Song of the Week – 26 May 2014

Fly to the Sky are back and better than ever. Brian’s sweet voice mixed with Hwanhee’s husky voice just makes for the perfect combination. Thus, NeeNee’s Song of the Week is their comeback song 너를 너를 너를 [Neoreul Neoreul Noreul; You You You]. The song is a gorgeous ballad about finding the one and losing the one and all that happiness and misery that comes from that. It’s also got an interesting MV that leaves me slightly confused. Yep, yep. But it’s cool that a lot of Fly to the Sky’s videos do watch like mini movies versus just them singing. I like that.

9th Album: Continuum / FLY TO THE SKY
Fly to the Sky
Release date: 20 May 2014
Buy on CDJapan | iTunes | MNet | Soompi | YesAsia

01 너를 너를 너를 [Noreul Noreul Noreul; You You You]
02 전화하지 말아요 [Jeonhwahaji Malayo; Don’t Call, Don’t Answer]
03 알 수 없는 이별 [Al Su Eopsneun Ibyeol; Unknown Love] (feat. 김나영 [Kim Na Yeong])
04 니목소리 [Nimoksuri; Your Voice]
05 거짓말 같다 [Gajitmal Gatda; Like a Lie]
06 너 [Neo; You]
07 십년이 지나도 [Sibnyeoni Jinado; Years Apart]
08 Kiss & Say goodbye
09 So Cool
10 We


  • That was so intense. I read about them on soompi, but I am fairly new to Korean music, so I don’t know many groups. Thanks for sharing about them because I love their voices. They seem like a younger version of Brown-Eyed Soul. Is their music mainly R&B?

    • Yes, Fly to the Sky was more of a ballad/R&B duo. I think they originally started out under SM, but eventually they left. They did a teaser reel of top songs from their previous 8 albums while introducing their 9th. I just live this duo 🙂

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