Taiwanese Dramas Start Streaming on Netflix

It’s been awhile since I last checked Netflix and there is now an explosion of Taiwanese dramas streaming! It’s exciting. It would be even more exciting if they can get Thai dramas and Japanese dramas with English subtitles, but that doesn’t seem as likely as Chinese/Taiwanese and Korean dramas.

As always, view the entire list (including shows that were once available and aren’t any more) here.

  • Autumn’s Concerto – I need to finish this drama still, but I did love what I saw pre-amnesia and hope to finish it. We have a spoiled rich guy who falls for a poor girl. He gets amnesia and she is forced to raise their son on her own until they meet again and his memory is regained. Lots of stuff happens in there, but I can’t elaborate.
  • Channel-X – I’ve only watched one episode so I can’t comment on this drama at all. We have a famous newscaster framed for killing his girlfriend and he’s racing against the clock to prove his innocence and expose the real killers.
  • Easy Fortune Happy Life – A horrible drama by all standards. A completely ignorant country bumpkin is brought into the city and into the world of the wealthy after her grandmother passes away in a tragic fire. Of course she ends up falling for an ill mannered man who only sees her for her newly found inheritance. I call it horrible not for the plot, but just for the fact it was an honestly awful drama.
  • The Fierce Wife –  A woman with a perfect life has her dreams shattered when she learns her husband is having an affair. Haven’t watched, but I intend to someday. I’ve heard good things.
  • Invincible Shan Bao Mei – A totally cheesy and silly idol drama, but one that I do affectionately love. We have the poor daughter of a chicken restaurant who gets entangled with the cold owner of a food conglomerate who trusts no one after his father was betrayed and died. Of course a love story develops and we have jealousy, competition, and love.
  • Love Forward – Not the worst drama in the world, but not the best. I can tell you to fast forward through a lot and just focus on the scenes between our totally loveable OTP. These cute bickering friends were the best things to watch about this drama as the plot was less than stellar at times and there were things that could have been played a lot better. [I have fully recapped this series on AAA]
  • Love Now – A workaholic is tricked into a long needed vacation by family members who lie to her that she has a terminal illness and not much time left. She decides to take her life into her own hands when confronted with this horrible truth.
  • My Queen – Seems to be a very popular and iconic drama that I’ve never watched, but it deals with an older-woman-younger-man friendship. Their age gap of 8 years gets in the way of a budding romance. Can they overcome it?
  • Princess Stand In – An ugly duckling gets plastic surgery to turn herself into a swan…who happens to resemble a beautiful dead woman. Haven’t watched. I’ve heard both good and bad about this drama and the plot was never one to really turn me on, so I don’t know if I’ll ever give this a chance.
  • Zhong Wu Yen – A woman with a birthmark on her face must marry a shallow man who can’t see past her defects…or so the description goes on Netflix. But it really is about a shallow man confronted with engagement to such a woman who is probably the best on the inside even if she has a bit of a birthmark on the outside.


  • I was also very surprised to see tw-dramas popping up on Netflix! Ok, ironically back in the day I used to think that a lot of those tw-dramas were really good. =_= Looking back now though, they really were not.

    • I haven’t watched a lot of them or finished them all, so I can’t say, but I can agree about totally loving a drama when you first watched it and then looking back years later you do realize that by standards, it probably wasn’t good, but that doesn’t stop the original liking of it.

  • Plan to watch channel X and Zhong Wu Yen. Seen most of them but might revisit Autumns Concerto in HD! I was surprised too

  • I had no idea there were TW dramas available on Netflix. It’s probably just me but at this I find searching for dramas on Netflix difficult, here is where you come in to save the day. :). I do wish they had jdoramas but maybe one day.
    I will have to check some of these out. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Someone was nice enough to let me know. Searching for Asian dramas is a crap shoot on Netflix and sometimes the search results you get in general are not the best. They don’t have subject headings for Asian dramas, so the thing I do is haunt the new releases to see if they have uploaded any new Asian dramas under Recently Added TV Shows.

  • No more taiwan or korea drama only mexican why

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