Angel’s Revenge Episode 100 Recap

Wow. 100 episodes. The majority have been of Tae Jeong slipping through all the cracks and staying alive, but that is no more. Here Tae Jeong’s cockiness is being worn down to the point where he literally thinks he’s going crazy. All thanks to the Jin Yu look alike. It’s about time he got his comeuppance.

I did say in the previous episode that it was way too convenient to have a Jin Yu look alike. However, it’s even more so a form of convention when they make the Jin Yu look alike have the exact same past as Jin Yu…except for her ex causing her to die, of course. Fake Jin Yu’s longtime boyfriend abandoned both her and her son…who was also born on the same day as Sarang. Seriously? That is why Fake Jin Yu is helping to take down Tae Jeong. That and Seon Yu’s whole story has made her angry. But…how likely is it that your doppleganger and you would live the exact same life almost. Sheesh. I mean, it’s great she’s there as she’s the reason Tae Jeong really loses it…but I can’t help feeling it’s just all too convenient that the writers created such a character to bring him down.

I’ve been saying this a lot lately. I could go into details, but I really don’t see the point. The entire episode is revolving around Fake Jin Yu appearing in front of Tae Jeong and disappearing just as fast. Ji Seok and Julia feign that they haven’t also seen a woman who looks like Jin Yu and Dal Nyeo is quick to think her son is finally losing it after hitting the final home stretch. While I do think having Fake Jin Yu is too convenient, you have to love seeing Tae Jeong come apart at the seams and try to convince himself Fake Jin Yu isn’t real since real Jin Yu died.

I am also happy for Dal Nyeo to be put in her place. When Tae Jeong was freaking out over FJY she was all soothing him saying that Jin Yu is dead and he did nothing wrong. Even if he did, she’ll take all the blame. Seriously? A horrible and worthless mother. I get that you love your kids, but I don’t get how a mother can be so bad as to let their child get away with what Tae Jeong has and not think he’s seriously done anything wrong. Ah. Did you see the look the store ladies gave Dal Nyeo when she said she looked good in everything and all that jazz. Even though they were complimenting her on her figure, it really looked like they were holding back laughter as she was complimenting herself and Tae Mi was rolling her eyes.

So after all that build up, what happens? FJY and Tae Jeong are at the scene of the accident and FJY asks Tae Jeong how he is certain she’s dead. Tae Jeong opens up about abandoning her to save himself and then leaving the scene of the accident when he could have saved her life. Just as Tae Jeong is going to drag FJY off to kill her again, a car comes hurtling down the road and Tae Jeong dives to miss it while FJY disappeared. He screams in rage and how she’s not real and dead and Seon Yu cries in her car as Gi Jin happily comes in knowing they finally have Tae Jeong. Seon Yu is happy about that part, but so sad to learn of her beloved eonni’s final moments. She goes home where Ji Seok wraps her in a warm and comforting hug. Still not satisfactory since there is still so much distance between the pair. I say this because Ji Seok has a better understanding of Seon Yu while she actually has a horrible understanding of him and just what he wants from her and needs from her.

Jang Tae JeongAh, we do get Ji Seok and Julia talking about family. Even though Ji Seok did have a horrible upbringing at times and he hated his family at times, he still had a loving grandmother, a close and loving sister (until the Tae Jeong incident), and a uncle who loved him unconditionally. Like Ji Hui, he even tries to talk Aran into NOT hating Mrs. Gong for what she did even though he knows it did hurt Aran (and himself) the most. At least Aran isn’t horribly enough to continue hating the young man and is honestly sorry for her actions against him. Of course, she wouldn’t be if he was still the illegitimate child of her husband…so…she’s kind of okay and kind of not.

The day of the inauguration dawns and both Dal Nyeo and Tae Jeong are smug. That is until we hit the end of the episode and they play the video they recorded of Tae Jeong’s confession about Jin Yu’s death and the police show up to arrest him for being the cause of the accident and for leaving the scene resulting in Jin Yu’s death which is called criminal negligence. End episode.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Although it’s still way too convenient, lol. But at last the evil Jang family has been beat! Now we just have 2-3 episodes left of the series wind down to get to Ji Seok and Seon Yu finding their way back to one another. Ah…is that set up video evidence really admissible in a court of law? That doesn’t count as entrapment or anything does it? I mean, you can’t use wiretap evidence in the US unless it’s been legitimized, so…how can you use the video for evidence, especially when it was set up as a way to trap him?


  • Thanks for the recap! I haven’t been watching a few of the last 5 episodes so I’m wondering: how does Dal Nyeo fit n with Aran etc? There have been hints that DalNyeo recognizes folks and folks almost recognize her…but what exactly is all that about?

  • Wiretapping is illegal but video is not. I noticed a lot of Korean laws are different. Statue of limitation on murder still bothers me. But the old saying that everyone has a twin, the writer used that. Sure parallel lives might be a stretch but it sure made great entertainment!

    • Isn’t the statute about the same as in the US? 10-15 years or something like that?

      Yes, a stretch that was ridiculous, but highly entertaining. Although, she just got her son back & agreed to act as bait for Mr. Sociopath?

      • There is no statue on murder at all; only on lesser crimes! You can be brought up on murder charges 50 years later which has been the case on several civil rights murders in the last 10 years

        • See? Shows how much I know about law, lol. I really think that murder definitely shouldn’t have a statute, so it’s good there isn’t one here.

    • If this drama had been any longer, they probably would’ve connected the doppelganger to Jinyu and Seonyu’s lost/absent parent. As it is, the writer used the fate thing.

  • I just finished watching ethis episode and literally applauded at the end. Public shaming was perfect. He needed to be exposed in front of everyone rather than just accusations here and there. Still, it is frustrating to see how much Ji Seok understands what Seonyu needs, but she, in a misguided effort to protect him keeps urting his feelings. He wants to feel needed by her, but her guilt just keeps her from asking anything of him. I hope she can get past this guilt of hers and finally let herself really be in love with him–that is what he really wants. He even told his mother that it was because of her that he came back to his “family.” I wonder if Mrs. Kim will be able to do anything for a true reconciliation between Ji Seok and Seonyu.

    • It won’t happen, but I think it would be kind of funny if Seon Yu leaves Ji Seok and then learns she was pregnant. Not funny haha, but just funny. She brings misery on herself and everyone else, but is convinced she’s doing what’s right. Idiot.

  • i realised the best couple in this kind of aserie it became the best of me. Really fantastic.

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