Angel’s Revenge Episode 96 Recap

While Julia’s reasoning is not entirely wrong…that doesn’t make it right at all, does it? And Tae Jeong…how much lower will this guy stoop? Well, we all knew he was evil. He tossed Jin Yu away, left her on the side of the road dying while giving birth to their son, he’s tried to kidnap and get rid of Seon Yu, he sent his friend to a illegal mental institution, and now he’s threatening little old ladies and shoving them around. And his mother acts like he’s the cream of the crop why? Because she’s so proud that she raise him on her own since she was 17? Obviously she did a bang up job, didn’t she? She’s just as bad.

So poor dumb Hyeonsu was greedy and a gambling addict and he did seem a little special at times, but he did not deserve what was done to him. Who knows how they tortured him in that illegal mental institution? He’s very traumatized to the point he can’t even talk. His ex, while she is not happy with him, cannot stand to see him like that and wants the full truth and the person behind his imprisonment to pay. Just the mention of Jang Tae Jeong’s name is enough to send the poor guy shuddering and huddling in a corner.

Julia is screaming at and refusing to listen to Mrs. Gong. Yes. I know. It was a very tragic incident, but she should give the old woman a chance to explain. Without any proof it looks like Julia is blaming Grandpa Park and Mrs. Gong for planning the family’s murder. Mrs. Gong tries to tell her that it really was just a tragic accident she took advantage of and I think she was even going to tell her about Jeong Wu and Ji Seok being one and the same, but Ji Seok arrives and sees his grandmother on her knees crying and begging and he doesn’t like it whatsoever. Julia just tells him to get the whole story from Mrs. Gong. Meh.

Meh. Julia has supposedly done all this investigating and spent all these years planning and boy does she really know nothing. She takes Tae Jeong’s words about the compass and Jeong Wu at face value. She doesn’t find Ji Seok’s presence suspicious at all as he was brought into the Seo household just after the accident wasn’t he? Tsk, tsk.

Wu Hyeon is touched that Bangtong wanted him to have some of the Heos homemade pickles. That means the little boy doesn’t hate him any more. While he’s happy over the gift and the Bong siblings are cooing over Sarang, Mrs. Gong and Ji seok come home and the woman doesn’t look too good. She talks about the “miss” and Wu Hyeon throws a fit. He knows the truth and he knows his mother did nothing bad so don’t mention it again. Ji Seok wants answers, but Mrs. gong is not ready to admit the truth and have the grandson she raised with much love and affection turn on her. Ji Seok is upset that no one, not even Wu Hyeon will tell him anything. As long as he is kept in the dark, he can’t do anything to help.

Tae Jeong’s meeting with the shareholders ends and things are definitely looking up, but he takes umbrage at one’s joke about not knowing what to call him (though he does laugh it off). He then gets the call that Gi Jin and Seon Yu have Hyeonsu. He rushes to the hospital where he slips into the room as Hyeonsu’s ex and Gi Jin walk out. He immediately verbally attacks the poor man and is shocked at his condition and the fact that Hyeonsu can’t talk. What the heck. But does he feel guilty? No he’s just relieved. Hyeonsu’s ex comes back and Tae Jeong lies saying he came to the wrong room and rushes out. The ex calls up Seon Yu and says that Hyeonsu is regressing thanks to that visit.

Seon Yu goes to plead with Julia Kim who says that Seon Yu has no right to persecute Jang Tae Jeong for murder when her family murdered three people instead of just one. You can sort of see what she means. It’s very…uh…what’s the word…ah carp. Maybe hypocritical…but that doesn’t justify it. And why would she want to work with someone who did something as bad as Mrs. Gong (and Mrs. Gong and Mr. Park’s was all an accident and nothing else. I think Mrs. Gong is being truthful about that). Julia just trusting Tae Jeong’s words is stupid.

This is one heap of steaming poo. No one is really right. I guess well, there are innocent people, but a lot of people are just making things worse and are employing the good old double standards. The people who should feel guilty don’t and the people who shouldn’t be swimming in guilt are. It’s…a steaming pile of poo, yep.

Okay. So Seon Yu confronts Mrs. Gong who doesn’t tell her anything, but does confirm she was the one who did wrong and that everything is her fault from Aran’s evilness to Ji Hui’s barrenness, etc. The next day she says her goodbyes and arranges to meet Julia about Jeong Wu. Tae Jeong cant’ have that and he goes ahead of Julia. He tells Mrs. Gong to leave Jeong Wu dead and buried and when Mrs. Gong refuses, he shoves her and she falls to the ground. Is she not breathing? Did he just cause that frail old lady to die? Yep, he’s burning in hell for a long time for that. His sins just gets worse and worse.

Angel's Revenge E.96What will happen in tonight’s episode?


  • Like I said, I skip JK’s parts because she pissed me off with each ep! Sure, I understand but to condone TJ’s actions of murdering (or causing the accident) that killed a pregnant woman? She is stupid! I guess I will keep saying that every ep! Excuse my repetitiveness!

  • I’ll keep avoiding each episode until maybe episode 101. The writer thwarting my hopes is making me more and more frustrated with this drama. I am just soo tired of the story right now..and I want it to end.

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