Just for Fun #6 – JJCC Street Fighter

If you can watch this and not burst out laughing, wow. I had to rewatch, it was hilarious to me. And just why was that one member (maybe E.co?) stretching in the door frame like that while holding a vacuum cleaner while Prince Mak and Eddy were fighting? Talk about some long legs O_O

I have never played Street Fighter, but I’ve seen the abysmal movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Well, I think my sister and I had fun watching the cheesy, plotless, senseless movie, but that doesn’t make it good in the real sense of movies. Anywho, check out the cuteness as JJCC parody the Street Fighter’s video game.

And, as a bonus, if you want to see what the very tall, long-legged Simba can do, check out his appearance on Dream Team where he won first and got the honor of several appearances. You will also get to see Eddy’s martial arts cheer. Of course the boys handpicked by Jackie Chan would be trained in the martial arts by him.

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