Angel’s Revenge Episode 95 Recap

I should be doing God’s Quiz, but instead I am doing this tonight. Ah chum. Seriously. Don’t expect an in depth synopsis or anything of the episode. Just don’t. Ah…I can tell you that I was chuckling with the absurdity of this episode, especially Tae Jeong’s grand act. The man should be a drama writer, he’s so good at coming up with cliche and terrible stories to mask the truth.

Seon Yu confronts Tae Jeong who grabs papers and lies saying he was scoping out Ji Seok’s plans. Enter Ji Seok. He’s suspicious of Tae Jeong as well. The man lies and says that he was only there to deliver a final warning since they were family once. It’s such a reeking load of BS and Ji Seok and Seon Yu aren’t buying it. Unfortunately, when Ji Seok realizes his precious compass is gone, he doesn’t think to the fact that the snake Tae Jeong was snooping in his office. Guess he doesn’t think Tae Jeong would have any use for that object.

And Seon Yu and Ji Seok continue their…whatever you want to call it. Seon Yu is so guilt ridden and just wants Ji Seok’s anger that she can’t understand that all Ji Seok wants is her love and for her to use him as much as she can so he can feel like he’s helped her in some small way. Alas, Seon Yu is too dense to figure it out.

Yoon So Yi, Kwon YoolMrs. Gong puts two and two together when she learns Roger was in Korea at the same time as the accident in the same exact area. She freaks out and has a mini looney spell which leaves the Seo household alarmed. Meanwhile, Tae Jeong fabricates his own story. Thankfully he isn’t stupid enough to try to claim to be her son. Instead he says he met Jeong Wu after the accident and the poor, now deceased, boy gave it to him. Julia, like a complete idiot, falls for this hook line and sinker. She should definitely have been more suspicious than she was. Dummy. Major dummy. She dug around in Tae Jeong’s past as well as Mrs. Gong’s and she couldn’t come up with Ji Seok’s real identity or learn that she shouldn’t trust Tae Jeong without major suspicion? Baboya.

Ah, and the acting. Ye gads the acting. Most of the time it’s okay. These past few episodes. Gack. It’s been pretty bad. If I can tell that you’re acting, you’re doing a horrible job of it. Mrs. Gong and Julia were the worst this episode. Not believable or sincere at all.

Mrs. Gong doesn’t want Ji Seok to learn the truth. Just because she doesn’t want him to hate her? Well…she did lie to him for 26 years, didn’t she? Even if she did more by him than her own flesh and blood…it doesn’t changed what a hellish life he’s lived since she brought him into that home as her eldest’s son.

Gi Jin finds Hyeongsu. Seon Yu and wifey rush to the nursing home to see him and the man looks like a ghost. Will he be able to give the evidence he has or is he too far gone? Since the show’s almost over, here’s hoping he can spill the beans and provide some solid evidence against the evil Tae Jeong.

Ah…Ji Hui is being nicer to Seon Yu even though she still hates her. It’s nice that she’s not constantly hating on her and being a evil witch every time you turn around. She’s really in love with her baby and sincerely wishes that he wasn’t Tae Jeong’s because then he would belong to her and only her, but because of everything that’s happened and all she’s done wrong, there’s no way for her to keep the baby is there? Speaking of also hurting over the baby…Dal Nyeo. This woman makes you sick. She was so proud of how she stuck it out and raised Tae Jeong on her own since she was 17. And to think you abandoned you’re own grandson.

So what do you think will happen now that Mrs. Gong knows the truth and has confronted Julia? And what will happen now that Tae Jeong is basking in the glory of being seen as Julia Kim’s right hand man in front of the shareholders? The higher the pride, the bigger the fall. Boom!


  • Than you so much for sticking this one out. You really need a prize for this. I am not as frustrated with all the crazy plot devices I mean what do you expect from a drama called “Angel’s Revenge” about a former nun out to avenge the death of her pregnant sister? However, the whole Seon Yu/Ji Seok thing IS making me crazy. We are running out of time for us (the viewers) to get to have some of the happy we deserve (notice I said “we” not “they”; we deserve something for sticking with this for 100 episodes!); and I do not mean in the last ten seconds of the last episode while the credits roll.

    • It was a lot easier with this daily drama than the evil Crazy Love. This one hasn’t been too awful to stick with…but it is getting mighty frustrating. I really don’t like those endings where they shove the “happily ever after” (if we do get it) into a montage of scenes at the end that is less than satisfactory. We’re down to the wire now, but I’ve heard good things about episode 100. We’ll have to see.

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