Angel’s Revenge Episode 83 Recap

Pity the child who has a mom coming unhinged and a dad who could care less about his existence. Oddly enough, even if Tae Jeong knew the truth, I don’t think he’d be treating Sarang any better. Poor, poor baby. And why is Ji Hui worried about if the truth is uncovered? She’s married to the baby’s biological father so it’s doubtful that the Heos could successfully try to take Sarang away now that he’s been officially adopted.

Seon Yu is definitely taken aback by Ji Hui’s violent yelling to not touch the child. Our former nun just say she had no ill intentions and just wanted to help with the baby (since it’s completely obvious Ji Hui is a lost cause doesn’t know what she’s doing). Ji Hui’s response to that isn’t a very…encouraging…one. She is the child’s mother NOT Seon Yu. Ji Hui is the one who needs to learn how to do things herself. Seon Yu draws back and repeats once more that Ji Hui must hold the baby to feed it and that she must pat it’s back afterward. Ji Hui snaps that she knows that much and Seon Yu leaves the room.

Bong Chang invites Wu Hyeon over to the pizza shop as a thank you for helping out when they needed a delivery man, for buying Bangtong a bike, and for teaching Bangtong how to ride the bike. Wu Hyeon is happy as it is the first time anyone (besides family) has invited him out. Chang then hands over a matching doll just like hers! Omo. They now have couple bears. How cute! He then talks about longing to marry and have a child as well. He complains that Ji Hui and Tae Jeong brought a baby home and now he’s a grandfather, but he doesn’t want to be a grandfather, but rather a father. He does ask Bong Chang to depart any know how about getting married since she has been married twice. Chang gets angry and rushes out of the pizza parlor as her two failed marriages are a complex to her and she is not happy that Wu Hyeon knows about her previous failed marriages. Uri samchon just sits stunned and says he wants a child as cute as Bangtong to raise. Awww.

Needless to say, Bong Chang scolds her son later who tells her he was just being honest to Wu Hyeon and she shouldn’t fret over her first failed marriages and should be preparing herself for a much better third marriage. Chang then tells Bong Hwang about Tae Jeong adopting a baby. This immediately seems strange to Bong Hwang. Why would they suddenly adopt when it turned out Sarang #2 wasn’t Sarang? She is convinced that Tae Jeong pulled a fast one over on her niece and brought the baby secretly into the Seo family. It’s funny as she is totally right and completely wrong. She is right that Jin Yu’s baby has been brought into the Seo family in secret right under Seon Yu’s unknowing nose, but she’s wrong because she thinks it was Tae Jeong’s doing. Nope, it’s his cray cray wife’s doing. I’m not saying Ji Hui won’t “love” the child as she does seem to be trying to act like a good mother, but at the same time, a good mother would never pull the stunt she did.

The next day is Sarang’s first day in the Seo house. Ji Hui is upset that Tae Jeong is going out to buy stocks instead of staying home with her in the baby. She yells at him that he has not accepted their son. Tae Jeong says that isn’t it and it’s just because he’s not used to thinking of himself in a fatherly light yet. He goes out the door where he meets Seon Yu and goads her about Sarang. He tells her to quickly find his son so he can have the joy of taking Sarang away from his aunt and raising him with Ji Hui. Seon Yu cannot believe the audacity of Tae Jeong to insist upon raising a child whose mother he murdered. Tae Jeong then throws it back in Seon Yu’s face that her only hope of proving him a murderer is gone unless she digs up Hyeonsu and brings him back with the evidence. Shameless. Very shameless.

While Tae Jeong is scrambling around looking for the neutral shareholders, Mr. Kim is apprising Ji Seok of the worsening situation. Aran is acquiring more and more stocks. Ji Seok looks at the list and knows he will also have to find the neutral shareholders and either bring them over to his side or convince them to sell the stock to him. You know Ji Seok isn’t doing this to save himself, but rather to save his grandmother. The only problem is that these neutral shareholders are actually all one person who has set up several proxies. The million dollar question is just who owns these ridiculous amounts of shares and just why is this person hiding their identity behind others? Another big question is just who will this person help…Tae Jeong or Ji Seok? I think it would be kind of cool if the mystery person was related to Ji Seok in some way…but if that was the case…would they have remained neutral all of this time? It would be really interesting if it was Ji Seok’s mother or a sibling or maternal relative so we can have that big reveal as this show starts to wind down.

Bong Chang and Bong Hwang come over to visit the baby and confirm their suspicions. Seon Yu tells them everything and doesn’t think tht can be the case, but Bong Hwang does notice the baby looks an awful lot like Tae Jeong. Before anything else can be said, the angry Ji Hui swoops in and yells at them to get out. Wu Hyeon is upset that Ji Hui is treating his guests that way and is even more upset that she is acting like that in front of the baby. He scolds her as being a terrible mother before ushering Bong Chang out. Seon Yu has to restrain her aunt from fighting with Ji Hui since th other woman hurled insults their way. The angry Hwang demands to know if Seon Yu is always treated like that. Seon Yu lies and says that isn’t the case. Bong Hwang has Ji Hui pegged. She’s losing her marbles. This was also seen earlier when Aran complimented that Tae Jeong was going out to buy stocks to support Ji Hui making him an excellent match. Ji Hui started laughing like crazy to the point Aran looked a bit worried. If Ji Hui doesn’t end up in the nuthouse by the time this is done, it will be shocking. Sad to say that Bong Hwang is disappointed that Ji Hui’s baby isn’t Sarang. Um…sheesh. But…I wonder if Bong Hwang will be able to let it go and if it will just eat at her. In fact, since she told Seon Yu, why not just do a DNA test to be safe?

Totally off topic, but I’ve been watching Witch’s Romance and in that drama there is no way for them to do a paternity test on a child without actually having it done by a parent. So how in the heck in all of these stupid dramas do we get all these stupid secret DNA tests done? And by legal DNA testing places to boot?

Let’s see…what else happened in the is episode. So…Ji Seok finally caves in and tells Seon Yu his unhappy news about Aran having Tae Jeong buy up L Foods stock. Not really news to Seon Yu, but I guess she didn’t know 100% that is what the money and the list of shareholders was for…how could you NOT know with money and a list of shareholders? When Ji Seok is sleeping, Seon Yu looks at the list and compares it to the pictures of Tae Jeong’s list. It’s exactly the same. What can she do to save the Seos and thwart Tae Jeong on this matter? She is soon distracted by the baby crying. Ji Hui is jiggling it and pleading for Sarang to go to sleep. Seon Yu takes commands and asks to see the baby. Ji Hui reluctantly hands Sarang over and Seon Yu checks the diaper. Baby boy is wet and hungry. Isn’t the diaper one of the first things you check when it comes to crying babies? Depending on age and feeding cycle, you should also know when it’s time to have another bottle. Shouldn’t the place where the baby was adopted from give all that info to Ji Hui? Of course…the baby was just brought in…but still. Ji Hui snidely tells Seon Yu (in her head, not aloud of course) that Seon Yu had better dote on the baby as much as possible because Ji Hui will make darn sure that Seon Yu never discovers the truth about Sarang.

Moon Bo Ryung, Yoon So Yi

We end this episode with Tae Jeong getting a call from the mysterious shareholder asking to meet and discuss the stocks. Tae Jeong seems really excited about this as the man is desperate. Earlier he snuck into Mrs. Gong’s room to find a report on the hidden shareholder as Mrs. Gong must have researched who it was already. He didn’t find that info, but he did overhear Mrs. Gong instructing Mr. Kim to look into Jin Yu’s accident, the baby, and the baby’s father. He storms off and violently slams his fist into his steering wheel complaining that Seon Yu is out to get him through Mrs. Gong. That’s when he gets the call. Only it’s not the real shareholder. Gi Jin and Seon Yu are setting Tae Jeong up. Are they trying to rob him of his money so he can’t carry out his mission?

We’ll have to wait until next week to find out. Gah. I don’t care how focused a person is, how can you drown out the sound of a crying baby? You can choose to ignore it, but to say you honestly didn’t hear it? Shakes head. Further proof Tae Jeong would only be a rotten father. At least Ji Hui doesn’t ignore or mistreat the baby…yet. Small favors.


  • Doesn’t your concern skyrocket as JH becomes more cray cray?! Motherhood and craziness do not mix. But the scam at the end? Even I was impressed with SY! Smart move!

  • Immediately, when I heard about the mystery stock holder, I thought (too) wouldn’t it be great if it was Ji Seok’s mother. He needs something on his side because right now, he is in the dark about so many things that seems to swirling around him as a target without really having all the ammunition he needs to really fight back. JH is getting crazier and crazier. When are other people going to notice that this is not really JH? Or should I say, when are they going to realize how bad she really was in the past when they realize how long it took them to recognize the real change in her?

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