the hospital. He tries to get out of a meeting to stay with her until she wakes up, but he just can’t miss it. He leaves his card with the doctor to give to Anna once she wakes up if he’s not back then. Of course, Bongi gets to Anna first and checks her out of the hospital before Joon comes back and when they ask the nurse about a man who brought Anna in, the nurse doesn’t know. Poor Anna insists that she saw James while Bongi just isn’t sure that Anna wasn’t hallucinating.

While Anna and Joon had their brief reunion, Do Jin was doing his best to sabotage Donghae by throwing in a last minute challenge that someone born in the US should have a difficult time overcoming. But Donghae being Donghae is not down and out and he overcomes the crisis to win the cooking challenge! Meanwhile, Pil Jae catches Sool Nyeo having a meltdown after she loses Anna and worries that her daughter’s life will be completely ruined. He takes her back to her apartment where she cries nonstop and complains about how she’s never hurt a person in her life, but this must be what a criminal feels like. Pil Jae tries to figure out just what it is she’s talking about, but can’t as she won’t come out and say just what is going on. She then cries that she has no one to make her porridge when she’s not feeling good and hasn’t eaten for days so Pil Jae being Pil Jae takes pity on her and goes to cook her porridge and you know more misunderstandings will abound.

Tae Hoon is stalking his wife to figure out just what she’s doing and he is angry when he sees her walk into a karaoke place. He gets ready storm in after her (right after he cancels his tutoring session with his student) when she comes back out with fliers and reindeer accessories. He is downright livid when he sees her chatting up middle-aged men to get them to come to the karaoke place. Tae Hoon rushes in and immediately starts berating her for doing something so low. Sae Young can’t figure out what is so wrong about it when even Tae Hoon’s mother has handed out fliers for Sool Nyeo’s shop. Tae Hoon explains those are two very different situations and he is not happy with what his wife is doing to earn money. Well…yes…she’s being friendly to older gentleman, but it’s not like she’s gone and become a bar girl, so I don’t quite understand Tae Hoon’s rage completely. Sae Young makes a run for it and Tae Hoon chases after her.

They end up at the Yoon apartment where they find Pil Jae getting ready to serve his porridge to Sool Nyeo. Tae Hoon is upset thinking his uncle is courting two women and one of them is his mother-in-law. Serving porridge to Dal Nyeo after singing his love to Anna? Pil Jae pleads for them to understand that he was only being nice and Anna is the one for him. He then hands the tray over to his nephew and rushes out. Sool Nyeo is now recharged after hearing that Pil Jae serenaded Anna and tries to stop him from leaving. When that doesn’t work she angrily kicks her daughter and son-in-law out as it is Sae Young’s loose lips that caused all of the problems for Saewa. NOT. It’s Saewa’s lies that caused her own problems, not Sae Young’s mouth.

Joon rushes back to the hospital but there is no Anna and the doctor wasn’t able to give her Joon’s business card because he was making his rounds when Anna left. Joon does find out that the person who took Anna as her guardian is Lee Bongi and he figures out it must be the young woman he saw in the hotel around Christmas who mentioned an Anna ahjumma on the phone. Meanwhile, Bongi and Anna make it back to the hotel to learn that Donghae has won the competition. Donghae bawls as soon as he sees his mother. He tells her they can find James now and Anna tearfully replies that she has met James.

The trio sit down in the kitchen’s breakroom while Anna explains about Sool Nyeo taking her to meet James, disappearing, and then Anna meeting James. Bongi is livid. Saewa is just too much. It’s bad enough she does bad things, but now she’s making her mother (who deep down is a good person) do bad things as well. Before much more discussion can go on, Hye Sook’s assistant summons Donghae and he goes up to Hye Sook’s office where she is reprimanding her son for his actions and then telling him to congratulate Donghae. He tries to leave before Donghae arrives, but can’t escape. He’s very upset about wishing Donghae congratulations on his success. I guess he can’t act like Donghae is a stepping stone for making the hotel he will inherit even more successful like his mother told him to.

Jin Chang Wook, Oh Ji Eun, Do Ji WonHye Sook is an interesting character. Sometimes I like her, sometimes I hate her. Sometimes you have to pity her a bit for the life she’s led, and other times you have to hate her attitude and what she does to people. But at the same time, her son is much worse with his psycho possessive personality and extreme hatred and jealousy. You know he’ll one up his mommy in whatever she can concoct as she doesn’t do anything blatantly underhand or bad…yet. Who knows what will happen when she learns about Anna’s two other identities. She will hit the fan.

Do Jin goes back to his office to throw a fit when Saewa arrives after being freshly scolded by Bongi for making her mother “kidnap” Anna who got lost and had to go to the hospital. Saewa feigns ignorance of course. Saewa urges her husband to join forces with her to oust Donghae, but Do Jin just can’t quite trust her. He leaves to go to a meeting with his mother where the two find Joon in the lobby looking all harried and lost. He found out that Lee Bongi and Anna Laker are not guests at the hotel. So now what?

Both he and Anna are really shaken by their meeting and are both not acting like normal. Anna’s illness doesn’t get better as she can’t sleep and can only cry while Joon seems to be on the verge of tears. This really makes the Kim family worry about Joon and Donghae worry about Anna. Joon finally thinks to check out hotel employees and learns that Bongi works in the kitchen. Saewa rushes after him as Anna should be working and she doesn’t want the two to meet. He finds Bongi with Donghae but can’t bring himself to ask her about Anna. Guess he didn’t hear the two talking about Anna when he arrived. Donghae then meets Saewa and asks her about her mother taking his and again she feigns ignorance. He then reveals that he wishes to know the location of where Sool Nyeo took Anna since it’s possible she met James. Saewa freaks.

Meanwhile, Pil Jae is trying to convince the sick Anna to go out and eat a hearty meal with him since she didn’t eat anything really for breakfast. Anna refuses, but Pil Jae won’t take no for an answer since he’s very concerned with her health. Joon got Bongi’s phone and address. I can’t believe they just gave him that information. Isn’t that illegal? Anywho, Joon arrives as Pil Jae tries to take Anna out. I’m betting he’ll run into Kang Jae or Sun Ok before he can see Anna. Seriously…we don’t need to keep dragging this one point out, do we?

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