Angel’s Revenge Episode 79-80 Recap

The race to find Sarang is supposedly finished, but Ji Hui just might be holding an ace up her sleeve. Seon Yu found the child with the letter while Ji Hui found the child with the ring. The fight now is who gets to claim the child and which child is the correct child. Let’s be honest, we all know Tae Jeong isn’t pushing for parental rights because he loves the son he threw away from conception. No. The only reason he’s pushing now is actually for vengeance on Seon Yu. He knows how much she desperately wants her sister’s baby. Plus, if Ji Hui really wants to adopt, he can slyly bring in his own child, can’t he and his idiot of a wife will never know any better. That’s just what he thinks.

And Ji Hui…I don’t know who she thinks she is, but every time something happens she has this “how dare you/they” attitude. How dare she be lied to, how dare Tae Jeong actually have a child from a previous relationship. I personally think nothing is wrong with the latter (the former is bad after all). It’s in the past. It really is. Yes, a child makes a past relationship more real, but it seems horrible to condemn a person for having a child. It really does. Granted…Tae Jeong through away his girlfriend and baby just to be with Ji Hui…so that’s horrible enough in itself, but the actual fact there is a child isn’t some crime in the grand scheme of things. I hate it in dramas when people get upset over things like previous relationships and children. Shakes head. It’s also interesting that she puts Tae Jeong and Seon Yu together like they are in cahoots instead of being enemies.

Seon Yu sees and holds the baby and believes he looks a lot like her eonni Jin Yu. She calls up her aunt and uncle who rush to the scene to confirm it themselves. They both agree that the baby looks a lot like Jin Yu. So…when can they take it home? They cannot take the baby home until the biological claim has been verified. Pung Ho and Bong Hwang agree that this is a good idea to confirm and make sure, but at the same time, they aren’t even considering the fact that the baby just might not be Sarang. Sure, it has a letter verifying the date of birth is the same, and you can say a baby looks like so and so…but that doesn’t mean the baby is the one you want. Emma prays that everything works out for Seon Yu and the Heos. Seon Yu then gets a call from Ji Seok and refuses lunch since she’s not home, but out. Pung Ho is upset that Seon Yu is still keeping certain things from Ji Seok.

Captain Suspicious knows something is up since Seon Yu has been home less and less and her moods have been down. He heads to the pizza parlor to talk to Pung Ho about this. He overhears Gi Jin and Bong Chang (who are looking at the pictures of Sarang #2) talking about Seon Yu finding the baby that she blames herself for losing in the first place. This throws Ji Seok, but he doesn’t let it show and just goes in and asks about Pung Ho. Gi Jin scolds him for not calling first, because he just missed Pung Ho. Ji Seok does probe a little bit, but not much. He just asks if there is anything going on at home and the two lie saying nothing is up. Right. Ji Seok isn’t necessarily a right away confrontational type. He waits. He waits for something to be said to him, for when the time is right. He is actually giving people a chance. Will Seon Yu take what he is offering?

Anywho, Ji Hui is in a state of shock at seeing the enamel ring. She recognizes it as the one she asked Dal Nyeo for. This woman really doesn’t put two and two together very well right away though. She asks after the people who brought the baby in and learn they are a recently divorced couple. They were very wealthy so including a cheap adult’s ring with the child seems odd. So Ji Hui goes to Dal Nyeo’s house. The woman is still searching orphanages across Korea for her “precious grandson” and is surprised when her daughter-in-law shows up unannounced asking about the ring. Dal Nyeo lies and says she lost it ages ago and Ji Hui reminds her about her saying she gave it away. Dal Nyeo backtracks and says Ji Hui must be right. She then rushes into the bathroom to fret over Ji Hui’s questions. She then gets a call that Ji Hui answers. Ji Hui is livid to learn that her mother-in-law is looking for a baby with a letter and ring born early in the year.

You know at this point, I can’t honestly remember if Ji Hui went to Dal Nyeo first or the mother first, but she does meet with Sarang #1’s mother who left him. The woman cries and explains they couldn’t have children so they “adopted” Sarang #1. Adopted is stretching it as it implies legal action taken to get the child. She saw an ahjumma dropping the baby off and felt so pitiful for the cute little thing that she took it in. She and her husband couldn’t have children and wanted one, so that was their solution…and then they get divorced a few months later and have to give the kid up. What the what. Ji Hui asks about the ring and letter and the woman is floored and scared thinking the baby is really Ji Hui’s. Now that Ji Hui has confirmation that Sarang #1 isn’t the woman’s biological child and an older woman who couldn’t be the child’s mother dropped the baby off in an orphanage near where Jin Yu lived, she’s fairly certain Sarang #1 is her husband’s son with Jin Yu. Her main question now is was he lying when he told her baby and mother died in a car accident. Dal Nyeo’s actions are turning Tae Jeong’s non-lie into a lie. Got to love it.

Seon Yu goes to the office and runs into Tae Jeong. The two do their usual exchange of words and threats, etc. Enter Ji Seok into the tense conversation. Tae Jeong takes his leave and Seon Yu gives him an evil look before turning to her husband and saying she’s found someone. Who? Her eonni’s lost son. These words shock Ji Seok and terrify and anger Tae Jeong. Seon Yu follows her husband into his office to explain the whole story and shoots a vindictive look back at Tae Jeong who is really worried she will tell Ji Seok everything about him, Jin Yu, and the baby. She does and doesn’t all at the same time. She talks about finding Sarang #2 who they though had perished with his mother during the car accident. Ji Seok reveals what he overheard at the pizza parlor and asks if this was what it was referring to. Seon Yu replies it is and Ji Seok asks if she went with the father to see the baby. Seon Yu tenses up. There is no father. Ji Seok isn’t stupid. Is this the person that Seon Yu loved and trusted who betrayed her? Seon Yu concurs and explains how TJ (without naming him) threw away Jin Yu and the baby and caused the accident. Ji Seok is horrified and agrees with Seon Yu that the baby has no father. He then tells his wife that they will take care of Jin Yu’s son together and will raise it themselves. Seon Yu is so touched by this. The fuming Tae Jeong confronts Seon Yu in the parking lot and she plays all coy. She isn’t going to say whether or not she told her husband the whole truth. Tae Jeong doesn’t think it’s wise as they will both be kicked to the curb. Seon Yu just insists he will find out by the way Ji Seok treats him just how much she told her hubby.

Later Ji Seok tells his family that Seon Yu looks much brighter because she had good news. Aran is horrified. Surely Seon Yu isn’t pregnant already is she? This new makes Mrs. Gong and Wu Hyeon happy. Seon Yu denies this and scolds Ji Seok for saying something like that which can be misinterpreted. He then tells his family that Seon Yu finally found someone she was looking for. Details are not gone into and Aran says that for her daughter’s sake, she would prefer if Seon Yu and Ji Seok delayed having children until Ji Hui fully recovers and adopts a child. It’s a horrible thing to ask of them, but at the same time, you can actually understand it from a mother’s perspective. Ji Hui is scarred by that and it’s not a scar easy to overcome. Seon Yu successfully being able to give birth to a child is rubbing salt in an open wound. That being said…you can’t keep Ji Hui away from babies 100% of the time and that won’t do her any good either. Wu Hyeon then talks about how he wishes for a baby as well since Bangtong is so cute, he wants a baby like Bangtong. Ommo. Uri samchon. He also gets excited talking about Ji Seok and Seon Yu having babies and Ji Hui and Tae Jeong having babies. Enter Ji Hui who overhears the last part as Seon Yu tries to stop the conversation as she honestly doesn’t want to rub this in her sister-in-law’s face.

Ji Hui surly as ever, goes upstairs and confronts Tae Jeong (not confront, but rather just outright asks) if Tae Jeong knows what happened to Jin Yu’s baby. Tae Jeong’s expression shows surprise and panic. Why is she asking this all of a sudden? What did she hear from Seon Yu now? Ji Hui says she was just curious and is there someone who would have said something to her? Tae Jeong frets over Seon Yu’s lies about him and Ji Hui choosing to believe in them. Tae Jeong then leaves the room and is greeted coldly by his brother-in-law. Tae Jeong asks if Ji Seok is still upset. Ji Seok replies that he is as he’s very disappointed in Tae Jeong’s behavior. He also can’t hide the fact that he’s displeased. Ji Seok goes downstairs and Tae Jeong is left wondering if this has to do with the baby or Hyeonsu. Enter Seon Yu. Tae Jeong confronts her about the baby while Ji Hui eavesdrops. Later that night she stands over their bed with a murderous glint in her eye. Oy. Stop these disgusting and horrible inner monologues already. I’m getting sick of them. This show went from never doing inner monologues all that much to doing them WAY too much. Meh. Anywho, she steals Tae Jeong’s hair to do a DNA test on Sarang #1.

Even though nothing has been confirmed yet, the Heos are busy preparing for the arrival of Sarang #2. Bong Hwang washed all the baby clothes Jin Yu had prepared while Pung Ho bought more. Bong Hwang then gets the idea to do her own confirmation about Sarang #2. She visits Dal Nyeo and asks to search together. She then has Dal Nyeo rewrite the letter she left with the baby as a reference point in their search. Dal Nyeo quickly agrees to this and begins writing what she believes she wrote. Tae Mi then catches Bong Hwang trying to surreptitiously compare the two letters. Bong Hwang makes a run for it and runs straight into her son who scolds her as she explains what she was doing. Dal Nyeo overhears this and is livid and the two women begin fighting over Sarang while Gi Jin tries to stop the fight and gets shoved so Bong Hwang throws Dal Nyeo to the ground since she touched Gi Jin. Enter Tae Mi to help her mother up. Gi Jin is surprised to see his Miss Skewer is none other than Tae Jeong’s baby sister. The horrified Tae Mi quickly drags her mother away knowing her love is probably ruined now.

Of course Dal Nyeo goes straight to Tae Jeong who stalks Seon Yu and Ji Seok to the orphanage where Sarang #2 awaits. Ji Seok is in love with the little boy as well and thinks the child looks a lot like Jin Yu, too. How can that be when he’s never seen her eonni? Ji Seok explains he saw Jin Yu’s picture at the convent and knows where Seon Yu hides it in their bedroom. This surprises the woman. He also states that he knows how it makes her cry. Ji Seok insists on bringing Sarang back home to raise. Even if the elders disapprove, he’s going to do whatever it takes since Sarang is Seon Yu’s precious family and nephew. Seon Yu catches someone lurking and goes out to see who it is, but Tae Jeong hides.

Ji Hui learns about Sarang #2 as she’s rushing the DNA test on Sarang #1 thanks to Ji Seok going to talk to her about bringing the baby home. So…if Tae Jeong’s baby was discovered by Seon Yu, then who did Ji Hui find? She’s really curious now and goes to the orphanage where Sarang #2 is. There she finds Tae Jeong’s car and watches as Tae Jeong and Dal Nyeo visit the baby since Seon Yu and Ji Seok are gone. Dal Nyeo is surprised that the baby doesn’t look like Tae Jeong, but believes as well that Sarang #2 looks a lot like Jin Yu. The baby just really changed looks is all. Well…they can and newborns are rather different after a few weeks let along a few months…but wouldn’t changing looks from the father to the mother be a bit too drastic of a change? You have to love how Dal Nyeo keeps complimenting Jin Yu for her appearance, etc. Your son helped kill this woman and here you are praising her beauty and wishing your grandson will only take the best from his father and mother? Shameless. Completely shameless.

The angry Ji Hui goes out to her car and watches as Dal Nyeo and Tae Jeong talk. He has now held Sarang #2 and is determined to bring the child back. He will gain enough power so that he can completely ignore his wife and bring his son home. Ouch. But I think we all knew he didn’t love Ji Hui for her “great” personality. I also think that the prices he’s giving Aran are all inflated and that he’s personally buying up the stocks all for himself. That seems much more likely than the shareholders driving the prices up since they know what Aran and Tae Jeong’s plans are. Oh, I’m not saying they aren’t because that one meeting showed a man driving a high asking price for his shares, but at the same time, we also know Tae Jeong is putting a plan into action. He’s using Aran’s name, but I don’t think he’s doing what he says he is for her. Anywho, he gets a call and rushes off.

Emma tells Seon Yu about a man and older woman visiting Sarang at the orphanage and Seon Yu knows it must be Tae Jeong and Dal Nyeo. Bong Hwang apologizes for accidentally letting the cat out of the bag while trying to prove Sarang #2 is the real Sarang. She has been berated enough by her husband and feels genuinely sorry. How funny that she’s taking the role Dal Nyeo usually plays with important information. So Seon Yu calls out Tae Jeong and the two argue over who has the right to take Sarang. Since Tae Jeong burned up his parental rights form, he does have a ground to stand on if he chooses to fight Seon Yu for the baby. If the document wasn’t drawn up on the up and up and was never registered or copied, then there is no way to prove he was given up his rights to his son. He threatens Seon Yu who doesn’t care. She will beg Ji Seok for forgiveness. If Ji Seok can’t forgive her, it will be devastating, but she is keeping Sarang and won’t let Tae Jeong have him. The two struggle over the pen and it flies to the floor (since Seon Yu was fighting his threats with her own). Ji Hui enters and picks it up and questions them about the argument.

Yoon So Yi

That’s where episode 80 leaves us. We all know Ji Hui is entering yet another evil path. How her hatred and insecurities and pride are really eating away at her. Sure Tae Jeong’s actions and even Seon Yu’s haven’t helped her at all, but it’s not like she’s been warped or twisted over night. Eun Su saw it years ago as a teenager. Ji Hui can blame others all she wants, but isn’t more so that she’s just embracing the side she has kept hidden and is only coming to light now thanks to these string of events. Which…at the root…it’s all Tae Jeong’s doing. If Tae Jeong hadn’t thrown the pregnant Jin Yu away, if Jin Yu had been honest with her family up front, if Seon Yu hadn’t told Tae Jeong, if Jin Yu hadn’t begged Tae Jeong to look after Sarang if she died in childbirth. If, if, if. If Ji Hui had only listened to Seon Yu’s heartfelt warnings. IF. But…if “IF” happened, there wouldn’t be a drama would there?

Poor Tae Mi. She was sobbing uncontrollably only to be slapped hard on the back by her mother who demands she get Gi Jin out of her head. Of course Dal Nyeo won’t be sympathetic towards her daughter as she really doesn’t care for Tae Mi as much as Tae Jeong. Since Tae Mi’s love for Gi Jin also involves Tae Jeong because it’s the Heo family’s son, that means no sympathy and only spite. Sheesh. She should care that her poor daughter’s heart has been shattered, but she only cares that she doesn’t want to be entangled with the Heo family and that she doesn’t want Tae Jeong to lose the son he threw away from the very beginning.

Ah! Bangtong sat down with Wu Hyeon for a “man to man” chat. Heehee. He asks about Wu Hyeon’s feelings for his mother and is shocked to see just how much Wu Hyeon likes her and thinks about her. As much as Bangtong does like Wu Hyeon, he tells Mr. Big Eyes that his mother has already worn a wedding dress twice. Wu Hyeon’s response isn’t horror, but happiness at thinking how beautiful she must have been both times. Bangtong then yells that his mom has been married twice and that’s why she has a son as old as him while Wu Hyeon has never been married. Bangtong then says the relationship can’t happen since both parties are entirely too nice. He rushes off with Wu Hyeon honestly apologizing for being ‘too nice” as Bangtong put it. Awww, shucks. It is very true, families don’t like it when never married bachelors marry divorcees…especially divorcees with children. Again…don’t like this, but whatever.


  • Definitely better to combine these and a couple more ep to come. JH is just a lost cause of the blame everybody else but me! But you are right, we would have a totally different story “IF”

  • Pulling the wool over his wife’s eyes is something that he does real well so bringing his child like this wouldn’t be something beneath him. Not sure what kind of vengeance he is looking at with Sonyu that he would push for rights to have his kid. This is a living breathing person for crying out loud not some inanimate object that can be fought over. Plus thanks to DNA wouldn’t it be easier for Sonyu to prove the kid is Taejongs thus revealing his dirty laundry for all to see. Shouldn’t he rather try to get rid of the child than try to claim his rights or thwart Seonyu for getting her hands on it so that he can’t harm him with it. That would be more in with his character than suddenly wanting to have his kid once again. Who mind you he wanted to have nothing to do with in the start.

    I don’t think that Juhui is so upset that she discovered that Taejong had a kid from a previous relationship and is how could he because of that. You are nice to overlook whether someone had a child from their previous relationship and I am sure that it may have been the same case for her as well. The main issue over here is that she feels betrayed that Taejong hid and lied about this fact all along. (True he just discovered that he had a kid but will get to that in a moment). The fact is that from the start Taejong hid his involvement with Jinyu from the start infact he told her multiple times that she was the only one for him and was his First etc…… Then she suddenly finds out that he not only had someone else before her and that she was also pregnant with his kids. Think of the shock and betray that she would feel about this. Had he been honest from the start with her or atleast more honest then she wouldn’t feel like this. After all love changes as someone once put it. People have differences that they can’t reconcile with. So in this cases break-ups/divorces are not unheard of. Jihui was a reasonable person in the start she would have been able to understand him and perhaps still be able to love him. But his fear that he would loose his imaginary power made him a fool and a monster.Thus his own deception will be the path to his own downfall. Like Seonyu said that his greed is his true weakness.
    Also when he claimed that he wasn’t interested in having that child and wanted to do nothing with it she sees him holding that child it was like a slap to her face. So in this regard I can totally understand what is going in her mind at the moment. It certainly is not nice to doubt the person that you trust and then to feel betrayed is even worse. Can’t say about others but these are my feelings on this matter.

    In regards to the Ring I doubt anyone can simply put one and one together. Had the Ring been crafted of say a very rare material such as Vibranium or Admantium then the chances of this being the same one would have dramatically risen. But something as cheap as that thousands of people could have bought and given to their child. Plus she was told that the child had died in the accident so to instantly recognize it would have been much harder. Thus the reason for the DNA Test. If she already didn’t have doubts on her husband I doubt that she would even have requested one and would have just gone and adopted it and much later on discover that this child was the same as her husbands. Lets say that he needed some transplant and the only viable source would be his son . This would raise her Flags and then just to be sure she would get a paternity test and to her shock discover the kid that she had been loving and doting all along was her husbands biological son. She would then turn cold towards him but since Taejong would feel thankful for the kid saving his life would start to warm up to him. Thus the balance would still be maintained. Granted for all this to happen we would need to go over the 100 episode count limit and may even need a few time skips.
    Still would love to see the interactions and how Senoyu’s relationship would grow or not with her family.

    Clearly the Aunt was to over eager thus she let it be discovered that she had a potential lead. Had she simply waited to get her hands on the writing sample then compare all this in private she would have gotten her answer without raising anyones suspicion. Thus it would have been easier to find out whether the kids was theirs or not. Sadly now Taejong is onto to them as well. But since we all know that this isn’t the kid lets find out what happens next.

    I like that Jiseok is willing to adopt the child when easily Seonyu’s Aunt and Uncle can do that. So that really puts him as number one in my books so far, He really cares about his wife and her feelings unlike say someone else.

    I don’t think that it is possible for Taejong to be purchasing the stocks for himself. The reason is that he would have to hand them over to Juhui’s mother after all she is giving him money so she would want something in return. Plus if someone else sells his stocks to someone else it will be discovered and she would simply send Taejong to that person etc… It is more likely that he is offering one party something and getting something else in return. Such as perhaps he is buying the shares at the proper price but perhaps quoting them at a much higher price to someone else and then pocketing the extra cash on his own. That seems more like him. Granted he could be obtaining the shares but it doesn’t make all that sense to me. Then again I have been proven wrong and I also at times don’t understand Drama Logic at times so lets see what happens next. 🙂

    Love that Juhui caught the two and she is now in possession of the fabled recording. Love to see how Taejong will get out of this fine mess that he has gotten himself into. We all know that he will be able to slither out of it someway or the other.

    I am glad to see that Bangtong is finally opening up to the Uncle. Still is a far way in accepting him as family but lets see what happens next.
    His mother is fun and I am not sure what to say about her. For some reason I don’t like her but love her quick and sometimes sarcastic replies that she gives out.

    Not sure what I think about Romeo and Juliet so far. In one way I am glad that all the cards are out on the table. So what they decide to so from now on can really affect them. It is not her fault that her family is so twisted yet her willing to protect that family may be her own downfall. Can’t really say much since I understand that she would be in a tough place so am willing to see where this goes next. Though I do hope that these two can put aside their family differences and become the bridge between the gap and mend them. Perhaps I am to much of a romantic or expect to much, Oh well let the show go on. 🙂

    Speaking of the grandmother I always knew she looked familiar but when I finally realized who she was (Where I had seen her before) I felt ashamed that I hadn’t recognized her earlier. 😦
    (She was the same grandmother who was in Smile Again (2010 version)/Smile Donghae) And that being one of my favorite dramas.)

    What an idiot I turned out to be.

    Still enough with this post. 🙂 Sorry for the length once again But hope to hear from all of you soon. So till then take care and all the best. Kepp up the good work. 🙂

    • Actually, Tae Jeong was upfront about Jin Yu. Oh, sure, not the fact that she was pregnant when he dumped her, but he did let Ji Hui know about his previous relationship and how he broke up with the woman. Now the iffy point is if he dumped Jin Yu before or after he started pursuing Ji Hui. That’s kind of hard to tell. When Aran confronted Ji Hui about Jin Yu, Ji Hui said she knew of Tae Jeong’s past girlfriend and did not hold it against him as he had already stopped seeing her when their relationship began. And quite honestly, given her mother’s experience, if Ji Hui did know about Sarang, she wouldn’t have married Tae Jeong at all. She can forgive a past girlfriend, but not a past child.

      I personally think it’s wrong to say a person can “overlook” having a child from another relationship. This child exists. Should it matter that it is from a previous relationship? I don’t think so. Why should it be overlooked as the child usually comes as part of the package and is part of who the person you love is. It’s rather wrong to go into a relationship because you can overlook a child that is already in existence whether from a previous marriage or relationship. I have issues on the subject of parents, children, and stepparents. Big time. Having been through it myself and seeing it up close from several different relationships and perspectives, those issues of mine have only grown stronger and not changed. Anywho, entirely off subject.

      And you were right about Tae Jeong hoarding money vs. buying the stocks. It’s just that him hoarding the money just didn’t smack of the grand scheme he was supposedly cooking so that felt…kind of stupid that he was just putting it away for the time being, but Tae Jeong…I guess isn’t as big of a planner as I gave him credit for.

      Ji Hui is thirsting for revenge so I don’t think Tae Jeong will be able to slither like he wants. Now we are just waiting for the final two blows and that is full revelation of the truth and what will happen to the main quartet when it’s all out in the open once and for all. With Gi Jin’s attitude in 81, I’m not holding out for Bum and Miss Skewer. It would be nice, but at this time and given Gi Jin’s prejudice…it just doesn’t seem likely no matter how much we the audience may want it.

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