The Forgotten #11 – OST Edition

I own tons of soundtracks for Asian dramas and movies. In fact, I own quite a few soundtracks for dramas and movies I’ve never seen, lol. Kind of weird, isn’t it? But just because you don’t watch a drama or movie doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the music, although, you could appreciate the music even more in context of the scenes it’s played in. Even though I own many and love them, I actually can only pinpoint certain soundtracks. Usually I am left scrambling to look up which OST and song is playing.

This Forgotten post will feature 2 OSTs, one from a Korean drama I have never watched and one from a Taiwanese drama I have watched several episodes of with the intent to finish and just haven’t managed to make it that far…after several years. My bad.

Yoon Kye SangFirst up is 사랑에 미치다 [Sarange Michida; Crazy for You]. this was a 2007 SBS drama starring g.o.d member Yoon Kye Sang, Lee Mi Yeon, Go Joon Hee, and Lee Jong Hyuk. And while the plot isn’t 100% the same…it rings kind of true to Yoon Kye Sang’s latest drama Beyond the Clouds or whatever. Having never seen this drama, I can’t talk about how excellent these songs suited the scenes or bring up any cool scenes. I do like the instrumentals for this OST. The love theme and guitar version of “Sarang Michida” are great. I love guitars, lol, and you get lots of songs with some great guitar work in them. You can sample the songs on this YouTube channel.

01. Love Theme (Guitar version) – 홍준호 [Hong Jun Ho]
02. 사랑에 미치다 [Sarange Michida] – Lee Soo Young
Admittedly, this vocal version is not a favorite of mine from this OST.
03. 사랑에 미치다 (Guitar Version) – 이근형 & 홍준호 [Lee Geun Hyeong & Hong Jun Ho]
I prefer this lovely guitar version of “Sarange Michida” more so than the female version by Lee Soo Young. Not quite sure why that is.
04. 세상… 단 한번의 사랑 [Sesang… Dan Hanbeon-ui Sarang] – Ha Dong Qn
This is an artist I associate with OSTs, I think. I have several OSTs featuring him. Love his voice. It’s deep and can have a husky edge, but not an overwhelming  one. This song’s ending has an almost grand, musical build up that works well.
05. Never – Yeomin Yoon
This song has a great guitar track. Yep. For some reason, I’m reminded of Wheesung. The voice obviously isn’t his, but it just has a bit of a similarity that it reminds me of Wheesung. YoonYeomin’s song definitely seems to have a more plaintive quality than the previous track.
06. Crazy for You – Mr. 미미 [Mr. Mimi]
A straightforward rock ballad that tugs at you the more you listen. I’d listen to more by this artist..too bad I can’t find out much. Every time I Google the name, I get Mr.Mr search results, lol.
07. Miss U – Slo Wit Flo
A hip hop song. No OST is complete without at least one track with rap it seems. Not a bad song, but not a favorite from this album.
08. 그래도 [Geurado] – Suzy
No, not that Suzy. This was a few years before Miss A’s debut, so this is NOT the nation’s first love. This is a gorgeous and haunting ballad!
09. 알 수 없는 길 [Al Su Eopsneun Gil] – 김성수 [Kim Seong Su]
I’m sure I’m wrong for saying this, but this has a new agey feel to me. It’s definitely a far cry from the other ballads and rock and hip hop songs. It’s got this weird ethereal quality and I’m never certain if I really like this song or not.
10. 꽃 (Drama Version) [Ggot; Flower] – 신지아 [Shin Jia]
A pretty ballad, but not my cup of ballad tea. I do, like with most of the other songs, love the guitar int this song as well.
11. Nevertheless (Instrumental) – 김현종 [Kim Hyeon Jong]
12. 죽음, 그리고… (Instrumental) [Jogeum, Geurigo] – 김현종 [Kim Hyeon Jong]
13. Peacefully (Instrumental) – 김현종 [Kim Hyeon Jong]
14. Karma (Instrumental) – Park Yo Han
15. 추억 (Instrumental) [Chueok] – Park Yo Han
16. Love Theme (Instrumental) – 장준호 [Jang Jun Ho]
17. 난 그대에게 [Nan Geudaeege] – Ray Kang
His husky low voice and the simple guitar melody…♥♥♥♥♥

Jimmy Lin, Yoo Ha NaThe next OST is from a drama that I just haven’t gotten around to finishing even though i do like it. This is a 2007 Taiwanese drama 放羊的星星 [fāng yáng de xīngxīng; My Lucky Star] starring actor/racer/singer Jimmy Lin, Korean actress Yoo Ha Na, and Lee Wei. The OST for this drama is awesome. Unfortunately, it’s been way too long since my starting it for me to recall any cool memories from the drama in regards to the OST. Nuts.

01. 對望 (韓文版) [Dui Wang; Look at Each Other (Korean version)] – Bii
Seriously!!!! I had NO idea the loveable Bii participated in this OST by singing the Korean version of Jimmy Lin’s song. It’s interesting as his voice seems more purer and less…plaintive, but the strains of his voice are definitely recognizable. I love all of Bii’s music.
02. 極速愛情 [Ji Su Ai Qing; Love in Haste] – 李雅微 Shivia Li
This is more of a dance song. It’s got a very urgent beat and melody which fits in with the title quite well.
03. 對望 [Dui Wang; Look at Each Other]- 林志穎 [Jimmy Lin]
Jimmy Lin is a great singer. He really is. Such a multi-talented man. I love the Korean version and I love the Chinese version of this song as well.
04. Paradise – 李雅微 [Shivia Li]
A fun, upbeat song. I’m not a big fan of this track, though. Just something about it…I like it more as it goes on, but for some reason, the beginning kind of turns me off.
05. 我們的紀念 [Wo Men De Ji Nian; Our Commemoration] – 李雅微 [Shivia Li]
After her first two upbeat tracks, this is a heartfelt ballad. I think I like this song the most by her.
06. Goodbye My Love – 何俊明 [He Jun Min]
Another beautiful ballad. I do recall that while there was a lot of fun to be had in this drama, especially pre-accident, there was a lot of angst and painful moments as well. Ah, this is my FAVORITE track from this album. It’s just so ballad and He Jun Min’s emotion and voice…hee…so good.
07. 堅強分手 [Jian Qiang Fen Shou; Be Brave Breaking Up] – 何俊明 [He Jun Min]
This is yet another awesome ballad by the awesome He Jun Min. Enought said.
08. 華麗的悲傷 [Hua Li De Bei Shang; Magnificent Sadness] – instrumental
09. 陪我在107號牢房 [Pei Wo Zai 107 Hao Lao Fang; Keep Me Company in Jail Cell #107] – instrumental
10. 眼角的漩渦 [Yan Jiao De Xuan Wo; Whirlpool in the corner of the Eye] – instrumental
11. 留住紀念 [Liu Zhu Ji Nian; Keep the Commemoration]
12. Goodbye 初體驗 [Goodbye Chu Ti Yan; First Time Goodbye] – instrumental
13. 天堂上的星星 [Tian Tang Shang De Xing Xing; Stars in Heaven] – instrumental
14. 白紗窗 [Bai Sha Chuang; White Window Screen] – instrumental
15. 慢熱筆記 [Man Re Bi Ji; Slow Heated Notes] – instrumental
16. 戀愛 Paradise [Lian Ai Paradise; Love Paradise] – instrumental
17. 暗飆 [An Biao; Underground Racing] – instrumental
18. 聖戰路西法 [Sheng Zhan Lu Xi Fa; Holy War Lucifer] – instrumental

I don’t talk about instrumental tracks. Nope, nope, but I can say that the instrumentals in both these dramas were good. So check out their awesome OSTs and check out the dramas. I can’t guarantee they are awesome, but I know that My Lucky Star is at least worth a gander.

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