The Forgotten #10 – Fun4 ‘Exit’

FUN4樂團 are a Taiwanese band signed to the same label as popular host/singer/actor Alien Huang. I just discovered this band last year. I liked them so much that I even went out and bought the album that I discovered them with…and then several months later, while I still know who they are and check out their new releases when they have them, I forgot all about the album I bought. I was sitting and listening to my music (oddly enough, iTunes only wanted to play American (or English songs) while working from home and realized I wasn’t sure just who was singing. I checked it out and it was the Fun4!

Small note of trivia: Alien took several groups from his label and combined them to form a super group to combat the Hallyu wave and they released an album. The name was Playboz, but I don’t know anything too much about that project and if these several groups actually still perform together or if this was just a one off. Fun4 was part of this larger group as well.

I have featured them in my monthly playlists last year and talked about how I liked their music. How could I forget this album? It’s a nice blend of genres with some rock, pop, etc. We have slower songs, bouncier songs. A little something for everyone to enjoy. I really wish I could find more information about this band, but not much exists in English that I can see, which is sad. I can’t tell you much about them beyond I really love their music and highly recommend checking them out. I love bands, what can I say?

One of the awesome things about Rock Records is that they upload quite a few of the songs (if not all) from their artists’s releases. You can enjoy the fun, serious, playful songs from this band. Ah, since there are several types of songs on here, you really get the range of the vocalist from the soft, sincere tones to the deeper tones. I think we even get some falsetto thrown in. You almost, on some songs, can’t tell it’s the same vocalist.


Release date: 13 April 2014
Buy on iTunes | YesAsia

01. 出口 [Chūkǒu; Exit]
We open with a simple melody that transforms when the full band sound kicks in nice and loud. It then goes into that simple melody once more before exploding back into the chorus. A great opening song.

02. 戀愛實驗課 [Liàn’ài shíyàn kè]
The opening instrumental almost seems like a video game instrumental track. This tune runs throughout the song under the other music when it kicks in and makes this a fun song.

03. 說愛你的時候 [Shuō ài nǐ de shíhou]
This song tones it down as it is a stripped acoustic beginning. The other instruments kick in so it’s no longer just the guitar when the chorus comes. I like the guitar in this song and the buildup to the chorus is nice.

04. 沒有關係 [Méiyǒu guānxì]
This song has a very an addictive chorus. I keep singing along with “meiyou guanxi” which is repeated throughout. Oh…and the guitar at the end of the chorus? Love that brief little part!

05. 照騙 [Zhào piàn]
This is a song that starts off soft with a piano sound mixed in. While the chorus does pick up, it doesn’t explode or exude as much energy as the previous tracks’ choruses. they keep this song restrained. That’s really what it feels like, it doesn’t break free and remains restrained. Not in a bad way at all. And even though this is a softer song in respect to the previous tracks, it does have a nice rock undertone to it. Guitar solo that starts at about 3 and a half minutes in is totally awesome.

06. 反轉地球 [Fǎn zhuǎn dìqiú]
During this song all I can think of is how can a person sing so fast without slipping? It’s like this song is sprinting towards the finish line with the melody and the fast singing. This is the only song that is under 3 minutes.

07. 黏踢踢 [Nián tī tī]
Seriously my favorite part of this song is how they sing “Nián tī tī” in the chorus. I just love the way it sounds, lol. This song is another fast-tempo one that really picks up in the chorus.

08. 偷心賊 [Tōu xīn zéi]
The guitar at the beginning reminds me of another song, but I can’t peg just which song that is. For some reason, I’m thinking of the RENT OST and “Glory”…I have no idea why. A bit or a rock ballad impression with this song. I really like the guitar in these songs, I really do.

09. 你的溫度 [Nǐ de wēndù]
Another track opening with the strains of a piano. This is probably the softest song and one that seems to really tug at you. This does pick up at the chorus, but again, doesn’t seem to really explode, but remains tastefully restrained.

10. 南柯一夢 [Nánkēyīmèng]
This is the only song which seems to fuse traditional music with modern rock (unlike the album I featured by Weibird that did have several fusion songs). Throughout this song you get the strains of the traditional instruments and really works. I enjoy that fusion of the two music genres.

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