Angel’s Revenge Episode 77 Recap

And we are all still dancing around Sarang’s disappearance. Not surprising, Seon Yu starts her own investigation while Tae Jeong decides to abandon the search for his son. He does give a warning to Seon Yu who refuses to give up her own search even if it gets her kicked out of the Seo household. Of course, to hide the truth, Tae Jeong fosters more misunderstandings  between Ji Hui and Seon Yu.

Seon Yu demands the truth. Tae Jeong tries to evade the question, but can’t so he actually tells the truth. Sarang is missing and can’t be found. Seon Yu calls him a liar, but he says since she knows he was investigating then she should call and confirm with the PI. Tae Jeong angrily storms from the office leaving the brokenhearted Seon Yu collapsed and sobbing her heart out. I can’t believe the secretary didn’t hear the raised voices and crying. While Seon Yu confronted Tae Jeong, Pung Ho and his wife dragged Dal Nyeo to the police station to confess her sins and pay for her crimes. Dal Nyeo just stays on her knees and pleads that she was wrong and has been punished enough. She always dreams of the baby at night and Jin Yu’s death. That is not punishment enough. Even though she professes to love the child she threw away, Pung Ho and Bong Hwang call her a liar. She chose her son over her grandson. That’s not love. Well…it is love. A very unhealthy, misguided love. She is enabling Tae Jeong’s evilness entirely too much with her actions. The devil calls right at that moment and Pung Ho grabs the phone and says he’s turning Dal Nyeo in. She jumps up and quickly takes back her phone and tells Tae Jeong that isn’t happening before getting back to her horrible pleading for understanding. There is NO WAY the Heos will understand or condone her actions…even if they don’t go through with turning her into the police.

Ji Seok spies the distraught Seon Yu at the office, but can’t catch her in time. He tries to call her, but no answer. He learns from his secretary that she and Tae Jeong were in his office at the same time. Ji Seok is really concerned. He calls his brother-in-law in and Tae Jeong is fearful when Ji Seok mentions Seon Yu, but thankfully the two have not talked to each other so he’s safe for now. Tae Jeong insists that nothing happened between him and Seon Yu and this relieves Ji Seok. So where did Seon Yu go? Looks like to a hiking trail where she sits down on a set of wooden stairs and bawls her eyes out. She curses herself for not knowing her precious nephew was indeed alive and not dead. How can she face her sister now? Well…it was wrong that no autopsy was done and I get that since Jin Yu was badly burned, the afterbirth could have been burned up, too, but how was Seon Yu to know that Dal Nyeo would have birthed the baby and stolen it only to abandon it? While it was totally inconceivable at first that Tae Jeong would totally turn his back on Jin Yu and the baby and then hurt the two to Seon Yu at one time…how could she possibly imagine as well just how monstrous Dal Nyeo could be, too?

The Heos are upset. Gi Jin had to help drag his collapsed and weeping father home. Enter Seon Yu who tells them that Tae Jeong said the baby cannot be found using the CCTV footage and that she had called and confirmed with the PI. What to do now? Pung Ho does not want to give up and neither does Seon Yu. They must find Sarang and bring the child back before Tae Jeong can get his hands on the baby. This leads Seon Yu to her nun friend whose name I can’t remember. Seon Yu, having been in an orphanage herself growing up as well as having worked with orphans, knows the system pretty well. She begs her friend to look into official organizations for parents who wanted to adopt a child but failed to meet the requirements. She also wants her friend to investigate any parents who may have withdrawn official applications to adopt as well. Smart cookie. Hopefully this search will turn up successful leads. I read an article once pointing out that to become a birth mother, no requirements are needed, but to become and adoptive mother and father there is so many requirements, red tape, and hoops to jump through that while there is no shortage of children, there isn’t a large number of people who are able to adopt. One person stated that the rules that apply to adoption should be forced upon people who naturally are having their own children as well. I get it…but that would be way to hard to govern…and totally off topic right now.

Tae Jeong visits Dal Nyeo and asks if she’s okay. She is happy her “great son” still loves her. Gag. He is the first to turn away from mummy as she embarrasses him, but he also gets upset if anyone does anything untoward to her. Go figure. This man makes no sense. But…I guess there is some sort of love under all that shame. He tells her to give up Sarang since the child is nowhere to be found and to watch out for the Heos and Seon Yu now. He then goes home and waits for Seon Yu. He confronts her about Sarang. He wants her to keep her yap shut about the baby and to leave well enough alone, but Seon Yu won’t. Oh…she won’t outright tell people right now about Sarang and Tae Jeong’s misdeeds. She needs to find Sarang first and bring him back. Tae Jeong points out Ji Seok will be angry and will kick her out. Seon Yu doesn’t care. She will bring her nephew back. Tae Jeong, who was insisting on abandoning his newly discovered son, then changes tact and insists that if Seon Yu brings the child back, he will insist on his parental rights. Seon Yu is livid, but not surprised. Tae Jeong will only take Sarang if he can benefit from the child.

Yoon So Yi

Tae Jeong goes in first and Aran mentions that her anger has subsided and she thinks adoption will do Ji Hui good so if Tae Jeong is okay with it, then fine. Tae Jeong doesn’t care as long as Ji Hui is happy. Eyeroll. Seon Yu enters the house in time to hear Aran tell  Tae Jeong he can’t have an affair with another woman now just because Ji Hui is infertile and bring that baby home or else… What if the baby wasn’t from an affair but from a previous relationship that had already ended? She probably wouldn’t let him off then either. Thus Tae Jeong realizes he needs to implement whatever plan he has to take over L Foods NOW before the shit hits the fan with Seon Yu, Jin Yu, and the baby. Ji Hui overhears Seon Yu mentioning adoption and Tae Jeong lies about what they were talking about causing Ji Hui to get even angrier. Seon Yu, fed up, says she never said that but knows Ji Hui won’t believe her and goes into her room.

Inside, Seon Yu takes out her sister’s picture and apologizes and cries. Ji Seok comes out and she hastily puts the picture away and wipes her tears. He knows she’s been crying and is upset that she won’t tell him the reason. He then asks her who he is. This throws Seon Yu. She then breaks into a warm smile and tells him he’s “Seo Ji Seok-ssi” of course. Wrong. He then tells Seon Yu to ask him who she is. So Seon Yu does. Ji Seok’s answer? You’re my wife! He wants her to share everything with him. Seon Yu insists she is just having one of those days and she thanks her husband before going to take a shower. Ji Seok then walks over to her drawer and takes the picture of Jin Yu out. He ain’t stupid. He knows that she’s upset over something to do with her sister. And even if Seon Yu doesn’t want to spit out the whole story…she could possibly tell Ji Seok about learning her sister’s child is still alive and well without completely revealing the truth. But Seon Yu won’t. I think the search would go better if Ji Seok put all his efforts into it as well.

We do get a cute scene where Mrs. Gong explains that since Bangtong worries about Wu Hyeon getting lost, it means the boy doesn’t hate Wu Hyeon. This makes uri samchon very happy. He then decides to do whatever he can until the little boy fully likes him. So he ties a hanky on his head to disguise himself, lol. He then takes a fancy new bike to the school. Bangtong comes out and Wu Hyeon says he doesn’t know the little boy, but the bike is for him. Wu Hyeon then rushes away leaving Bangtong surprised, yet happy at the unexpected gift. Sooooo cute.

Ah…and we end this with Ji Seok knowing the Nami Foods report is missing. Seon Yu puts two and two together and takes evidence of Tae Jeong handing money over to Hyeonsu to Hyeonsu and demands he give her the evidence now or else. Little does Seon Yu know that Ji Seok has called for the report to be made again and that the auditor complained of the substandard facilities, etc. Hyeonsu essentially shot himself in the foot by his actions towards Ji Seok and his insistence he was Tae Jeong’s friends as that meant Ji Seok remembered the report all the more because of it. Haha. We all knew that Hyeonsu would be an albatross for Tae Jeong. Hopefully Seon Yu can get the stuff from him before Hyeonsu finds out the contract is a complete lost cause.

Yoon So Yi


  • Taejeong is sooooooooo heartless.

  • I have to be the only one who was upset with SY when she thought back. She really did set everything in motion by ignoring her sister’s wishes. No, she didn’t directly cause her death but her insistence in thinking that somehow TJ would do right by her sister when JY told her he said to get rid of the baby and he had already moved on? I always said that had she listened to her sister, the story would be quite different; however, it is definitely past time to tell JS who is little by little figuring out everything; baby steps. Now the hunt for baby Sarang begins…

    • I’m not saying she played no role, but who is to say that even if she had kept mum Jin Yu and baby would still be alive because as soon as Jin Yu heard she might die in childbirth she ran straight to Tae Jeong to plead with him to take care of Sarang.

      • I guess I’m saying I understand SY’s tremendous guilt. I forgot she went to TJ. Big mistake that was!

        • Everyone is guilty. Seon Yu & Jin Yu for going to Tae Jeong, Ji Seok for delaying Seon Yu…and we all know what Tae Jeong & Dal Nyeo did. The good people ate the ones who hurt the most while the bad only pay lip service on guilt or pain or their own humanity

  • WoW another fun review. Since I wasn’t able to watch the last few episodes on TV reading these reviews is a life saver knowing whats going on in this drama thankyou. Thankyou for your time and consideration.
    Anyway the point that I wanted to bring up (atleast one of many but the one that comes to mind)
    is when I read that Taejong wants to be responsible for the baby now all of a sudden. Where exactly did that come from. It feels that the writer is just making up things without considering their previous work.
    What I mean by this is that previously Taejong was not interested in having a child just the accumulation and hoarding of power. Infact he gave up his parental rights to his First Born (The very child in question now) so why and how is he willing to look after his son now.

    Now I am not so sure about law. But I can make some guesses based on certain things. Lets start with the Parental Rights issue. There seem to be two types of contracts both are equally binding but lets start with the one that I recall happened. When Taejong gave up his rights I am pretty sure if I recall correctly he used the legal one (One signed by a lawyer atleast if my memory serves correctly). In this case he legally has no claim to the child and he has shot himself in his own foot. Now in these circumstances there should be two versions made. The one that he handed over to Sonyu and his own copy. Thus if a breach of contract comes up from either party this can be used to solve the matter. Then again I believe that such a record must also be kept by the person who made it or atleast in some legal section etc…
    I may be wrong and if that is the case please correct me. They may have gotten away with something else though. Being a through person I am sure that Taejong still has his own copy left. Like I said I am no expert in law so perhaps this never happened and there was only one copy in existence which he destroyed.

    Now for the matter of Tajeongs friend I really wonder what evidence he has gotten hold of. I doubt that he will simply hand it over to Seonyu willingly. It would be nice if he can see the light but this is sadly a 100 episode drama as it has been pointed out a few times. In that case we are still in the last twenty episodes or so therefore highly unlikely that will happen. Had it been the near of the end like last two episodes I would have been more inclined to believe that chances of this happening are possible. Since with this incriminating evidence she could easily bring Taejong on his knees and that is Sonyus main goal. So unless he gets his hands on it first and either destroys it I doubt that will happen. Granted he can always tamper with the evidence again but I doubt that Sonyu will let that happen again.

    Actually Seonyus family should have taken the mother to the police station and gotten this matter resolved and not left her alone as that only makes more of a mess later on. I mean she could still get out of the confession. Simply by saying that she made it out of Duress. (The entire family ganged up on her and she was afraid of her life and all that) In that case the confession could simply become null and void. Otherwise as she was still willing to protect her son (Who wouldn’t have cared all that much) would have simply left her in the dust. She was willing to take all the blame on her own head thus she would have to serve the time and Tajeong would still be safe for the time being. Either way like i said it was to early for all this. Though after that warning Taejongs mother in law gave him I would love to find out her reaction when she discovers that Taejong already had a kid what she will then do.

    How exactly can Taejong benefit from his child?

    As for the fault game everyone is equally at fault.
    Had Seonyu listened to her sisters request none of this would have happened. But then that was her nature and I can’t really blame her for that completely. But then again perhaps it was just made early. Like in T3 Arnold goes Judgement Day was inevitable you just merely delayed it. In this case the root issue was that he abandoned her when he discovered that his mother in law (Then Future) was looking into his past and may have discovered his ex-girlfriend and was going to meet her. I believe he would still have done the same thing then as well Though perhaps finding her may not have been so easy but he still would have found out some other way so the end result I believe would have been the same in the end.

    Well that’s all from my end at the moment till then take care and sorry once again for such a long post.
    I really wish that I simply had more time or more easy access to the net for being able to post more often.
    😦 Hope to hear from all of you soon.

    • I am not 100% certain if Tae Jeong did the parental rights form legally at all. He asked for help from someone I thought, but if it was a friend, there is no guarantee anything would have been filed or legalized. And generally legal documents are more or less triplicated. Party 1, Party 2, and the lawyer would all retain copies. If Part 2 had a lawyer, then they would have their own copy as well. Thus, I highly doubt Tae Jeong did a full legal procedure since that would put his parenthood into light and he was desperately trying to cover that up. I also don’t think he would have retained a copy for himself again as that would be evidence of his having had a child to begin with and we all know Seon Yu’s copy has been destroyed.

      As for wanting the child…It’s not even really a love matter. By gaining the child he hurts Seon Yu and that’s pretty much it. If finding and adopting his son can bind Ji Hui and her family to him even more, he’d do that as well. But he’s also okay with stealing the company, bringing his son back and letting him have it essentially, but again, doesn’t really appear to stem from love but his own maximum benefits. I don’t know if he even cares about his bloodline since he’s all about himself. Him saying he was sad at the idea of never having his own child isn’t believable at all.

      Hyeonsu’s proof was a CD proving he was in Jeju at the time of Jin Yu’s death, thus he couldn’t have possibly been in a meeting with Tae Jeong at his factory. Tae Jeong hired goons to grab Hyeonsu and get the evidence so now that CD is firmly in his hands and I highly doubt Hyeonsu was intelligent enough to create a backup because he never thought Tae Jeong would go as far as taking him out o the equation completely. It definitely would have helped Seon Yu’s case and Tae Jeong feels pretty happy that she can’t use it against him and is even his witness that he didn’t outright cause Hyeonsu’s disappearance even though we all know he called the shots.

      Oh yes. There is no one innocent in all of this. Not Seon Yu, not Tae Jeong, not Ji Hui (well in the Jin Yu matter at first, she was blameless, but then she chose to marry Tae Jeong and join in his machinations, so she can’t escape blame either), not Ji Seok, not Aran, not Mrs. Gong. Not even the Heos and now, unfortunately, Tae Mi has joined the ranks of the rest of her family now that she knows the truth but was still keeping it from the Heos, etc. This is a horrible chain of events which originated with Tae Jeong’s selfish actions and snowballed from there.

      • Thankyou for clarifying some of the doubts that I had. Frankly I am not so sure about some of the motivations of some of the characters. Lets say that you are correct that Tajeong wants the baby because it will hurt Sonyu. If it was some object or item that they were fighting for it would be more understandable for me but not a child. Now on the other hand if this was Juhui who wanted this child to stop Seonyu to have it then I could better understand it to an extent mind you and also if she does it in certain ways.
        I agree with you in the matter of him feeling sad that he can’t have children came so far of the field that it doesn’t simply make sense and I don’t buy it for one second. I guess the writer was trying to show that this guy is still a human and worth redemption. Sadly this has come a bit to late for me. Unless there turns out to be some really earth shattering revelation I doubt that I am going to feel sympathy for his character any time soon.

        In regards to the Parental Rights Issue that was exactly what I meant if he did everything by the book there should have been multiple copies. Yet there has been surprisingly only one. It would make a lot of sense if he did everything on the downlow since that is the kind of character that he is. But if that were the case and there was only one copy then what would stop Jinu to come see him in the future forcing him to claim his rights. Therefore it would only be reasonable that there would be another 2 copies out there somewhere. Such as with Taejong and his lawyer or someone else. True he may have hidden or destroyed his copy.

        So That was the evidence Heonsyu had with him. A shame that he lost it but like I said it was to early for that to be revealed. What do you mean that Sonyu is a witness to Taejongs can’t have anything to do with Heyonsu’s disappearance. Did he somehow pull a fast one on her somehow and if so what was it..

        Well this is all from this post side. Wanted to bring up a few points that you brought up in your next post but was afraid that might be considered as Spoilers so will do it over there. So if you like and to save space you can reply to this post over there.
        So till my next post in a few take care 🙂

        • Character motivations? What character motivations? In dramaland, motivations and believability of things and events are rarely expressed well and often leave a person scratching their head going ‘huh’. Like all those times we’re supposed to believe leads love each other after like one episode when there is nothing there to back that up at all. Unfortunately there are people who don’t view children as…well…you know. they ojbectify them are they are counted as less because they haven’t reach adulthood and all that great stuff. I seriously studied this in psychology and sociology. It’s sad. Just because they are merely children doesn’t make them any less valuable. With Tae Jeong, though, I honestly don’t see him thinking of a child as anything more than an object to be used or discarded as it suits him. Yes, this objectifying the child. Yes, it’s wrong. But..that doesn’t mean people don’t do it and while we may not understand how people can do such things, it does happen even in real life. So sad. If the writers can squeeze out real sympathy for Tae Jeong from us, it would be a miracle. He’s done nothing right to earn any sympathy. I think I felt the same way when Nicholas Nickelby’s uncle killed himself in Dickens’s novel because you couldn’t feel sympathy after all that evil he had done even though we did have a few glimpses into a softer side that he buried and ignored his pursuit and lust for money and power.

          Tae Jeong arranged a fake meeting with Hyeonsu. When Hyeonsu was on his way to meet Tae Jeong, TJ had him grabbed by goons. The entire time, Seon Yu was sitting in the same cafe watching and waiting. It was an elaborate setup to give him an alibi, but he seems to forget that having an alibi doesn’t mean he can’t get in trouble for being the puppetmaster. Although right now you’d have to have some proof of his involvement and it’s be hard since the evidence has now disappeared and it can be chalked up to bitterness over Jin Yu’s death and not a reality just like when they tried to have Tae Jeong arrested in the beginning.

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