Angel’s Revenge Episodes 92-93 Recap

In this episode we have kidnapping, fake bartering, hidden agendas galore, and Seon Yu becomes everyone’s whipping post. Well…not really on the last part, but come on this woman is already swimming in more guilt than she can handle and every time someone new finds out the truth it only adds to the agony and that she must leave when all is said and done. Of course, these people should really be looking at their own actions as well, but they see it more fit to blame everything on Seon Yu since she’s available while Tae Jeong is running a muck doing Julia’s dirty work. Speaking of which…yeah, we can say that Tae Jeong is the root of all evil, but it really goes back to Mrs. Gong. Sure, Tae Jeong did a great job in trying to take everything from the Seo family, but it is really Mrs. Gong’s past actions that will take them all tumbling down once the truth is finally revealed to everyone.

Surprise, surprise. It really isn’t Tae Jeong’s or Seon Yu’s fault that L Foods is facing its biggest crisis right now. Julia was always going to come after Mrs. Gong and the Seo family. That part is inevitable. It just so happens that Tae Jeong’s evil plan completely fits with the agenda she wants to accomplish and thus she is allowed to move forward at long last on her own petty revenge scheme. Okay, wanting revenge for what happened 26 years isn’t petty. Mrs. Gong essentially destroyed Julia’s world. I am just saying petty because I think that the “good” people getting revenge shouldn’t stoop as low as the “bad” people and Julia’s stooping pretty low. Does she really not know how evil Tae Jeong really is since she’s been watching this family? Or does it really not matter since the man has a grudge she can use?

So the breakdown of these two episodes goes like this: everyone finds out that Ji Hui adopted Sarang to spite Tae Jeong. She gets a much needed scolding. It does turn out, though, that while she was using this baby for her own revenge, she really has come to love the child and feels horrible now that he is gone which has nothing to do with the fact that the child slipped her grasp. Aran discovers the whole truth at long last and kicks Seon Yu out only to have Ji Seok bring her back saying it is up to him and him alone to determine if Seon Yu is kicked out or forgiven. Seon Yu being Seon Yu vows to leave only after Tae Jeong’s evil deeds are fully exposed as that is the only way to discredit Julia and Tae Jeong in the eyes of the shareholders and to stop the woman from her hostile takeover. Mrs. Gong and Ji Seok both meet Julia. Both don’t recognize the woman as she apparently had some work done thanks to the accident 26 years ago and does not look the same. Tae Jeong sees the same picture that he found in Mrs. Gong’s room and Julia does say the boy is her son. Tae Jeong gets investigating and he uncovers the whole sordid truth thanks in part to the photo and his mother remembering that Mrs. Gong was once a nanny in the affluent Han household. A household where all the family died in a tragic yachting accident and their wealth all disappeared.

Angel's Revenge E.92-93A question…did Mrs. Gong plan the accident with the help of Grandpa Park? Or did she simply make the most of an opportunity to take all the wealth once the family were declared dead? And just how did Ji Seok and his mother survive the accident? The boy came into the Gong household when he was 7 years old. How come he has no memory of his past life? Is that thanks to the accident as well? So many questions and loose ends. What will become of Ji Seok’s love for his grandmother when he finds out just what she did to his birth family? Ah…was Ji Hui’s father already dead when Ji Seok was brought in? Or was he still alive and agreed to pretending that the child was his from another woman? Aigoo…Mrs. Gong made a lot of bad decisions, didn’t she?

There is no way Dal Nyeo can afford bodyguards…so are the men who are keeping anyone from taking Sarang Julia’s hired guns? It was so ridiculous when all these men in dark suits barge in and keep Pung Ho and Bong Hwang from seeing the baby. This show gets more and more twisted and screwed up, lol. Ah…and Tae Jeong saying he’ll spare Mrs. Gong from getting fired as long as Ji Hui signs the child over to him? I know she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her grandmother an thus might bow to Tae Jeong’s consent to try to save her, but Seon Yu should let Ji Hui know just how bad Tae Jeong is…because apparently Ji Hui is still stupid enough to believe Tae Jeong will spare Mrs. Gong. Ain’t going to happen. He can talk big, but he knows (especially now that Grandpa Park has confirmed Ji Seok is Jeong Wu, Julia’s long lost son) the whole truth and does know that there is no way Julia will spare Mrs. Gong.

Speaking of people getting dressed down for not recognizing their own kin…from Seon Yu to Tae Jeong to Dal Nyeo…let’s throw that at Julia, too. How come she has no suspicions that the “illegitimate” child of the Seo household can really be her son? I was expecting some spark or suspicion, but there is none. Granted…26 years is a lot of time and if you go by the boy’s picture and compare it to the man he’s become…nothing alike, but still.

I get where Seon Yu is coming from…but it’s a race against time and it definitely seems like Julia will be able to get the shares before anyone can find the evidence that Tae Jeong is a murderer and discredit them both, but miracles can happen, right?

Ah…and Tae Jeong…even when reunited with his son…doesn’t seem all that keen on being a father, does he? He doesn’t hold the baby or smile at it or really look interested in it at all. So…is him wanting his son really only to hurt Ji Hui and Seon Yu and just plain because it’s his so no one is allowed to take what is his?


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