Angel’s Revenge Episode 101 Recap

Sooooo…You know, not much has changed. Tae Jeong and Dal Nyeo, will they ever see the error of their ways? Will Seon Yu ever realize just what it is that Ji Seok wants? Those three magic words that will make their relationship magically better? And does Ji Seok believe it when Seon Yu says she only used him to the bitter end? How can he when she really never used him like she could have to enact her revenge?

Tae Jeong still denies everything. That video is forced, entrapment. The shareholders and Julia should not believe it. The cops drag him out and Dal Nyeo tries to stop them and says that everything was her doing. Aigoo. Shakes head. She’s shoved aside and she of course blames Seon Yu and calls her the guilty party. Whatever. Aran is definitely happy to see Dal Nyeo’s and Tae Jeong’s shame. When Tae Jeong again pleads with Julia Kim, she lays out his sins. He then tries to pin Mrs. Gong’s collapse on her, but Mrs. Gong comes in and rains on that parade. Tae Jeong is all wild eyed and tries to comfort mommy and tell her everything will be okay. This is after he screamed at the top of his lungs that he’d kill Seon Yu, the Seos, and Julia. Eyeroll.

Angel's Revenge E.101Dal Nyeo collapses and Gi Jin arrives late on the scene and rushes her to the hospital. Ji Seok tries to comfort Seon Yu that things are at last coming to a close. Seon Yu is very apologetic as the public exposure will only hurt L Foods. Ji Seok is okay with that as it was what needed to be done. Seon Yu then says that it isn’t over. Things don’t just come to an end with Tae Jeong’s arrest and we all know what the guilt-ridden woman is referring to.

Tae Mi demands to know what happen and Gi Jin tells her everything. I think he’s happy that his Miss Skewer does have more of a conscience than her brother or mother. Dal Nyeo wakes up as Pung Ho rushes worriedly into the room followed by his wife who is not happy with his concern over the collapsed Dal Nyeo. The woman at first thinks Tae Jeong’s arrest was all a dream, but the other three assure her it wasn’t. Dal Nyeo once more claims everything is his fault. Pung Ho points out that as a mother, what Dal Nyeo should be doing is telling her son to face up to what really happened and face up to his sins. Dal Nyeo believes that Tae Jeong only acted out like that because he was unfortunate to be born her son. Oy. I can’t believe she also says her son is justified in his wrongdoings since he was trying to live as a human and not trash. When he was supposedly living as trash, he was more human than when he ran after greed and being “human.”

Angel's Revenge E.101Tae Jeong is being shameless as ever at the police station. He refuses to own up to Jin Yu’s accident and Mrs. Gong’s collapse. The look that detective gave him was priceless. I think we’re all feeling that way right now. There is no where left for him to slip and slide and get off scott free, but the man just seems to think a miracle will happen and this is just people being out to get him. Gag me.

From Tae Jeong’s shamelessness, we get Seon Yu’s way of making everything right again – running away with Sarang. She tells Ji Seok to throw her away and start a new life with Julia Kim (who had earlier just asked him to move with her and Seon Yu to the US) and be happy. Ji Seok tears up (Seon Yu is holding back tears, too) and says he still needs her, but Seon Yu is quick to say he doesn’t need her since he has mommy now. Ji Seok finally asks one last time. And Seon Yu’s answer is not silence this time, but just insistence that she never loved him and only used him. Lies. Lies. LIES!!!

Frankly…I was WAY too annoyed to be sad and tear up at Ji Seok’s pain. Throttle Seon Yu. Smack some sense upside her head. Ji Hui tries. Mrs. Gong tries. Even Wu Hyeon tries, but Seon Yu just leaves the house with Sarang insisting she’s right and this is the best for everyone. Aran is also planning on leaving the Seo house as she can’t stay any longer after what happened. I guess the question is will Ji Seok leave with his mother since the pain of Seon Yu leaving him is too much or if he will stay and lead L Foods as the new chairman.

We end with Hyeonsu showing up at the station while Tae Jeong is being dragged to the prosecutor’s office. Um…WHY don’t they have Tae Jeong handcuffed at least? Anywho, Hyeonsu is all better now and he’s ready to testify about Tae Jeong’s horrible evil crimes. He attacks and the idiot police let go of Tae Jeong to stop Hyeonsu so Tae Jeong runs and steals Hyeonsu’s car vowing to get revenge on…guess who? Lee Seon Yu! Everything is all her fault since nothing would have happened if she had never told him Jin Yu had kept the baby instead of aborting it.

Angel's Revenge E.101Um…sure, Seon Yu’s righteousness and her ignorance over Tae Jeong’s true nature did lead to the worst of the drama, but at the same time, take credit where credit is due. Tae Jeong started it all originally by throwing his pregnant girlfriend away to get together with a wealthy woman and get to the top of a company that was never his. Even if Seon Yu wasn’t involved…things would have been messy. If we think about it…I think that if Ji Seok had kept up with Seon Yu, even if she did become a nun, she would have convince him to go back to his family even then and things would still have been bad. It just would have taken a lot longer for all hell to break loose. Let’s be honest about that. Sure, he may have been able to lead the life he wanted for a long time, but I think there still would have been an end.


  • I did feel horrible for Ji Seok in the restaurant scene, but partly because I could not help thinking what bad luck it was for him to have fallen in love with Seon Yu (who is too busy being obsessed with her guilt that she cannot think about anyone else). He is clearly in so much pain when he asks her again. However, I did not feel sorry for her at all when she broke down afterwards. I know she was going to be a nun, but does this mean she has to be a martyr, too? And what is with not handcuffing Tae Jeong when he is so clearly a flight risk?!?!? Sigh. I do hope that they get together but only because that is clearly what Ji Seok wants not what Seon Yu deserves.

  • Agree. I felt everyone watching wants to stand in line like the Airplane movie and slap the sense into SY! Continue to be annoyed. And this continues to be the TJ show!

  • Yup. It is now all Tae Jeong all the time. I just finished ep 102, and I even though I can imagine how they are going to wrap this up in one episode, I cannot imagine how any one of us is going to satisfied. The writers, as carzy as it has all been, did set it up the potential for a really great ending, but it seems like they are more determined to give the actor playing Tae Jeong opportunities for an acting award instead plot closure be damned.

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