Angel’s Revenge Episode 89 Recap

Seon Yu, Seon Yu, Seon Yu. She never learns does she? Neither does Mrs. Gong. Her ideology of what you don’t know can’t hurt you is total BS. If Ji Seok learns that truth on top of everything else, it’s not a good thing as it will be even more of a torment for him. But let’s not jump the gun, shall we. The thing is with Seon Yu, she thinks that leaving is always the right answer when it’s never the right answer. She doesn’t get why this upsets Ji Seok even more and that baffles me. How can she not get it? One, it’s crap to not take full responsibility for your actions. Running away to try to “make things right” is completely horrible and misguided and actually avoids responsibility. Two, Ji Seok has made it clear that even though he’s hurting over everything that’s been revealed, he wants her by his side. That’s the only way she can make it up to him. Plus, her staying is proof that she does love him and didn’t just use him as a means to an end. Baboya.

I do have this feeling, and I hope I’m right, that Tae Jeong’s new found confidence will bite him in the rear. I’m also very curious about Julia Kim. If she is the poor young woman that Mrs. Gong screwed over 20+ years ago…is Tae Jeong just merely a pawn for her to destroy the Seo family and get her son back or is she unaware of Ji Seok’s true identity and plans on destroying him along with everyone else thinking he is another Seo? I just don’t know. But I have to say that the Seo family did a great job in digging their own graves and they should not be putting sole blame on either Tae Jeong, Seon Yu, or the both put together. Mrs. Gong’s sin of taking Ji Seok from his mother for money to save L Foods wasn’t a good thing and that started leading to the complete breakdown of the family. Aran went cuckoo and became very jealous and set out to destroy the illegitimate child and her mother-in-law thanks to this ultimate “betrayal”. This is why there is such a huge schism and fracture in the Seo family. Sure, Ji Hui might have seemed like a golden girl, but raised in that warped and twisted environment, meeting Tae Jeong only helped bring out all that darkness and poison that had been dwelling for years.

Julia Kim saves Tae Jeong and tells him she wishes him to be her proxy for L Foods. Tae Jeong is very skeptical after recent events. There is no way that she’s the true introvert Julia Kim. She then hands over the contract from the Rosine Kim deal. There are only two copies, the one in L Foods’s hands and the one in her own company’s. Tae Jeong says he has no use being yet another lapdog. What’s in it for him? She will have him use his anger towards the Seo family and as a present for helping destroy them, the company will be his…which is really all he wants. Now that he has the infamous Julia Kim as his backer, he’s afraid of nothing.

Mrs. Gong meets with Seon Yu and gives her in-law a berating for letting Tae Jeong have such a hold over them as to use Ji Seok learning the truth as a threat to get what he wants. Seon Yu says that no matter what, Mrs. Gong must not give in. She tears up and says that no matter what happens, all the dirty work and confrontation should be left to herself and not to Mrs. Gong…or Ji Seok. Seon Yu does still want to tell Ji Seok the truth, but Mrs. Gong is even more adamant that she keep mum.

Yoon So Yi

Dal Nyeo and Tae Mi are cleaning up their ransacked house when Pung Ho and Bong Hwang storm in and confront her about trying to oust Seon Yu. Dal Nyeo reveals Mrs. Gong knows everything and still sided with Seon Yu. This shocks the Heos. How can that be? Pung Ho goes to L Foods to meet with the woman and apologize to her, but he runs into Ji Seok instead. The two go to a nearby coffee shop and Pung Ho reveals he wasn’t there to see Ji Seok, but his grandmother. Ji Seok then asks about Seon Yu’s and Tae Jeong’s past relationship. Pung Ho spills his tea and says it’s only right that Ji Seok knows since his grandmother already knows. Pung Ho assures Ji Seok that Tae Jeong was NEVER in a relationship with Seon Yu. Actually, Ji Seok is her first (and her last) man. He also assures Ji Seok that no matter how bad things seem, Seon Yu is really, truly in love with him.

So now Ji Seok knows the truth. Even with Pung Ho’s assurances, he’s still worried that Seon Yu only married him out of revenge and not love. He gets a call to meet Tae Jeong who has just arranged a meeting with Seon Yu. Ji Seok arrives in time to hear Seon Yu confess that she plans on leaving Ji Seok. This is after Seon Yu also tried to get Tae Jeong to open up about his nefarious scheme involving the slush account documents that he’s already turned over to Julia. Ji Seok angrily yells asking who is leaving who. He then comes up and Tae Jeong gets a fist to the kisser. When Tae Jeong again tries to lay out all of Seon Yu’s sins, he gets another hard punch to the jaw. Ji Seok then reveals that he knows everything and will stop at nothing until he gets Tae Jeong convicted for Jin Yu’s murder. He grabs Seon Yu and walks off. Tae Jeong rubs his bloody lip and smirks. He’ll stay by her side out of love? We’ll see how long that lasts.

Seon Yu tells Ji Seok to stop as they need to talk. Ji Seok starts yelling madly with his eyes bulging out of his head. He is upset that Seon Yu never told him the truth. She should have done that instead of keeping everything from him. Seon Yu can only tear up and cry and apologize. What good does that do by the way? Ji Seok is also not happy with this response especially when he was asking for Seon Yu’s true feelings. What an eejit. Aigoo. Ji Seok does also insist that Seon Yu cannot leave his side. After all, she should never had married him she honestly had been planning on leaving him from the beginning. He does scream at her that she should never have let her real feelings get in the way if she was using him for revenge. Good point. He also tells her what makes him most upset isn’t the pack of lies, but the fact that she did not reveal anything to him which proves that she did not trust him and never thought of him as her man who could protect her.

I know. A man’s wounded pride. But…isn’t it a good thing if a woman does try to be strong on her own and do her own protecting instead of depending upon a man for everything? In some ways I think Ji Seok is really right and in other ways, not so much. So, what happens? Ji Seok storms off and Seon Yu sobs uncontrollably. Eyeroll. No sympathy. None. She had ample opportunity to stop such an explosion from happening. As my sister says to her kids when they are not listening and being bad: “you’re making some bad choices.”

Dal Nyeo is also a queen at making bad choices. While Ji Seok is angstily brooding, she is sneaking into the Seo household when Wu Hyeon is the only one around. Once there she immediately coddles and coos over Sarang, but this reunion is interrupted when Tae Mi (who was on lookout duty) calls and says that Ji Hui is outside. Dal Nyeo and Ji Hui argue. Same old, same old. Neither Tae Mi nor Dal Nyeo can believe just how evil Tae Jeong is when Ji Hui says she only did what she did to Tae Jeong and Sarang because of Tae Jeong’s coma lie. Seriously…WHY does the two females of the Jang family really think the sun shines out of Tae Jeong’s arse? Dal Nyeo more so than anyone since she witnessed Tae Jeong abandoning the dying Jin Yu, should NOT be so certain that Ji Hui has gone loca and is making up lies.

That night Seon Yu is packing her bags to leave when Ji Hui gets an update from Aran about Tae Jeong’s latest betrayal. Ji Seok has even warned that if he wanted to, Tae Jeong could hand the slush fund report over to prosecutors and have Aran jailed. Ji Hui is livid and blaming…who else but Lee Seon Yu. If only Seon Yu had never appeared in their lives, then none of this would have happened. Aniyo. It would have happened, just in a different way. It would have taken him awhile, but Tae Jeong would have lied and backstabbed his way to taking over L Foods. She is deluding herself into thinking this entire sorry mess is the sole doing of a former nun with a vengeance.

Ji Hui goes upstairs and starts screaming at Seon Yu to put things back where they belong, especially since Seon Yu is packing her bags and leaving after the heaviest of damage has been done. She leaves the room and there is Ji Seok. Who was she yelling at and why? Ji Hui gets bitchy and says that since he knows nothing, he shouldn’t remonstrate her. Only Ji Seok is not in the dark any more. He knows EVERYTHING now and he lets baby sister have it. He says that Ji Hui’s silence and all the bad things she’s done in opposing his marriage, etc., had nothing to do with wanting to protect him, but rather herself and Jang Tae Jeong. Assa! You tell it like it is. Someone needs to knock some sense into Ji Hui that she’s only deluding herself. Ji Hui then screams at Ji Seok not to make her mistake and stand by Seon Yu.

Ji Seok enters the room and there is Seon Yu stil packing. She tells him that she is leaving and to try to mend things with Ji Hui. Ji Seok’s rage-o-meter sky rockets making his eyes bug out of his head again and he takes Seon Yu’s bag and violently tosses it across the room. WHAT DOES SHE THINK SHE’S DOING????!!!

See? Can you blame him for his anger? Seon Yu, Ji Hui, Mrs. Gong, Tae Jeong all made bad decisions. Seon Yu, despite he feelings for Ji Seok, kept the entire truth from him all of this time. Ji Hui professed wanting to protect him and constantly bullied Seon Yu when she was only protecting her selfish pride and Tae Jeong’s greed. Mrs. Gong has made so many bad decisions now, it’s not fun to recount. Aran…well…she was forever upfront about her hatred and now sees just what it’s done to her and how low it’s brought her that she’s actually depending on the man she hates the most to save her. She’s been consistent throughout. Maybe she can turn over a new leaf, maybe not.

Only about 13 or so episodes left. Can Seon Yu stop her idiocy and save her marriage? Can Ji Seok save his family that has shattered to a point beyond recognition? Can the people who have made the worst decisions and turned the most evil finally get their just desserts? In this relatively short span of time with a new agenda just being introduced, let’s hope so.


  • I don’t think Julia knows JiSeok is her son. But…what with all her research, she should shouldn’t she? Folks on youtube were saying Seonyu’s probably pregnant from the honeymoon. Would be interesting. Really love this post though. So insightful and yes, the evil was festering long before TaeJeong popped up. Funny how in many ways Jiseok is at the center of everything..but the center doesn’t know anything about what’s going on around him. Thanks for the recap.

  • Pregnancy will be the catalyst to save this relationship! You would think that JK would have done som research! But yes, SY created this situation with JS and boy will the cool winds blow!

  • Thank goodness that JiSeouk knows the truth. This was making me crazy and actually the thing that was making me not enjoy the drama. I hope he doesn’t go all evil and try to get revenge on them all. He and Seonyu have to hit a bad patch though. They cannot just get over this betrayal as if nothing happened. Everything he says in this episode are things we have all been saying all along about why doesn’t she trust him enough to ask for his help and to tell him the truth about liking him but not wanting him involved, etc. For example, even in this episode when he comes right out and says he know the reason why she got together with him, but “what about now?” and all she could say is “I’m sorry.” The writers are really making her extremely frustrating. This was the perfect opportunity for her to say how she loves him so much and is all mixed up with her revenge and trying to protect him and all those times she tried to leave before was because of this not because she did not love him. Sigh. I do have to say that now that everything is out, I am excited about these last episodes.

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