Angel’s Revenge Episode 88 Recap

Random quote for this episode? Alia from 2000 miniseries Dune: “He’s lying of course.” Giggle. “Make him afraid some more.” I have NO idea why this episode brings those words to mind.

Annyeong, chingudeul. Aish, this drama. Your poor ears will be abused in this episodes between Tae Jeong, Ji Hui, and Aran screaming. Shudders. It really does disgust me about how the people who are most wrong are the ones to believe they are owed rightful treatmetn and justice. I am so sick of hearing the phrase “how dare”. How dare someone treat them like and do that to them. Well…you have heard of the golden rule, right? Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. So HOW is it unfair? It’s not. You treated people like pawns and stepping stones so how dare you!?

So Tae Jeong and Ji Hui getting in a screaming match. Those poor actors must feel horribly drained after filming these scenes. Shakes head. Tae Jeong seems to think he deserves to have rights to his son. He’s beyond that. What right does a man who threw a baby away to raise his own lever have to be a father? Oh…you know…it’s kind of bugging me a bit. I’m not saying Ji Hui has no right to complain, so please don’t hurl stones. The thing is, Ji Hui is really hung up on the infertility thing when she shouldn’t be. The reason is simply that she knew from day one when she discovered that she was pregnant that it was possibly the only child she’d be able to bare and even then there was no guarantee that Ji Hui would safely have been able to carry the baby to term given how the OB talked about the sad state of Ji Hui’s reproductive system. Why isn’t she just more hung up on the fact that she lost her only child she could bear versus not being able to bare another one…just…you know? Confusion for me.

I’m not going into the soon-to-be divorced couple’s argument as there’s no reason. I do find it ironic that Tae Jeong claims baby Sarang’s innocence to Ji Hui. Since when did he ever care if the innocent were hurt in his question for “greatness” or whatever? He is such a double standard it’s not funny plus Ji Hui is just as bad. So sick of both of their woe is me acts.

I guess Ji Seok was close enough to hear. That boy does have some super hearing then. Throughout this episode more and more things begin adding up from what he’s seen of Tae Jeong and Seon Yu and little hints from what Seon Yu and Gi Jin said. But, I’m hoping, even if he discovers the truth he realize that he is the one who knows Seon Yu best as she was at the convent before this whole mess started piling up and reeking. Plus, Seon Yu was always vocal in how he shouldn’t trust her and how she has become a changed woman. He knows how much Jin Yu’s unfair death hurt her and now he knows about Sarang’s existence. He will be hurt. No avoiding that, but at the end of the day, I hope he can understand that Seon Yu was (except for one instance) always genuine with her feelings and her love for him. It is still bad that he has to discover everything on his own when Seon Yu should have been honest a long time ago.

I am hoping that with the previews, Pung Ho will reveal all and that will help Seon Yu and not hurt her because Pung Ho can vouch for how much his niece loves Ji seok and that is really the only reason she married him, and not just to carry on her revenge.

Learning he just sold his son, Tae Jeong drinks and cusses at the unfairness and then gets his arse beat in a drunken brawl. Dal Nyeo’s actions when she was running to the station and after she got there. Gag me. This woman. There is nothing wrong with loving your child, but her love goes way beyond the norms in the fact she always ignores Tae Jeong’s worngs and turns around to accuse others. Tsk, tsk. You know…kind of…overall…this whole episode made me sick. Too much of Dal Nyeo, Aran, Tae Jeong, and Ji Hui. Blech. And when you read my complains at the beginning of this recap, you’ll understand why. Aigoo.

Tae Jeong reveals where his son is and Dal Nyeo is livid to learn that Ji Hui has gone that crazy. Wasn’t it obvious? I thought it was obvious. Tae Jeong assures his mother his ex is certifiable and he’s all about revenge on all those who spurned him and ruined him which includes but is not limited to Seon Yu, Mrs. Gong, Ji Hui, and Aran. Oddly enough Ji Seok’s name didn’t make that list but you know it’s there even if he doesn’t vocalize it. So what is step one in Tae Jeong’s latest evil scheme? He releases info about Aran’s slush fund to the press which made the stocks of L Foods take a major hit. Eyeroll. So predictable.

Mrs. Gong meets Tae Jeong to hear his demands and not happy when he requests the entire Chinese branch just for the evidence against Aran. Mrs. Gong knows that is a bad deal and tells him so. Tae Jeong then says that isn’t the only thing. He knows how much Mrs. Gong loves Ji Seok and she’s keeping a big secret from him. If Mr.s Gong wants that secret to be buried forever, she had better give Tae Jeong what he wants. Mrs. Gong bluffs saying she still won’t give in. It’s entirely possible that Mrs. Gong would find a way to stop him…but would she go as far as her daughter-in-law I wonder?

What do I mean? After Tae Jeong meets with Mrs. Gong, he’s grabbed by some thugs and is taken to an abandoned warehouse. Aran demands the evidence back (she’s  ransacked Dal Nyeo’s house with no luck) but Tae Jeong refuses. Aran then proposes to do what he always threatens to do with Seon Yu – get rid of her where no one can find her. Aran leaves him to be beaten and dispose of when men in suits come in to kick some butt. Not that I am all for violence, but when Tae Jeong was getting beaten again, it seemed so fake. While the two sides are beating each other, Tae Jeong makes good on his escape when he comes face to face with a woman we haven’t seen before but who I believe is the secret share holder as well as a certain man’s mother. End episode.

Angel's Revenge E.88Seriously, you can understand if it is Ji Seok’s mother and her working with Tae Jeong just to bring the Seo family down as they did do some bad things to her, like stealing her son, etc. But…she wouldn’t be so blinded by revenge that she’d hurt said son by completely destroying that horrible family, right? I mean Mrs. Gong did wrong, but Ji Seok and uri samchon are innocent. I think we are going to have a lot of craziness in the final…15 or so episodes. Will it end well? That remains to be seen. And even though this whole thing has been hinted at off and on for the entire drama, it also seems like a little too much to all save for the end. I will laugh if Tae Jeong becomes her puppet without knowing her true identity it as that would be pure poetic justice.

Ah. I am wondering how Seon Yu can’t take Jin Yu’s obvious hints about Sarang. Then again, Seon Yu’s main priority is worrying over what Tae Jeong will try to do to Ji Seok and stop it while also gearing up the courage to tell her husband everything at last.


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