Standing Egg Releases Mini Album 36.5 Today

I’m excited the album has been released at last. This release was delayed a month because of the tragic ferry incident in South Korea. Such a heartbreaking time, it makes sense why comebacks and albums and other things were delayed.

I checked after work and you can now purchase the album in the US iTunes Store! Excuse me while I do a happy dance of joy.

Standing Egg 36.5

Standing Egg
Release date: 8 May 2014
Buy on iTunes |Soompi Shop

01.  Blue Sky
02.  그래, 너 [Geurae, Neo]
03.  고백 [Gobaek]
04.  빛이 속삭여 [Bichi Soksakyeo]
05.  Dreamer
06.  Blue Sky (inst.)
07.  그래, 너(inst.)
08.  고백(inst.)
09.  빛이 속삭여(inst.)
10.  Dreamer(inst.)

And here is the cute and corny MV for 그래, 너. It’s such a pretty song! All of Standing Egg’s music is very beautiful and this is no exception.

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