Song of the Week – 9 June 2014

Does Japanese rock band NOA only do English songs? I wonder. Yes, this song of the week is in English. That being said…I don’t think it’s necessarily correct, proper English as if you listen closely the lyrics don’t make 100% sense. That being said…I love this song! What song? That would be “Sandglass.”

It’s a nice alternative rock song. Or maybe it would be considered punk…I’m bad with genres, yep, yep. I can’t find any information on this band. NOA pops up with a jpop female singer, an Israeli singer and an older Japanese band from the 80s.



  • On another topic and song please help me, I am wondering who is the girl who does the song called SNOW BUNNY its on japan radio mix every day but in english its lyrics are “its cyco eva mangh you no who I be im a snow bunny b*tc^”, is that song by an American singer? I’m obsessed with this song!

  • NOA is from Osaka. Here’s the website.

    Unfortunately, they’ve been on hiatus for about six months now. Which sucks. Hopefully they’ll be back soon. Sandglass is a really good song, and these guys continue to be consistent. I definitely want to hear more from them.

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