New Discoveries: Korean Indie

I love discovering new music, new bands, new…anything as long as it’s good. The crazy month (really inside family joke, sorry) of May has heralded in two new discoveries of Korean indie bands. I am falling harder and harder for the indie scene in South Korea. From the short-lived Activity to Mega Stick to The Breeze to Lips-Bite to The Alphards – there’s some really great musicians, song writers, and bands.

While I’m technically not 100% certain they qualify as indie, that is what I’m calling them. Their sounds are definitely not mainstream kpop and dance music nor ballads. Today I would like to introduce you to 빌리어코스티 (Bily Acoustie). I know nothing about this person beyond he has an amazing voice and a stripped down sound. Not like Standing Egg’s mellow acoustic. It’s a different kind. But it’s awesome and beautiful and I’m totally in love! Check out Bily Acoustie’s songs 그 언젠가는 (Geu Eonjenganeun; Someday) and 만약에 우리 (Manyake Uri; What If we were) both from his album Days of Disturbance. His voice isn’t quite that deep, husky voice, but it’s almost there and it’s a very nice voice to listen to. I wish I could find more info about him in English.

Another discovery is the totally awesome band 블루파프리카 (Bluepaprika). Again, I don’t have much information to give you about this group. They aren’t a band with definitive rock sound. Their may be some undertones, but they have a more…mellow?…softer band sound that is also quite awesome. Check out their songs 긴긴밤 (Ginginbam; Longest Night) from their full length album Longest Night and 고백 (Gobaek; Love Confession) featuring the band Kingston Rudieska (I think I totally butchured that poor band’s name, mianhe) from their single Love Confession.

I hope you enjoy these two new discoveries just as much as I do!

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  • Its’ actually my first comment about Bily Acoustie. Accidentally I heard him from Yoo Hee Yeol Sketch Book and I mesmerized by his voice. The song of Days of Disturbance. has really deep meaning and I cried in the end of the songs.

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