Song of the Week – 12 May 2014

So…Standing Egg finally dropped their mini album 36.5 after a month’s delay due to the tragic ferry accident in South Korea. So…yeah. The Song of the Week is them! I just love Standing Egg’s wonderful acoustic sound. Their music really touches the soul, balms the heart, makes you happy, and breaks your heart. The songs of this mini album aren’t the heart-breaking kind, but rather the happy, heart balming kind.

While I do love every song on the album and their title song is amazing, 2 other songs are warring for my favorites from this album, thus they are both the song of the week. First up is the first track off the album, “Blue Sky” (I’m a sky enthusiast, you know). This song is just beautiful.

The other song is 빛이 속삭여 [Bichi Soksakyeo]. There is something addictive and haunting about this song and I really love the repetition of “whisper” throughout the song. If I’m honest, this song trumps “Blue Sky” by a very narrow margin. 😀 I have a feeling this album might just win Album of the Month for June. We’ll have to see, though, won’t we?


  • Gosh, two of my favorite songs! Although Confession is more dearly to me simply because it sounded like US (to my ears, of course!) and it does sounded very haunting, mysterious and unique. But the whole album is so awesome. Beautifully crafted, the guitars are the best! I love it though no matter what… Thanks to you, I’m in love with them completely!

    • I am happy you love and enjoy them just as much as I do! How could I forget about Confession? I thought it would be wrong to feature an entire album for SOTW tho…This album is definitely getting posted for June 🙂

      It is too awesome & I concur about the amazing guitar!

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