Angel’s Revenge Episode 81 Recap

Ji Hui has fully gone Dark Side on Seon Yu and Tae Jeong and poor Sarang is going to be the one to probably suffer the most. Yes, Tae Jeong has done awful things to his wife and thus deserves every bit of punishment that can be done, but his poor innocent son doesn’t deserve to be tortured in daddy’s place. Ji Hui is very conveniently forgetting that Seon Yu has told her the truth from day one and warned her multiple times. She insists that both Seon Yu and Tae Jeong ruined her and Ji Seok’s lives. Where is proof of this? Ji Seok’s life isn’t ruined and he’s come back better and stronger than ever thanks to Seon Yu and her genuine concern and love for him while it is Tae Jeong’s fake love that helped throw Ji Hui down as well as her own naivety and pride. She was the one driving that day, you know. Yes, she was upset about learning the full truth about Jin Yu which Seon Yu finally got her to believe. But…Tae Jeong was the one insisting on divorce and she was the one insisting they go through with it right that minute even though her pride was outraged. Take responsibility for your own poor decisions, i.e. marrying a monster and driving when you too upset to pay attention.

You know, I was thinking about it today. At the time of the divorce issue, Tae Jeong was insisting he would take his daughter. Of course, he had no intention of going through with the divorce as it was all an elaborate gamble, but he was insisting upon parental rights for the unborn daughter. The thing is…I don’t think there is any love there. With this case, it was part of his bluff to get Ji Hui to forgo the divorce and trust him once more, but at the same time, I think it also comes down to a matter of possession. Yes, a child isn’t a thing, but to Tae Jeong it’s a bargaining chip to be used when it can and to be let go when it can’t. He was fully prepared to give up Sarang because he thought it just wouldn’t work out or help his situation with Ji Hui. Of course…I think a part of him wants the child to hurt Seon Yu by keeping it from her since it’s her precious eonni’s son and another part can’t bear to let go of anything that’s “his” even if he doesn’t really have any real emotions for the child as a father should have.

It feels like this show is kind of winding down and should be over with soon. But then again, I also really didn’t think they could raw a certain plot out as long as they did in Melody of Love which is over 100 episodes. Once one plot has been done to death, a new one is introduced that was hinted at. Here we still have Ji Hui’s revenge and Ji Seok’s birth secret. Oh joy. I don’t think I can actually stomach much more of Ji Hui. I can’t like her character nor sympathize with her and all the screen time she always gets is really starting to grate with her pity parties and misplaced blame and not taking responsibility for her own choices.

Ji Hui picks up the pen and Tae Jeong tries to get her to give it to him, but she won’t. She plays part of the recording and hears Tae Jeong confessing to pretending to be in a coma. She’s horrified. Tae Jeong is desperate and yelling saying it’s all a lie and trap set by Seon Yu who insists its the truth Ji Hui has been conveniently ignoring. Ji Hui takes off and Tae Jeong yells out that he will not go down alone and will take Seon Yu with him. She admits to being fully prepared for the consequences and she will do whatever it takes to ensure Sarang never goes to daddy.

Ji Hui goes to her usual river haunt and ignores Tae Jeong’s calls. The desperate man then rushes to his office and prepares to abandon ship. I guess he really was just hoarding money. Seriously? That was his grand scheme? Or was he hoarding the foundation’s money from Aran to purchase everything in one fell swoop and to take over? It makes no sense if he was just hoarding money for rainy day insurance against Ji Hui’s “love” for him. He also takes important documents out of the safe. This man. Meanwhile, Ji Hui meets with Seon Yu and dresses her down for not being honest. Seon Yu tells her that she has never once lied to Ji Hui. Also, Ji Hui always chose to believe in Tae Jeong’s lies versus Seon Yu’s truths. That is why the recording has never made it into Ji Hui’s hands. Ji Hui takes umbrage and proclaims she isn’t stupid (you just have to laugh at that comment, you know?) and what right does she have to get upset that everything goes back to Jin Yu? Ji Hui declares Seon Yu to be molded from the same filth as Tae Jeong and leaves in a huff. Oh…and what about that question she asked when she first got there: “Are you truly a good person or truly a bad person? If you can’t pick one…”? Truthfully Seon Yu was a good person, but feels she has become a bad one, but she still can’t go to the lengths Tae Jeong can and can’t hurt innocent people like Tae Jeong can. Ji Hui? Stopped being innocent when she decided to trust Tae Jeong above everyone else and marry him. I will say that Ji Hui does have the right to be upset that they were using the car accident which caused her infertility as a bargaining chip, but at the same time, she again refused to believe Seon Yu when the girl told her point blank about Tae Jeong’s performance. It’s actually partially her fault that this accident became a bargaining chip. Again, even while recalling Seon Yu telling her everything, Ji Hui pins the sole blame on her.

After meeting with Seon Yu and calling her another Tae Jeong monster, Ji Hui goes to her husband’s office to find him fleeing. Seh asks if he’s running away and the taken aback Tae Jeong uncomfortably lies and says he was doing Aran’s bidding and taking all that cash Ji Hui sees to buy stocks. Ji Hui then lies through her teeth that she is choosing once more to believe her husband over Seon Yu so he can’t run away and must stay by her side. Tae Jeong is relieved to hear this. Ji Hui leaves and he thinks to himself that is right, he can’t run away when he’s accomplished nothing that he set out to do. Gag. Ah, we do get Wu Hyeon overhearing Bong Chang talk about the abandoned baby as Pung Ho and Bong Hwang rushed out to punish the woman for seeing Sarang and Bong Chang was muttering about how she can’t believe how shameless the woman was. She then backtracks and says Wu Hyeon didn’t overhear her correctly. Bangtong is confused and goes to spill out the truth, but Chang shushes him and we get this cute little talk where Bangtong is put in his place as a child while Wu Hyeon and Chang are the adults. Someone should remind that kid he is just a kid no matter how mature he is.

At the Jang house we get Pung Ho and Bong Hwang dressing Dal Nyeo down for shamelessly visiting Sarang. Dal Nyeo is confused as she doesn’t know her grandson’s true name. When she figures it out, she yells at them for not telling her they found her grandson. The remind her she threw Sarang away and then mention the accident. Dal Nyeo, as always, stands up for Tae Jeong’s innocence in the Jin Yu matter and this is the last straw. The Heos threaten to tell the Seos and Dal Nyeo reminds them Seon Yu won’t be safe as Dal Nyeo will make sure they know the real reason Seon Yu married into their family so we end with them both threatening the other they will tell the whole truth and let the chips fall where they may. In the long run, this would definitely be the shortest and fastest route, lol.

Seon Yu waits in agony at home. She needs Ji Seok’s help to get Sarang back, so it will really be bad if Ji Hui spills the beans now. Of course I’m sure Sarang isn’t the only thing on Seon Yu’s mind. I’m sure she is genuinely worried about how Ji Seok will hurt after learning the truth. Ji Hui and Ji Seok come back together. Seon Yu sounds Ji seok out and learns that Ji Hui hasn’t told him anything yet. Ji Hui doesn’t promise not to tell and even starts threatening Sarang in which Seon Yu earnestly pleads for her innocent baby to not be brought in and punished because of adults. Ji Hui even announces to the family that she’s thinking of adopting. She has a child in mind and so does Tae Jeong. Ji Hui then brings up Ji Seok and Seon Yu wanting to adopt and Ji Seok explains a bit about Seon Yu’s nephew, but won’t tell the full story yet as there are things to work out. Ji Hui smirks and comments about Seon Yu having secrets so she can’t tell the family about the adoption. Ji Hui then further taunts her by saying she will consider Tae Jeong’s choice of a baby.

Later we have Tae Jeong happily thinking Ji Hui has forgiven him and is bringing his son into the house for him. Ji Hui promises nothing and says that they will have to see about bringing Sarang home before Seon Yu can. Tae Jeong pulls her into a hug and promises to treat her better and not lie, etc., etc. Ji Hui doesn’t believe this and happily thinks that he must stay by her side to see what she will do to him to make him suffer for all that he’s done to her (that she kind of allowed him to do by, again, not believing the truth no matter how many times she was slapped upside the head with it). Honestly, I’m not saying Tae Jeong is innocent and should be forgiven his sins. He’s done too much already and can’t be forgiven for what he’s done, but Ji Hui needs to accept her own place in this spiraled out of control mess.

Yoon So YiTae Mi meets with Gi Jin who at first accuses her of lying and spying. Tae Mi earnestly pleads that their initial meetings were all just fate and that she liked him before she ever knew who he was and never once spied on him for her brother or mother. Gi Jin says they are fated enemies and out of respect for their initial good will and Tae Mi’s agony at learning the truth about his real identity and not being able to talk to anyone about it, he will ignore her and she should quickly forget her feelings for him because there is no way he will ever be friends or lovers with Jang Tae Jeong’s sister. He leaves and poor Tae Mi cries and cries. What can she do except blame her brother for getting her into such a situation?

Emma calls up Seon Yu and tells her the truth about Sarang #2. Ji Seok and Seon Yu rush to the orphanage and Seon Yu cries and doesn’t understand how this baby who looks so much like her sister isn’t Sarang. I knew he wouldn’t be, but I wanted our cute, happy, feet grabbing baby to be the right one. Of course, this means Sarang #1 is really Sarang and Ji Hui smiles vindictively when she learns she has found the real Sarang. Just wait and see what she will do next as neither Tae Jeong nor Seon Yu will get what they want.

Sounds ominous right? But I also can’t 100% see Ji Hui pulling anything off quite successfully for some reason. Let’s see if her revenge goes any better than Seon Yu’s.


  • I could swear I saw a flicker of paternal love on TaeJeong’s face when he looked at baby Sarang. Just a flicker of humanity. Did you see it? Or am I deluded?

  • Carole, a flicker but the inhuman side took over again as it thought about fostering his real son on his unsuspecting wife while she was standing in the background.

    JH…what can we say about a prideful person that shoulder none of the blame for her predicament. As SY rattled off all of the times that she told her the truth and never lied to her, she decides to harp on a recording? Really? It’s not like SY didn’t tell you he was faking and c’mon, do any of us really believe she would have sent TJ packing after hearing the recording? Damn, the man was basically responsible for the death of a human being and that didn’t phase her!

    So now the inhuman JH will use the baby against them both. The biatch! I’m done with her. My hopes is for some incurable disease to make way to that evil body of hers. There is no redeeming her now. And she does get worse. Watch.

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