Angel’s Revenge Episodes 97-98 Recap

I’ll be officially done with this drama next week. It’s kind of funny. Normally I do several dramas all at once, but since I started the year off with a daily drama (well, two, but I gave one up as I got way behind quite fast) that means I haven’t been recapping any other dramas. I haven’t even been watching as many dramas either. Thus, this will only be the second drama I’ve recapped this year. O_O I feel soooo behind, but at the same time, you can say a daily drama is like the equivalent of 10, 10 episode dramas, thus I guess it’s not that horrible, is it?

Again, I don’t feel the need to go into heavy detail for these episodes. I mean…not a lot is going on. To start off, Tae Jeong flees the scene just like he did with Jin Yu. Julia Kim is not as evil as he as she does honestly help Mrs. Gong and doesn’t want the old woman to die. She chalks this up to Mrs. Gong being her nanny and helping to raise her all those years ago. I thought it was kind silly that she scolds Mrs. Gong to wake up and live so she can get as angry as she wants and rage against her, etc. She did have all those years to do that before. It’s not like it took her forever to gain the power she needed, is it? Of course, since Mrs. Gong slips into a coma after her emergency surgery, the Seo family can only point their fingers at Julia for being the culprit behind Mrs. Gong’s bad attack. That’s also another reason she wants Mrs. Gong to wake up. She wants to be vindicated. Seriously. Shakes head.

Hyeonsu is still bad off. Seeing his daughter helped a bit. Gi Jin asks him to try writing the evidence and Hyeonsu barely scratches out “Seventy” before Gi Jin’s mention of Tae Jeong has him huddling in a corner again. Gi Jin does feel badly for being so impatient that he traumatizes Hyeongsu more. Gi Jin asks what 70 means and Hyeongsu’s ex asks if he means his mother’s 70th birthday party they had earlier that year. Hyeongsu nods. So Gi Jin brings the evidence that Tae Jeong was not with Hyeongsu on the day Jin Yu died. This makes him and Seon Yu very happy and Seon Yu feels that this can be their trump card to keep Tae Jeong from becoming the chairman in place of Mrs. Gong as Julia is still going ahead with the board meeting in spite of Mrs. Gong’s condition.

Unfortunately, Julia sends a lawyer to help Tae Jeong and the man slips through once more as disproving his alibi (which he says is completely Hyeongsu’s doing as the man just wanted to stop the “witch hunt” put on by the Heos) is not enough evidence to implicate him in Jin Yu’s death nor prove he was there. Thus he gets to the board meeting in time to say he will sue Ji Seok for slander for lying about the murder charges. Thus…Mrs. Gong gets the boot and Tae Jeong is appointed as chairman of L Foods. The only that is left is the inauguration to make him truly the chairman. Of course, Tae Jeong is happy and gloating and tells Ji Hui and Seon Yu to quickly find new jobs as they will no longer be able to work there. Actually, Tae Jeong has plans for a mass firing of any employee who sides with the Seo family. Eyeroll.

So Tae Jeong is basking in his glory while the Seos and Heos worry about proving Jin Yu’s death is Tae Jeong’s fault and worry over Mrs. Gong’s health and what will happen with the company. Of course, Julia Kim keeps hinting to all the Seos, but she refuses to open her mouth and spit it all out in the air as she feels it should come from Mrs. Gong and not her. Yes and no all at the same time. Ah…and Tae Mi. I’m completely okay that her love will never work. She proves to be a Jang through and through by supporting her brother and her mother despite all their evil deeds. Tsk, tsk.

Julia decides to leave Korea since she has succeeded in obtaining L Foods and has someone to run it in her place and she has nothing left to do since Mrs. Gong is unconscious with the doctors not knowing when she’ll wake up and what state her brain will be in. This is, of course, what Tae Jeong wants as that gives him free reign and makes sure Julia’s out of the picture before she can learn the truth. So Julia heads off at the airport while the ill Ji Seok goes to his grandmother’s bedside and Seon Yu learns the truth from Grandpa Park who came to see the young master. Thus Seon Yu rushes to the airport freaking Tae Jeong out (since he has no idea what she’s trying to pull now), but when he can’t call Julia, he feels relieved in thinking she’s safely on the plane.

Seon Yu rushes in and yells for Julia, but the woman goes t the boarding gate and the airport employee won’t let Seon Yu pass to try to talk to her. So Seon Yu slumps down in a seat and worries about how Julia doesn’t know the truth about Ji Seok being her son. Enter Julia Kim who asks what she just said. Seon Yu tells her everything and Julia is shocked that Tae Jeong could possibly have pulled a fast one on her and she just helped destroy her own son. Meanwhile, Mrs. Gong wakes up and she’s horrified to hear Julia Kim has left as she wants Ji Seok to be able to see his mother. End episode.

Angel's Revenge E.98

I have already peaked at the ending. Sure…it’s basically happy, but it’s a crappy happy ending like usual. So…not really looking forward to the end, but I want to see Tae Jeong’s family’s smugness go down. He’s raised himself to the top in all the wrong ways (well…he honestly was a good worker until he decided to become a sociopathathic social climber) and thus a fall even further than his lowest low will be lovely.


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