Angel’s Revenge Episode 90 Recap

In which a 50+ year-old-woman is reduced to a whining toddler expecting her mother (in-law) to get her out of trouble. Ye gads, Aran’s scenes are enough to drive you batty in this episode in their epic horribleness. She is entirely too old to be acting like she is…but for some reason, she always resorts to acting like a child. Shakes head. Bad form. I also can’t believe that she honestly thinks Mrs. Gong can protect her from the law after evidence was handed to the prosecutor’s office on a silver platter.

Ji Seok I can totally understand where he’s coming from. Why Seon Yu can’t is beyond me. His “acting out” isn’t just to hurt himself to bring her pain and all that jazz…although that can partly be the reason. No, she can’t seem to get it through her thick skull that he absence won’t magically fix what’s wrong and that all Ji Seok really wants is reassurance of her feelings which she is NOT giving him. She keeps trying to reference that he obviously knows, but after that rather big discovery, she can’t honestly expect his faith in her feelings NOT to be shaken, especially when she has not reaffirmed that she does, indeed, love him. If this was a different drama, I would think the doubting to be pointless, but Seon Yu’s past conversations keep coming back to haunt and even when she decided to marry him because she can’t live without him, she still told him she’d try to do right and “love him” – so give the guy a break and just let him know how much you love him already!

So yeah, Ji Seok throws a hissy and reprimands Seon Yu for breaking her promise. He then tells her that until he kicks her to the curb, she is not allowed to leave him. Seon Yu doesn’t like this and I do like how later Ji Seok tells her she isn’t leaving for his sake, but also her own to alleviate her own pain that comes from staying by his side even more so that he knows the truth. Seon Yu tearfully goes downstairs and reveals to Mrs. Gong that Ji Seok has learned everything. Mrs. Gong goes up and doe say that while she cannot condone Seon Yu’s bad decisions, Ji Seok must also understand where his wife is coming from. Ji Seok replies that his head perfectly understands it, but his heart doesn’t. He knows he can never love Seon Yu the same. And honestly? I don’t think that’s 100% a bad thing if we talk about his blind love and devotion and cluelessness at times. It’s good to have a more tempered and realistic love.

Kwon Yool

don’t you want to give him a hug?

Then the shit hits the fan. It’s made known to the Seo family that the evidence was turned over to the prosecutor’s office and all hell is breaking loose. Julia calls up Tae Jeong and tells him to be prepared to start buying L Foods stock as soon as the market opens as this turn of events will make the stock prices drop dramatically so she can get the shares she needs for a hostile takeover. After that conversation, she looks at the picture of herself and the young Ji Seok (aka…was it Jeong Wu or something like that?) and tearfully tells her little boy that she’s back in curious. Again, I’m more and more curious about whether or not she knows her son’s real identity or not. We don’t find out yet.

Due to the depression in the Heo household, Bangtong and his mother pay a visit to the Seo family to learn how Seon Yu is doing. Wu Hyeon tells them the family is in distress and it has something to do with Aran, but no one is telling him just what is going on. He then also talks about how Dal Nyeo came over and laughed an cried as she held Sarang and Bangtong and Bong Chang also both finds this as weird as Wu Hyeon did. Bong Chang reports this all to her family and Pung Ho is again struck by how something seems off about Sarang. Put it all together Pung Ho!

Tae Jeong happily goes to Ji Seok’s office to give them the Rosine Kim offer. Either give Julia Kim L Food stocks or else all funds will be pulled. He cockily gives them two hours to make their decision. He runs into Seon Yu and gloats about how he’s back.

You see…I could go into details, but it’s mainly about the whiny Aran being forced to go in for questioning and about Seon Yu and Ji Seok’s very strained marriage and Tae Jeong greedily helping Julia destroy L Foods so that he can take over it. There is not much reason to go into much detail about all the scenes with Ji Seok’s arctic chill and he and his grandmother discovering major shareholders are selling stock and Rosine Kim is planning on removing their backing which will seriously hurt the company.

So, do you think Mrs. Gong and Ji Seok will go through with Julia’s demands or will they find a last minute miracle? Ah, also worth noting in this episode is Ji Hui angrily confronting Tae Jeong about what he’s doing to her mother and how he should be begging for money and not tipping his hand like this as it will only get him farther away from Sarang. Tae Jeong smirks and lets Ji Hui know that he is not down and out and that he wants her mother to be as low as his own. Ji Hui gets affronted, throws water in his face (funny how now one paid attention while the two were loudly yelling at each other, but they really paid attention once water was thrown) and screams that her mother is on a different level. With all the turmoil, Seon Yu is appointed once again as the head of the foundation. Seon Yu again tells Mrs. Gong she can’t do it, but Mrs. Gong brooks no argument. When Seon Yu complains to Ji Seok he says she would have happily taken over before the truth was known. Seon Yu says that is not right, but Ji Seok says as his wife’s it’s Seon Yu’s duty. See…glacial.

What will tonight’s episode bring?

Ah, playing devil’s advocate. I have a question. Yes, Seon Yu deserves to be remonstrated and does deserve Ji Seok’s justified anger because it is very hurtful to know that you’ve been lied to when you have professed to love and wanted to help and protect a certain person…but at the same time…Seon Yu did give ample warnings and hints and Ji Seok persisted in saying that no matter what he won’t change and he won’t care about any such sins as long as she remains by his side. He was even willing to marry her if she was a gold digger. So…now that the cat’s out of the bag…isn’t he going back on what he said? But then again, we also have his insistence just before they married that he will never leave her as long as she…what? GENUINELY LOVES HIM. Seon Yu!!!!! Just tell him you do and show him! You doing the self blame thing and wanting to run away to “ease his pain” is only making things worse!


  • At first i thought it was just noble idiocy. Then I thought maybe it was some part of her “religious” personality…although truth to tell we didn’t see her being particularly religious. Then I thought she was serioiusly repressed and so full of self-blame she can’t see straight. Now am thinking that in addition to all that somewhat stupid..about emotions and about life in generally. I know this thing is called angel’s revenge but angels are not stupid. Thanks for the recap..

  • I’ve said over and over again that SY suffers from the worse case of catholic guilt that you will see. I think she wants JS to throw her out because she feels that she doesn’t deserve happiness which she has said over and over again. I’m glad JS had those moments of reflection; unfortunately it’s not going to get better. The lovey dovey moments are truly gone! And it makes me very sad!!

    • I agree with you. Her guilt is completely clouding her judgment and making her fairly selfish in her grief. She can only think that she does not deserve to be happy. I says this before, and I really think she believes this. But her focus on self-recrimination makes her not see Ji Seok and how he just wants to hear her say that she loves him. She doesn’t think she should be able to say even that much, but that is because she only sees her wrongdoing not Ji Seok’s real need.

      I am hoping that because of the crisis, they will be forced to really work as a team–something they have not (unfortunately) really done before–and that a deeper love forms because of the trial.

  • I am annoyed too to watch SY lied all the time to JS although for preventing JS from hurting. Also lying is a sin, as a nun SY was aware of that. But it breaks my heart also watching JS’ attitude and hearing his harsh words to SY since he knew the whole truth, seeing SY cried in pain, trying to endure JS’ coldness to her…. I hope & I’m sure SY would tell JS that she loved him even when she decided to marry him. It was not just to take revenge to TJ

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