Angel’s Revenge Episodes 85-86 Recap

I took my birthday off from posting, mian. These two episodes really go hand in hand, though. We have Tae Jeong being completely ousted and we all know that he isn’t going down alone so he will do whatever it takes to lash out at both Aran and Seon Yu for throwing him under the bus. The first episode concentrated more so on Tae Jeong getting kicked out while the second episode focuses more on Seon Yu worrying about Ji Seok learning the entire truth and getting hurt. Of course, Ji Seok is starting to have his suspicions since Tae Jeong is leveling blame at Seon Yu, but the girl remains adamant that there is nothing there. She should have been honest. Honesty would mean more than covering the truth up for the umpteenth time and would actually hurt Ji Seok less.

Tae Jeong tries to act like his own dung doesn’t smell, but the stupid Aran is not entirely stupid. Her son-in-law has been caught in the act, there is now way to misunderstand the situation. How dare the dog bite it’s owner? Tae Jeong is finished. Miss Yoon takes the money away and Aran leaves while Tae Jeong sinks to the ground and wonders just how all of this could have happened when he was so close to his goal. Enter our conspiring trio. Tae Jeong is livid and wants to attack Seon Yu. But come one, he’s outnumbered. We have Gi Jin and the martial arts master there. It’s a bad move to let Tae Jeong know about the set up, but at the same time, isn’t it a good move as well since this will help bring Seon Yu’s lies to light? She really does need to own up to her own past. It’s about time.

Ji Hui has called Dal Nyeo over since she doesn’t show any love or care for Sarang. She even makes MIL change the baby’s loaded doodoo diaper. Enter the furious Aran downstairs who tells Ji Hui to get divorced right away. Ji Hui just bursts out into maniacal laughter at Tae Jeong’s latest hijinks causing Aran to really worry. What is going on. Ji Hui pauses in her laughter to praise Tae Jeong for being the typical Tae Jeong. Something about Ji Hui’s attitude is really offputting at this point as is her manners. Sure, she’s barren because of her husband who only married her for her position and status…but…this unhinged cookie forgets the blame rests with her and her alone for agreeing to marry the man after hearing the truth…although Tae Jeong’s lies about Seon Yu made it hard for Jin Yu to believe Seon Yu actually told the truth. Oh well. But, since Ji Hui does know the truth about her evil husband and had stopped trusting him for a long time now and new what he was capable of, it’s actually quite bad she kept him around at all to let him wreak havoc on her family. Such a bad seed, this one.

So Dal Nyeo is unceremoniously kicked out of the house and she is so confused as Aran and Ji Hui keep talking about Tae Jeong being a dirty thief who tried to steal the company. Dal Nyeo doesn’t get how anyone can steal a company. Oh, for the love of Mike. It’s really not that hard. It doesn’t take knowledge of the business world to know that it is possible to steal a company from someone…or rather it is more like a hostile take over than thievery. It’s the siphoning of Aran’s funds that make him a thief, not the buying up of stocks in his own name.

Mrs. Gong wishes to confront Aran while Ji Seok wants to let it slide. Mrs. Gong can’t do that as she is the smart one and knows it will only make matters much worse. So she goes home and Aran is called into her room where Mrs. Gong accuses her daughter-in-law of sullying the foundation by doing what she did. Aran immediately throws Tae Jeong under the bus as she won’t take the fall if she can pin it on a scapegoat instead. Enter Wu Hyeon who has just come home from making deliveries with Bangtong who he was also getting love advice from. If Wu Hyeon wants to marry, he needs to keep giving presents (to Bong Chang) just like he does with Bangtong. It was a cute break from the screaming and yelling.

Tae Jeong is in his office worrying, but he then goes to the delusional conclusion that he’s fine as long as his wife’s by his side. He was the first to admit that Ji Hui’s acceptance of him after hearing the recording is odd and how can he forget all of her veiled barbs and insults and her very odd actions in general? But Tae Jeong is a drowning man clinging to whatever rotten branches come him way without noticing just how rotten they are. So when Ji Hui comes in and says she supports him and wants to take him home to clear the mess up, he goes like cattle to the slaughter.

Tae Jeong complains once at the Seo house that it was all a mistake and there was no proof he did anything wrong (since Aran directly accuses him of making her set up a slush fund and buy stocks). Mrs. Gong plays the recording and before Tae Jeong can try to bring the ugly real truth of the recording to light, he’s forced out of the house. I can’t believe no one thought it was odd that Seon Yu left not too long afterward, but they didn’t. Anywho, Seon Yu basks in her victory while Tae Jeong threatens her. Seon Yu promises that things are not ending, but rather just beginning as she is not done with her revenge until Tae Jeong has been thrown in jail for murder. Tae Jeong cannot believe Seon Yu is still harping on blaming him for Jin Yu’s death and just tells her that they shall see how long her arrogance lasts when Ji Seok completely turns his back on her. When the entire truth comes out, I don’t think Ji Seok could turn his back on her as I think it’s very obvious that throughout this entire series Seon Yu’s care and concern and love for Ji Seok was very genuine, plus Ji Seok’s guilt just might intensify when he discovers the whole truth and he knows just how much Seon Yu loved her eonni and how much it destroyed her when Jin Yu died.

Dal Nyeo and Tae Mi seek Tae Jeong out and he’s camping outside the Seo house. He’s not leaving until he gets what he deserves. I thought that by now Tae Mi has had enough hints to realize her oppa is not a good person nor is her mother, but she stands by them and doesn’t understand why they are being trod upon. Loyalty is all well and good, but ignorance is not bliss and Tae Mi should realize the truth by now with everything she’s overheard hear and there to know that Tae Jeong really deserves to be kicked out. Him blaming everything on Seon Yu is fairly typical just like Aran is blaming everything on him as is Ji Hui (though she splits the blame with Seon Yu as well).

Inside the Seo house, Ji Hui keeps hurling thinly veiled barbs at Seon Yu so the girl should know she isn’t safe and just because Tae Jeong has been ousted, doesn’t mean Ji Hui will forgive and forget and let Seon Yu be happy. Mrs. Gong talks to Aran once more and tells Aran that she must resign from the foundation. Aran cannot believe this. She was the one who worked hard to build that foundation from the ground up. So what? She is also the one who sullied the foundation by using it for personal reasons. Aran shrieks that this is all because Mrs. Gong never gave her what was rightfully hers. If it was not for Aran’s parent’s money, the poor country hick family she married into would have amounted to nothing. Hmm…you can’t tell that the Seos were from poor origins, could you? Aran does bring up that it was Mrs. Gong’s money that saved the company when it hit a rough patch, but that doesn’t give Mrs. Gong the right to not give Aran a slice of the pie. Mrs. Gong is horrified by this. So…the evil deed that was done by Mrs. Gong was done to save her son and daughter-in-law when L Foods initially hit trouble. This is why L Foods is more Ji Seok’s than anybody’s because Mrs. Gong did something bad that involved his mother for money, what that grandfather was hinting at lord knows how many episodes ago.

Almost everything is in the light now. Almost. Once everything has been fully revealed, this story will be over. What kind of ending will we get, I wonder?

To add insult to Aran’s injury, the next day Mrs. Gong announces once more that Aran must give up the foundation and that Seon Yu is to take over it and make it an organization that really helps out society. The adults leave and Ji Hui gleefully says she can’t imagine Seon Yu doing anything that good. Ji Hui has forgotten that she was a pure and honest nun and ignores the fact that even though Seon Yu has used some not-so-good methods, she has never once harmed any one or the company and has always done her best to do good. The nun in her, the good person in her, can’t make her fall as low as Tae Jeong slithers. Still, Seon Yu does not wish to take on the foundation at all. Can’t blame her in this case as she knows that she really has no right to take over such an immense task and part of the Seo family as she doesn’t think she can be there for much longer.

Ji Seok and Mrs. Gong set out for work and Tae Jeong runs up and tries to talk to Mrs. Gong, but she refuses to listen and Ji Seok commands him to stop. Tae Jeong then starts hurling allegations towards Seon Yu as he’s being dragged away. Ji Seok asks what the other man is insinuating, but Seon Yu lies through her teeth and says she doesn’t know. Meanwhile, Aran goes to the coffee shop and Pung Ho and Bong Hwang watch from a distance as Dal Nyeo is forced to give up the coffee shop to keep her son out of jail. Poetic justice. I still can’t believe Dal Nyeo is professing unfairness when she and her son have done no good. Why should they get an easy life? Because they had hard beginnings? Seon Yu and Jin Yu had very rough times what with their parents dying young and being forced into an orphanage before Jin Yu was old enough to raise her baby sister on her own. Look at how they turned out? Your roots don’t have to be your undoing, but somewhere along the way, Tae Jeong became corrupted and his mother was always blind to her own sins. Needless to say, Bong Hwang is happy their drunk son was telling the truth when he came home sloshed to celebrated Tae Jeong getting kicked to the curb.

Ah, I almost forgot that Pung Ho is getting more and more suspicious about Ji Hui and the baby. Jin Yu’s baby was named Sarang so it makes no sense for Ji Hui to name her own baby Sarang as that name is really a name of betrayal for her. Coupled with what Wu Hyeon said about Ji Hui being unable to love the adorable Sarang and that Sarang looks like Tae Jeong…Pung Ho is really using his brain and racking it to figure out what it all can mean and we know that he will figure it out that Sarang really is Sarang and Ji Hui is using the child for her own sick revenge.

Tae Jeong roots through his vehicle to find the papers he stole from Aran. I don’t know what those papers are all about. But supposedly they can hurt her and he will use them against her. I’m all for that since neither Aran nor Ji Hui are on my list of people I actually like in this drama. He’s then caught in the parking garage and unceremoniously ousted from there. He leaves after threatening the security that he will be back and he will remember them all for how they treated him. Snort. Aigoo, Tae Jeong-ah.

Ji Seok gets the call about Tae Jeong and then he asks Seon Yu once more. Seon Yu again lies that she has no connection to Tae Jeong nor has anything transpired between them that Ji Seok is not aware of. Ji Seok heads out to his grandmother’s office while Seon Yu worries a bit in his office. Meanwhile, Mr. Kim reports to Mrs. Gong that research shows Tae Jeong could be Jin Yu’s baby’s father! This horrifies Mrs. Gong and it’s where we leave off.

So Mrs. Gong is going to confront Seon Yu. I’m sure she’s feeling doubly betrayed since Seon Yu really has been the golden daughter-in-law all of this time. Plus, Seon Yu has worked hard for both Ji Seok and the company. But Tae Jeong was a good worker at one time, too. But you can honestly say Seon Yu shows no signs of such ambition. I’m sure Seon Yu’s response will be trying to leave Ji Seok once more. We all know how unsuccessful she was in doing that in the past and we all know that her running away, like always, solves none of the problems. And Tae Jeong, being Tae Jeong, will do his best to hurt Ji Seok in order to hurt her. He’s so predictable.


  • Yes, now would have been the time to tell JS! Now! But alas, the lies continue and to her detriment. Let’s just say, the next 3 days of episodes will be interesting…..

  • I’m with Bel… Just wait and see! We (Bel and I) can’t wait to see and read your reaction on the next three episodes! It will be epic!!!!

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