Angel’s Revenge Episode 103 Recap

And here we are at the end of another longer journey. I had expected to hate this ending much more than I did. As much as I think Tae Jeong as a character didn’t deserve redemption, you have to give mad props to Park Jung Chul on his amazing acting in that role. After being an evil scumbag, his returning to a “human” after all this time was very well done. I would love to see him act in a role where I won’t hate every fiber of his being. He’s got other dramas that I’ll have to try and check out. I am okay for the most part with Seon Yu and Ji Seok’s ending. It kind of suited them in the long run, although I’m not certain Seon Yu really deserved happiness after she so willingly threw it away many times over to punish herself, but Ji Seok despite everything she did loves her and needs her much more than she will ever know. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

So what happens is that Tae Jeong hallucinates, dreams, whatever you want to call it, Jin Yu coming to him to keep him off the cliff. This is the Jin Yu just after Seon Yu went into the convent. Her kindness, gentleness, and love really hits Tae Jeong hard and he cries as he knows in his heart of hearts she isn’t real and that her death is all his fault. Why did he leave her to die after all she had done for him? How could he only thing of himself? When he wakes up he is asleep near the edge of the cliff. He looks around and starts calling out for Jin Yu. This catches Seon Yu’s and the police’s attention. They rush to Tae Jeong who keeps calling out for Jin Yu. The police raise their weapons and that’s when Tae Jeong spies Seon Yu. He tells her he saw her eonni there. Seon Yu tells the police to lower their guns and she goes to where Tae Jeong is. He really saw her sister there? Tae Jeong drops to his knees and cries over what he did once more. Even after her death, Jin Yu only thinks of him. What Seon Yu said near the beginning of the drama is right, Tae Jeong is on his knees begging for forgiveness for what he’s done…well…ok…not begging for forgiveness, but he is repenting his evil deeds.

Yoon So YiThis time at the station, Tae Jeong owns up to every wrong he’s committed from abandoning Jin Yu when he could have possibly saved her life to asking Hyeonsu to fabricate and alibi to locking Hyeonsu in a mental asylum to abandoning Mrs. Gong. Before he goes to the prosecutor’s office, he asks to stop by the hospital. This time the cops are smart and cuff him…although this time it isn’t necessary. He wears a towel over the cuffs and says goodbye to his mother and Sarang. Dal Nyeo is still living trapped in the past thinking that Tae Mi and Tae Jeong are children.

Angel's Revenge E.103Julia meets with Seon Yu. She wonders why the younger woman never once referred to her as mother. Seon Yu explains because she is no longer with Ji Seok. Julia Kim calls her out on that lie. Even before Seon Yu and Ji Seok split, Seon Yu never referred to her as her mother. This signifies that Seon Yu was planning for a long time to leave her son. Julia warns Seon Yu about letting Ji Seok go since she senses Seon Yu’s great love for her son. Julia explains she was only able to survive because she restarted her life and made a new family. Seon Yu and Ji Seok can’t go back and right the past, but the two can start over again. She then hands a plane ticket over to Seon Yu.

The next day Ji Seok bids his family farewell. After learning the whole truth, Aran is actually tearing up to see him leave and we get Wu Hyeon’s awesomeness as he complains that Aran was always trying to kick Ji Seok out and now that he’s leaving for good, she’s upset. LOL. Some things never change. Aran worries that Mrs. Gong will be very lonely since both she and Ji Seok are leaving. Ji Seok says his goodbye and Mrs. Gong tells him not to call and forget his life in Korea. He leaves and she starts bawling thinking about how she may never see him again. She says one thing, but like Seon Yu, it isn’t what she really means. Meanwhile Seon Yu worries about breaking her promise to her sister. What should she do. Hell, this is a promise her sister would never want her to keep. Baboya.

At the airport the time has come to board the plane and Julia is saddened that Seon Yu isn’t there. Just as Ji Seok turns his back to walk away Julia spots Seon Yu. Ji Seok slowly turns and the two gravitate to one another. Seon Yu’s first words are “I love you”. She repeats this and Ji Seok replies in kind before pulling her into a hug saying she has finally told him what he’s been waiting to hear. She then pulls away and says she can’t go with him. He knows this. He’s been aware of the promise she’s made to Jin Yu. Seon Yu then says that after a long time has passed and if he still needs her, then they should meet again and start over. Eyeroll. I mean…seriously. This airport scene really didn’t have any feelings in it. I mean it. It was kind of empty.

Yoon So Yi, Kwon YoolSo a year passes. Tae Jeong is serving his time while Tae Mi sends updates on Sarang and Dal Nyeo who still hasn’t returned to her right mind. Wu Hyeon and Bong Chang are getting married and are opening a bigger pizza restaurant. Good for them. These last few episodes had them fading way into the background, but at least we get to learn that Wu Hyeon and Bong Chang are a couple and going to live happily with Bangtong. Mrs. Gong plans on moving out of the mansion now that her last son his married, but Aran (whom she hasn’t seen in a year) insists she not move out. Aran also considers Mrs. Gong’s invitation to move back with Ji Hui. Aran jokes that she can torment her sister-in-law. It’s kind of a odd to see such a bright and kidding Aran.

Ji Hui goes to pick up Ji Seok at the airport. She is worried they will be late, but Ji Seok has his own plans. He has somewhere he needs to go. He heads to the mountain where he met Seon Yu for the second time after their first meeting in the club. He recalls that memory as does Seon Yu. She is there looking for buried treasure with children. I don’t know if she’s a teacher or if she’s just taking care of orphans once more. It doesn’t really matter I suppose. Of course Seon Yu and Ji Seok’s paths cross. Seon Yu is shocked to see him there. He replies that place was the first place he wanted to go on his return. Seon Yu smiles and asks if he still needs her. Ji Seok replies that he does. We end with them…staring at each other. Another eyeroll moment. We then get a voiceover where Ji Seok says that you don’t love out of necessity, it is love itself that is needed. He then goes on to say how Seon Yu will never know just how deeply he needs her.

Yoon So Yi, Kwon YoolThe end. The end. The end. Again, our OTP feels flat. Flatter than it’s felt between them in awhile. Sigh. Overall, not a horrible drama. Definitely better than the first daily drama I ever managed to complete. I am happy NOT to have suffered through another drama as bad as Crazy Love. This drama obviously had its faults, but it was overall fairly decent.


  • I surprised myself here because I was not expecting to have any feeling but anger during this episode, especially when it was nearly half over and there was no Ji Seok! But I got teary eyed when Aran started crying when Ji Seok was going to America. I don’t know what surprised me more: her tears or mine:)

    Anyway, why do they keep them apart even at the end? We didn’t even get a hug just them staring across a distance. They haven’t seen each other for a year, they were married, and they still love each other, but no hug? I don’t even know what to say about that.

    I do agree that Park Jung Chul really did a good job. I wonder if that is why so much of this was about him. Did they realize that he was the best actor, so they figured that if there was more screen time they would have to give it to him? I also thought during this ep how handsome he was in his “happy” scenes with Jin Yu. I, too, will be looking to see if he is in anything where I don’t have to hate him.

    Congratulations for recapping such a long drama. Followers of Angel’s Revenge will forever be in your debt for giving us a place to vent and rage. Thank you. Thank you. You Thank you.

    • I know! I thought I would totally hate the ending…even if it was less than satisfying, I was not all enraged. I did a lot of eye rolling and that was it. Of course the forest scene and our couple smiling like idiots just staring at each other definitely left a lasting bad impression, but oh well. Aran’s tears shocked me, but at the same time since she’s learned the truth, I think she realized just how much she didn’t hate the boy who always did his best to be her son and give her the space she wanted from him.

      And your welcome. This drama was definitely not as painful as some others to get to the end of. But…I’m still happy it’s over with, lol.

    • I am grateful to find your page as I will have an idea on what to look forward on this drama that I have started to watch.

      I am sad that the kind hearted man like Ji-Seok will have a flat and dull moment with Seon-Yu on this last episode of the series. I really love to see them together as they are a very cute couple but her being revengeful because of her sister death is something that I despise (sometimes).

      Thank you so much for this wonderful recap of this episode. 🙂

  • thanks for the recaps they kept me from totally dropping this drama at some points. I think i depended on your recaps from ep 35 through to 70. So thankyou so much for the work you put in ,until the next drama I wish you all the best 🙂

    • I am happy that I helped you from dropping the drama entirely. It had lots of bad points and some really cute and good points, too. I hope to see you again with some other drama 🙂

  • More and more i realize how one crappy ending can mess up a drama and make one feel as if one has wasted one’s life. I don’t think i’ll allow myself to be this fooled again.

    • After…7 years of watching dramas, I am accustomed to crappy endings of relatively decent dramas. They really do need to work out ways to make believable and satisfying endings.

  • Park Jung Chul was impressive! He is also in a sageuk I’m watching but I will definitely look for him in the future. I think all of us will be looking forward to Kwon Yool in another drama but overall I still liked it! And the actor playing WuYeon I’ll be looking out for him too! There really were a lot of pluses to the drama to totally discount it because of a bad ending

  • Great movie. Kudos to the production team. FIGHTING!

  • I love this drama,but i didnt see the rest episode to watch,i was told its not yet out,can you do something plssssss.

  • Jiseok is a commited man when to comes to love

    • Yes, he is. I feel badly for him how long it takes him to get his girl, but I guess I can understand why she leaves him at first, because even though she loves him, she did use him to further along her revenge when she discovered his true identity.

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