Angel’s Revenge Episode 94 Recap

Right now it’s one giant race against time, isn’t it? Since Tae Jeong has solved the riddle behind Julia Kim’s past with Mrs. Gong and also learned just who Ji Seok really is, he must race to hide all evidence of Ji Seok being Julia’s son before she discovers the truth and kicks Tae Jeong to the curb in favor of letting her son rule L Foods instead. The other race is to discover the evidence against Tae Jeong in order to discredit both himself and Julia Kim in the eyes of the shareholders before Roger and Kim can do any serious damage to the company…like major restructuring causing the loss of hundreds if not more jobs.

So the story goes like this: The Han family were out yachting. An accident occurred (planned or otherwise, we don’t really know). The old grandpa was the only survivor…or so it was thought, but Grandpa and Mrs. Gong found Jeong Wu. In desperate need of money, Mrs. Gong told Grandpa to keep it a secret and she walked off with the Han’s wealth and their son. Grandpa really wants to meet and apologize to Ji Seok, but Tae Jeong can’t have that as it will jeopardize his own position. So Tae Jeong buys the man food and hands over money for him to disappear. Poor Grandpa. He just wants to ask for forgiveness after all these years, but Tae Jeong can’t risk the truth coming out so he lies to the guilt ridden old man that Ji Seok never wishes to see his face ever again.

However, there is a fly in Tae Jeong’s ointment. Ji Seok goes to visit Julia. They exchange harsh words. Ji Seok proves that after a careful audit, their company can show good growth without laying off any employees. Julia starts bad mouthing Mrs. Gong and Tae Jeong manages to arrive before she spills the beans about the yachting accident. Julia just tells Ji Seok to ask his grandmother for the dirty truth about the history of the company. Ji Seok angrily goes to leave and his compass falls out. Julia gets a quick glance and agitatedly asks what that is. Ji Seok being Ji Seok refuses to answer after she’s bad mouthed his beloved grandmother. Plus…it’s really super important to him so he sees no need to explain just what it is to Julia. He flounces out and Julia rushes into her bedroom to pull out an identical compass. Yep. Tae Jeong needs to head that off at the pass to keep Julia and Ji Seok in the dark. How long will he be able to do so when Ji Seok will be digging as hard as he can into Julia’s mysterious past?

Mrs. Gong…is she just being obtuse? Since Julia Kim made her first ever appearance in 1988 in the US when her husband came back from visiting Korea…doesn’t that ring alarm bells? She clearly dismissed any such connection in the previous episode saying it was impossible…but come on. It’s very obvious given what facts they have just who Julia Kim really is and just why she’s after L Foods and Mrs. Gong.

Seon Yu and Gi Jin pay a visit to Hyeonsu’s wife. She’s not willing to give any information after having completely written off her husband for his bad gambling. Her daughter, on the other hand, has not given up on her father. She sneaks away from her mother to tell them she got a call from an unknown number. Her father told her that he was locked up, but would see her as soon as possible. Seon Yu and Gi Jin get the number and find out it’s a pay phone! That means that Hyeonsu managed to escape the goons. The only problem is they have no idea where he could be. The two think that since he had to end his conversation so abruptly with his daughter, he was probably found again and could be in a nearby hospital. Gi Jin decides to comb that area with his friends to turn up any leads. Since Hyeonsu is originally from Jeju…wouldn’t it be easier to check into his comings and goings then to just try to find the man? I’m pretty sure there must be some public records of his travels. When they heard that he’s from the island originally, they should have immediately thought that could be where he really was the night of the accident, don’t you think? Explore all possibilities, man.

Ji Seok and Seon Yu meet at the parking garage by change. Seon Yu gives Ji Seok a run down of what she and her cousin has been doing to try to stop Tae Jeong. Ji Seok then tells her about his meeting with Julia. Seon Yu then says that Sarang may not be brought home because of trying to save Mrs. Gong. Ji Seok is livid. He goes to where Ji Hui is meeting Tae Jeong. Ji Hui is doubtful of Tae Jeong stopping the firing of her grandmother, but she doesn’t see any other way out. Enter Ji Seok who tells her to go ahead with that lawsuit since Tae Jeong really has no rights. Ji Seok then says he will protect his family and company and expose all of Tae Jeong’s crimes. Good luck!

Dal Nyeo left Tae Mi home alone with the baby. Seon Yu comes over and threatens to call the cops and report a kidnapping…which is exactly what happened. Tae Mi freaks and opens the door. Seon Yu storms into the baby’s room and gets ready to leave. Dal Nyeo comes back and tells Tae Mi to call in the guards. Fine. Seon Yu really does mean she will call the police on Dal Nyeo. The poor woman can only watch as her grandson is snatched away. Do I really think she’s a poor woman? Not really. She jettisoned the baby to pave her son’s future. She doesn’t deserve the child at this point…especially when she fails to see her or her son’s sins.

Arans is livid that Seon Yu has brought Sarang home. Ji Hui enters and says that it is only right for Sarang to be brought back as she can’t have the child suffer with Tae Jeong. Aran tells Seon Yu to remember the promise she made. Seon Yu vows she hasn’t forgotten it and will take Sarang with her when she leaves. This shocks Ji Hui. I think her sister-in-law is learning just how much Seon Yu really cares for Ji Seok and just how different she is from Tae Jeong. Does that mean these two will mend fences any time soon? Who knows. I have a feeling, though, Ji Hui just might tell Ji Seok about Seon Yu leaving without telling him down the road.

Right now both Ji Seok and Seon Yu are completely misunderstanding each other. Why didn’t Ji Seok get really angry and scream and yell at her for her sins? Because there was only one thing that mattered to him – how she felt. Since neither of them can seem to understand what the other is thinking, they are only hurting themselves more and more. Aish.

Tae Jeong is furious that Sarang slipped through his fingers, but he also has a bigger problem. He steals into Ji Seok’s office to take charge of the compass, only Seon Yu catches him! What will happen next? We’ll have to wait until tonight to find out.

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  • Julia Kim? Stupid woman! Enough said. I din’t think G/ma had anything directly to do with the accident but what I do think happened is that her son may have died and they used his death to take money but she hid JS being alive. Why? Who knows but that is the story I’m going with until the end.

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