Mr.Mr Releases New Single “It’s You”

Given the recent tragedy in Korea, I think a lot of artists are keeping returns and releases a lot more quietly than they normally would. Standing Egg delayed the release of their new album until this week (I’m excited, I think it’s officially out tomorrow) and Mr.Mr’s return is simple without any huge fanfare. Mr.Mr has been a favorite of mine since their song “Highway.” “Who’s That Girl?”, their debut song, wasn’t bad, but didn’t hit me like their second song they promoted. This group has currently been working on Japanese promotions, so they haven’t been very active in Korea. They did release their digital single in reply to Girl’s Generation releasing a song title that was the same as their group name a few months ago, but nothing since then.

They have now released a new single dedicated to MISO, their fans. Kpop groups have such interesting names for their fan clubs, don’t they? It’s a pretty song about regretting a breakup and the fact that someone is no longer by your side, while cherishing the memory of your times together and thanking them for that. Sigh. Changjae. The group without rap is now adding it in and Changjae is in charge of it. It’s not something they are strong in. It’s a bit awkward. Love Changjae, don’t get me wrong, but the rapping he does just isn’t all that great. When his tone gets more conversational in this song, it sounds much better. I think it wouldn’t have been a bad thing for him to talk like that instead of trying to do the rap myself. Just my personal opinion. One thing I loved initially about this group actually was the lack of rap in their songs.

Check out the latest release here [Note: I prefer linking directly toe the artist’s YouTube account if I can find one vs. linking to 1theK’s]:

This MV and other BTS I’ve seen of Mr.Mr does make me want to see them in person. They are always cracking up and playing around and their fan meets and showcases look like a blast.

Mr.Mr It's You

It’s You
Artist: Mr.Mr
Release date: 25 April 2014
Buy on iTunes

01. It’s You
02. It’s You Instrumental

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