Angel’s Revenge Episode 102 Recap

One episode to go. One episode in which Tae Jeong and Dal Nyeo will dominate only leaving a little bit of room for our OTP to get back together again. With over 100 episodes…you couldn’t devise a better, less rushed ending? I mean, Tae Jeong’s justice took long enough in coming, but what we really want is to see Ji Seok happy with the woman he loves and we won’t be really getting that thanks to the focus of the final episodes. But…this is fairly typical in Korean dramas. Heartstrings would have a been an okay drama if they just let it end naturally after the performance instead of forcing a breakup and then getting our couple back together less than satisfactorily at the very end. Too many dramas do that and it is very annoying.

Tae Jeong runs away in Hyeonsu’s car and the man is panicking at the police station because he can’t do anything until Tae Jeong is caught and brought back in irons. Seriously, Tae Jeong’s whole escape was very bad doing on the police’s part. They should have had the man at least in handcuffs…he wouldn’t have been able to escape in a car as fast as he did that way. The police blame Hyeonsu and Hyeonsu blames the police. Shakes head. Of course Tae Jeong has only one thought in his mind. Suicide. But he’s not going down alone, he’s taking Seon Yu with him and he knows her well after all of their years together to know that after all of this she will be visiting Jin Yu’s…it’s not a grave…memorial charn or whatever they are called.

He’s right, Seon Yu is there. She’s there crying and saying that since big sis’s death is partly her fault, she will keep her vow to never love (which is technically BS since she did fall for Ji Seok already) and never be happy. She knows what her sister was like. WHY does she think Jin Yu will be smiling happy in heaven when she’s chose to destroy her own life (and technically the Seos’, too by refusing to be happy with the man she loves). While Tae Jeong is stalking her, the worried Ji Seok and Pung Ho rush out to Jin Yu’s memorial to make sure she’s safe and Dal Nyeo rushes there, too, because she doesn’t like that Tae Jeong told her goodbye and that he wasn’t going down alone.

Yoon So Yi

A picture perfect past before Tae Jeong’s greed overruled his love and goodness.

Ji Seok and Pung Ho arrive in time to see Tae Jeong’s car barrel towards Seon Yu who slips and falls. Ji Seok covers her and Pung Ho goes to cover them both when Dal Nyeo arrives and throws herself between the car and Tae Jeong. The man freaks and tries to swerve, but he still ends up hitting his mother. Before the woman passes out, she hears sirens and tells her son to run away. Ji Seok tells Tae Jeong to stop being a coward and to stop running. Tae Jeong being Tae Jeong just listens to mommy’s advice.

Angel's Revenge E.102After surgery, Dal Nyeo wakes up and is confused. She things she’s like 20 or so years in the past when Tae Mi was practically a baby and Tae Jeong was a studious elementary student. Once Tae Jeong learns this he goes to the hospital while Tae Mi and Seon Yu get the cops out of there. He cries and apologizes and to the bitter end, his mother doesn’t recognize him. Seon Yu then confronts him as he leaves and begs him to stop running for his mother’s sake and give himself up. He, of course, runs again and the police who had just returned chase after him.

Angel's Revenge E.102We end with him on the edge of a cliff in the pouring rain about to jump when Jin Yu appears before him. After everything that happens, she doesn’t want him to end his life. Seon Yu will arrive as well to try to save him. We all know that Tae Jeong isn’t going to jump and die. We also all know that our final episode tonight will revolve more so around him than anyone else. Meh.

Isn’t it way too little way too late to give Tae Jeong a heart…or help him rediscover his own? Sure he may love his mom and he may have loved Jin Yu…but love isn’t enough with him is it? Do we really need to see him break down and realize the error of his way and take responsibility for his actions? It’s not really believable in a way…even if him nearly killing his mother really made him realize how stupid he was. Although, Dal Nyeo trying to stop her son from becoming a true murderer…meaning killing someone with his own hands…was one good thing for her to do in this entire drama. Too bad she let her son become as rotten as he did by enabling his greed.


  • Agree! I also agree about Heartstrings! I liked it also up to the stupid breakup and time jump! This would have been a decent daily but overall it still is. Wait. Anything is good after Crazy Love!

    • Man…how bad would a drama have to be to give Crazy Love a run for money on the WORST? Pretty bad. Definitely this one is a step above.

  • Curse you, kdrama redemption arc!

  • I am with Carole here about the kdrama redemption bit. This happened in A Tale of Two Sisters as well with the evil sister after nearly a 133 episodes of backstabbing non-guilty behavior felt guilty, ran away, worked in an orphanage and then died trying to save her sister. I would not have minded if we were not forced to spend so much of the story at the end on her rather than with the people we actually cared about. I have to say that the actor playing Tae Seong is doing a great job of going crazy, so is it a ratings thing?

    If I rolled my eyes any harder when Seon Yu says to her sister’s ashes that she promises not love anyone or be loved by anyone, I would have passed out. Wow, she is really self-indulgent here. There has been nothing in the curren time or in the flashback scenes that would indicate that her sister would expect this. If anything, her sister seems more like a person who would enter a convent than Seon Yu, with her capacity for love and extreme faith in people. Like I said before, the only reason why I want her to be with Ji Seok is because he so obviously needs her and wants her, not because she deserves him. If she is determined to be unhappy, I would hope that he would move on (eventually) and find someone with whom he could hactually enjoy life with rather than have every choice be motivated by guilt. Sorry about the rant.

    • Redemption isn’t a bad thing…but where and when they decide to use it really isn’t believable at all and I’m sure we are all frustrated with Seon Yu and Ji Seok. I mean, kudos to the man since he loves her and wants to be with her, but you’d think there’s come a point where you say leave well enough alone. She wants to be miserable? Let her be miserable then. Lots of eye rolling in these last two episodes.

  • if Aran could have changed just a little for me then the ending would be a little better. Very very unsatisfactory wrap up of the storylines while jiseok is sweet he needed to let people have a harder time even for just one episode really!!!!!!!!!!!!

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