The Forgotten #9 – A.Cian

I don’t think this is really in terms for me. I know very well who this group is as their debut song just got stuck in my head from first listen. Not normally a song style I truly like, it followed it’s title to a “T”. The thing is, like many idol groups, A.Cian kind of faded away into obscurity, very much like Able. After their debut single in October 2012, they released an album in November. Then there was a member shake up with 3 members withdrawing and being replaced with three new members. After all of that, a digital single was released. Only A.Cian’s first single is available in the US iTunes store. I haven’t been able to track down their first album or subsequent single which was released in November 2013 to showcase the reminted group’s image.

There is something that I can’t stand. It doesn’t happen so much in the US that I’m aware of, but it happens all of the time in Asia. Groups go by the same name, but have drastic member changes. In some groups, you are told upfront the members won’t stay static and members will “graduate” from the groups with new members coming in. With so much additions, deletions, and reformations, it seems superfluous to have the groups retain the same name. If you look at Jewelry, they have had so many member changes. I think they had 5+ members when they debuted, they didn’t do so well, thus the group was shifted and reformed. Now, none of the original Jewelry members are part of the active quartet…so how can they still be called Jewelry? Just… a pet peeve. One of many.

Anyways, back to the topic on hand. Yes, the A.Cian I know is not the A.Cian that exists now since they have swapped out half their original members. That being said, I think their debut deserves to be remembered. It wasn’t bad. It’s just so hard to stand out in this kpop world where idol groups are a dime a dozen. It’s really hit or miss on which groups will manage to break out from the pack and become “successful” in some way or another. Some groups never become successful in their home country of Korea, but instead enjoy immense popularity overseas (i.e. Japan, Europe, etc.).

A.Cian’s debut EP Stuck contains 4 tracks total. A 39 second intro track and a 31 second outro track. Sandwiched in between is their debut song “Stuck”—a heavily repetitive dance track— and “Where’s All My Love”—a soulful ballad…which is also slightly repetitive. Now, I can easily recognize A.Cian’s “Stuck,” but I am always taken aback when “Where’s All My Love” comes on as I am not as familiar with that track. A.Cian’s debut proves that they are talented, but it isn’t talent that necessarily gets you anywhere in this world. It helps, though, but is not a guarantee. You can look at Supernova which enjoyed a very brief period of fame before dropping into the shadows. They persevered and made a successful debut in Japan where they gained popularity and even was able to come back to Korea to promote once more enjoying better success than their initial debut. They have tons of talent. It’s just…kind of luck in a way. And marketing and packaging, too, I’m sure.

Artist: A.Cian
Release date: 5 October 2012
Buy on iTunes

01. Berserker Tune
02. Stuck

03. Where’s All My Love?
04. A.Cian!!

You can check out the new and “improved” A.Cian’s comeback single 첫눈에 반했어 [Cheotneune Banhaesseo; Love at first sight] here:

Sure, a difference. Is it a significant one? Hard to say. It’s a pretty song. I had no idea about their comeback or about this song. Sad. Will we hear anymore from this newly remade group in the future?

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